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Astrology Articles & Videos

Forecast May 25-31, 2020: Not Exactly On The Same Page

Forecast May 18-24, 2020: Easy Does It

Forecast May 11-17, 2020: An Abundance Of Cautious Optimism

Forecast May 4-10, 2020: The House Is A Rockin’

Forecast Apr 27-May 3, 2020: Down To Earth & Back To Work

Forecast Apr 20-26, 2020: Getting To The Bottom

Sun Into Aries 2020: So It Begins

Sun Into Pisces 2020: Riding The Waves

Sun Into Aquarius 2020: Let There Be Lightwork

Sun Into Capricorn 2019-20: Navigating New Space

Sun Into Sagittarius 2019: New Horizons & Tangible Results

Sun Into Scorpio 2019: Purification

Sun Into Libra 2019: Taking The First Step In Faith

Sun Into Virgo 2019: A Time To Every Purpose

Sun Into Leo 2019: Let The Sun Shine

Sun Into Cancer 2019: Home Sweet Home

Sun Into Gemini 2019: Ready For The Storm

Sun Into Taurus 2019: Earthing!

Sun Into Aries 2019: Squeaky Flip Flops

Sun Into Pisces 2019: Under The Influence

Sun Into Aquarius 2019: Electric Universe

Sun Into Capricorn 2018-19: Let’s Get Real

Sun Into Sagittarius 2018: Pragmatic Optimism

Sun Into Scorpio 2018: Purge To Surge

Sun Into Libra 2018: Feel It, Heal It

Sun Into Virgo 2018: In Order

Sun Into Leo 2018: Under Pressure

Sun Into Cancer 2018: The Magic Begins

Sun Into Gemini 2018: Setting Sail

Sun Into Taurus 2018: Stable Ingenuity

Sun Into Pisces 2018: In The Flow

Sun Into Aquarius 2018: Higher Love

Sun Into Capricorn 2017-18: Law And Order

Sun Into Sagittarius 2017: Turning The Page

Sun Into Scorpio 2017: Here Comes The Truth

Sun Into Libra 2017: Light Expansion

Sun Into Virgo 2017: Practical Passion

Sun Into Leo 2017: The Great American Eclipse

Sun Into Cancer 2017: Waves Of Courage

Sun Into Gemini 2017: Cosmic Variety

Sun Into Taurus 2017: Work In Progress

Sun Into Aries 2017:  Passion, Purpose And Progress

Sun Into Pisces 2017: Out With The Old…

Sun Into Aquarius 2017: Shake It Up

Sun Into Capricorn 2016-17: Building The Dream

Sun Into Sagittarius 2016: High Hopes

Sun Into Scorpio 2016: The Truth Is Marching On

Sun Into Libra 2016: Sense And Sensibility

Sun Into Virgo 2016: The Big Reveal

Sun Into Leo 2016: Shake, Rattle & Roar

Sun Into Cancer 2016: Lessons In Vulnerability

Sun Into Gemini 2016: Blowin’ In The Wind

Sun Into Taurus 2016: Staying Grounded

Special Report: The Astrology Of The Panama Papers

Sun Into Aries 2016: Measured Progress

Sun Into Pisces 2016: Dream A Little Dream

Sun Into Aquarius 2016: It’s Trans-Personal

Sun Into Capricorn 2015-16: The Climb

Sun Into Sagittarius 2015: Follow Your Arrow

Sun Into Scorpio 2015: End Of The Tunnel 

Sun Into Libra 2015: Delicate Balance 

Sun Into Virgo 2015: Practical Guidance

Sun Into Leo 2015: Sunny Side Up

Sun Into Cancer 2015: E+Motion

Sun Into Gemini 2015: Change Is In The Air

Sun Into Taurus 2015: Working On A Building

Sun Into Aries 2015: Just Do It

Sun Into Pisces 2015: Poetry In Motion

Sun Into Aquarius 2015: Sparkle & Shine

Sun Into Capricorn 2014-15: Rational Exuberance

Sun Into Sagittarius 2014: Keeping The Faith

Sun Into Scorpio 2014: Rolling In The Deep

Sun Into Libra 2014: Aspire To Inspire

Sun Into Virgo 2014: Power Station

Sun Into Leo 2014: Roar And Shine

Sun Into Cancer 2014: Turning The Tide

Sun Into Gemini 2014: Setting The Stage

Sun Into Taurus 2014: On Solid Ground

Sun Into Aries 2014: Playing With Fire

Sun Into Pisces 2014: Wade In The Water

Sun Into Aquarius 2014: Experiments In Joy

Sun Into Capricorn 2013-14: Abiding Wisdom

Sun Into Sagittarius 2013: Oh Yeah

Sun Into Scorpio 2013: Heart Music

Sun Into Libra 2013: Dancing With Life

Sun Into Virgo 2013: We Are Perfect

Sun Into Leo 2013: Riding Pegasus

Sun Into Cancer 2013: The New Wave

Sun Into Gemini 2013: Messages From The Matrix

Sun Into Taurus 2013: Revealing, Feeling & Healing 

Sun Into Aries 2013: Breath Of Fire

Sun Into Pisces 2013: The Urge To Merge

Sun Into Aquarius 2013: Calling All Visionaries

Sun Into Capricorn 2012-13: The Valley Of The Shadow

Sun Into Sagittarius 2012: Sweet Liberty

Sun Into Scorpio 2012: Eliminate To Generate

Sun Into Libra 2012: Dare To Care

Sun Into Virgo 2012: Tuning In And Turning On

Sun Into Leo 2012: We Have Ignition

Sun Into Cancer 2012: Momentous Times

Sun Into Gemini 2012: Gentle Release

Sun Into Taurus 2012: Love And Money

Sun Into Aries 2012: New Pathways Emerging

Sun Into Pisces 2012: Resolve To Evolve

Sun Into Aquarius 2012: Walkng the Line Into the Mystic

Sun Into Capricorn 2011: Collisions, Decisions and Visions

Sun Into Sagittarius 2011: New Balance

Sun Into Scorpio 2011: Truth and Transcendence

Sun Into Libra 2011: Breakdown To Breakthrough

Sun Into Virgo 2011: Keys To the Matrix

Sun Into Leo 2011: Here For the Party!

Sun Into Cancer 2011: Expressions Of Love & Vulnerability

Sun Into Gemini 2011: Flying With The Gods

Sun Into Taurus 2011: Dream It, Build It

Sun Into Aries 2011: Perilous Problems And Inspired Solutions

Sun Into Pisces 2011: Awakening Sweet Dreams

Sun Into Aquarius 2011: Higher Wavelengths And New Frequencies

Sun Into Sagittarius 2010: Fear Less, Hope More And Keep It Real

Sun Into Scorpio 2010: Turning Kool-Aid Into Coffee

Sun Into Libra 2010: It’s A Unity Thing

Sun Into Virgo 2010: Review, Regroup, Relax

Sun Into Leo 2010: Got Lemonade?

Sun Into Cancer 2010: Tidal Waves Of Love And Light

Sun Into Gemini 2010: Prometheus’ Flames Burning Brightly

Sun Into Taurus 2010: The Bull Stops Here

Sun Into Aries 2010: Spring It On And Curb Your Enthusiasm

Sun Into Pisces 2010: Ready, Aim, Meditate

Sun Into Aquarious 2010: You Say You Want A Revolution, Well…

Sun Into Capricorn 2009-2010: Quiet Passion

Sun Into Sagittarius 2009: It’s About Faith

Sun Into Scorpio 2009: It’s A Plutonian Thing

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