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Variety is the spice of life, and 2017’s solar journey through Gemini has plenty on offer. The personal planets will all change signs, and Jupiter will turn direct while Neptune goes retrograde. Add some good financial aspects at the end of May and some days where the Twins’ infamous duality will be in evidence, and you have a cycle that will, if nothing else, keep things interesting. In this video companion to her monthly astrology newsletter, Elizabeth Pendleton from Elizabeth’s Oracle describes the cosmic happenings. Get the details here.


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Elizabeth’s communication is more of a transmission of energy that lasts and is available to re-experience. She helps you to expand your thinking to a whole new level with the grace and ease of an ancient spiritual master, yet her connections with you are focused to this world and this fast paced life we are all living. I am excited to have her on my team of spiritual business advisors.

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