Forecast Dec 13-31, 2021: Living The Dream

2021 has familiarized everyone with the essence of the Saturn Uranus squares in fixed signs. Even after December 24th’s final exact square, Saturn and Uranus will remain in tight alignment for much of 2022. Additionally the eclipses and node shifts into Taurus and Scorpio will apply more pressure to the fixed signs. That said, for beleaguered Tauruses, Leos, Scorpios and Aquariuses, with yet another year of obstacles ahead of them, some relief is in sight. On December 28th Jupiter will stop inflating tensions when it exits Aquarius and re-enters Pisces.

In the mutable water sign, it will collaborate with immeasurable Neptune. As noted in the previous article, Neptune’s spheres of influence range from delusion to spiritual enlightenment. Jupiter will be in Pisces from December 28, 2021 to May 10, 2022 and from October 27th to December 20th of next year. In the collective, the co-presence of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces may manifest as mass confusion over further virus infiltration and mutation and incoherent and widely varying public health policies. On the other hand, soul unfoldment may take place at an exponentially accelerated rate. Artistry of a profound caliber is also likely to flourish during this time. The creativity that Neptune and Pisces foster is of course highly susceptible to intoxication and spacing out, and Jupiter expands whatever it comes into contact with. To ground all of the inspiration that will beam in from Jupiter and Neptune, the cosmos is serving up a hearty dose of sober, serious Capricorn.

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The first of three Venus Pluto conjunctions in Capricorn took place on December 11th. On December 13th Mercury will enter the cardinal earth sign, followed by the Sun on the 21st. Astrology’s tenth sign is where ambitions form and where the work to achieve their aims gets done. The next Venus Pluto conjunction will occur on December 25th, and the final one on March 3, 2022. Remarkably, informative Mercury will join Venus and Pluto in late December and Mars be in the midst of Venus and Pluto in early March. Mercury and Pluto will conjoin at 25 Cap 53 on December 30th and Venus, Mars and Pluto will meet in the 27 degree range near the new Pisces Moon of March 2nd. Translation: the co-mingling of Pisces’s imagination and Capricorn’s pragmatism starting now will culminate in early March. Afterwards, transforming Pluto will carry, and amplify, the Capricorn component into the rest of the year. Fortunately, the Capricorn Pisces axis, that all of the aforementioned planets will be traversing, forms the agreeable sexile. This is a flowing aspect, in contrast to the harshness of the fixed sign squares. Though Capricorn and Pisces attain their ends in starkly different ways, their energies can be synthesized harmoniously and to great effect. So even while long-abiding structures continue collapsing, it’s time to start living the dream.

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