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Sun Into Virgo 2019

On August 23rd the Sun joins Venus and Mars in the mutable earth sign of Virgo. From there, they will welcome Mercury to its homecoming on August 29th. In 2019, Virgo will be bolstered by powerful planetary allies in fellow earth signs and challenged by Neptune and a full moon in unstructured Pisces and some squares from excessive Jupiter. Conscientious, studious and organized, Virgo brings aspirations into the practical realms of habits and daily routines. A new moon Virgo stellium in late August will fortify our ambitions, and the year’s final Jupiter square to Neptune on September 19th will test their mettle. In this video, Elizabeth Pendleton from Elizabeth’s Oracle describes the cycle ahead.


Back in December I lost my precious little dog Sophie, and with her went my heart. I was very upset and called Elizabeth for a reading. She made me fell better. She told me that Sophie would come back to me because she could see how much I missed her and how lost I was without her. Elizabeth told me that this time Sophie would come back as a boy and a different breed, but that I would know right away that it was my Sophie. Elizabeth also told me that it would be born about the end of June or July and that I would hear about it in a very strange way. Well Elizabeth was right about ALL of it. But I’m not surprised!!!!!! Thank you Elizabeth.  If you hadn’t told me that I could get her soul back I would never want another dog again. I can’t wait to meet him, knowing it’s my Sophie’s soul. I am naming him Pirlo (per low), the last name of my favorite Italian soccer player. Thank you Elizabeth; you’re the best. B. L.
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