Sun Into Cancer 2011: Expressions Of Love & Vulnerability

As revolutionary 2011 reaches its midpoint, the intuitive, nurturing and initiating energies of Cancer arrive.  Knowing what we want to overthrow is easy.  Knowing what we want to replace it with is somewhat more challenging.  And building the new utopia?  Well, that is another matter entirely.  Powerhouse planets Saturn, Pluto and Uranus are already traveling in close degree to one another and occupying three of astrology’s four instigating or Cardinal signs, Libra, Capricorn and Aries.  The Sun’s entrance into Cancer at 10:17 A.M. PST on June 21st completes the set and reactivates a Grand Cardinal Cross.  July 1st’s new moon eclipse in sensitive Cancer, as well as Mercury and Venus Cancer transits, underscore this cycle’s theme of releasing the past to birth the new.

The Sun’s movement into Cancer transforms the current T-Square the outer planets are forming into a Grand Cardinal Cross.  Mercury strengthens the Cancer aspect of the Cross as it travels through the sign of the Crab until July 1st.  Venus then takes up the cause on July 3rd when she enters Cancer.  Encompassing all four of astrology’s elements, water, air, earth and fire, a Grand Cardinal Cross positions at least one major force (planet) at each of the four initiating points of astrology’s wheel.  These energies signal and support new beginnings.  The angles created between the planets however, form squares and oppositions. These aspects bring up conflicting issues in need of resolution.  In an atmosphere of what astrologer Stephanie Austin describes as “change or be changed,” here are some hot spots to be mindful of.  On June 26th the Sun squares radical Uranus, on the 27th it opposes destructive Pluto and on July 2nd it squares unyielding Saturn.

Cancer’s psychic prowess, maternal instinct and inner drive are some of this sign’s most valuable resources. Its motive after all is to create and foster emotional security.  In 2011 however, if we are intent on birthing something truly transformational, we will need to access one of protective Cancer’s most guarded traits, her vulnerability.  In part that means getting in touch with our emotional bodies.  From the impact of a Tsunami, to the devastation wrought by flooding, to the ability of even calm water to eventually erode solid rock, the power of water is indisputable.  Symbolized by that element, our feelings carry a similar force.  Whether expressed or repressed, their magnitude shapes our lives profoundly and in ways that we rarely stop to examine. The new moon solar eclipse of July 1st gives us a sweet opportunity to connect with the emotions driving our actions and consequently writing our stories.  Even the unpleasant ones are messengers.  When fully embraced, they will serve as a fine-tuned navigation system for those new realities we are birthing.  Later that day, Mercury will enter Lion-hearted Leo where, due to an August retrograde, he will be active until September 8th.  A new moon eclipse with this Cancer-Leo combination is a cosmic invitation to begin living with less fear and more courage.

More moments of sublime clarity about how to build those new paradigms arrive on June 22nd when the Sun trines dreamy Neptune, July 7th when expansive Jupiter trines Pluto and during the July 15th full moon in constructive Capricorn.  Under these conditions, Cancer’s intrinsic beauty and power are like cascading moonlight pouring onto a glass ocean.  Wordless, their effusive lunar magic speaks to the deepest corners of our being.  Under their luminous influence, hoarding Cancer freely surrenders old resentments, hurt feelings and perceived slights to the past.  Unlocked, the Crab’s hardened shell retracts.  Our crusty little creature bravely ventures into the unknown, fully exposed and completely vulnerable to life’s softness, poetry and romance.  So while this cycle’s Grand Cardinal Cross is certain to bring discordant issues and messy feelings to the stormy surface at times, the mantras “It is safe to feel” and “It is safe to love” echo in the heart’s chambers.


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