Forecast Mar 30 – Apr 5, 2020: Making Progress

If variety is the spice of life, then we’re in for a saucy week. Personal planets Mars and Venus will make their way into progressive Aquarius and social Gemini, Mercury and Neptune will meet up in Pisces, and Jupiter will join forces with Pluto in ambitious Capricorn, adding further reverberations to January’s Saturn Pluto conjunction. On the one hand, the year’s established Capricorn and Pisces patterns are resurfacing. On the other, we are assuredly breaking new ground.

Appropriately enough, instigative Mars gets the week’s action underway. On Monday the red planet will move into offbeat, ingenious Aquarius. Unconventional methods, radical action and innovative strategies become the new normal when pushy Mars aligns with structuring Saturn in the eccentric air sign. Their conjunction takes place on Tuesday, and has implications far and wide. Mars will transit Aquarius through May 13th and Saturn until July 1st (and then from December 2020 through March 2023). Newly freed from red tape and regulations, Mars and Saturn will strut their scientific and technological stuff.

On Friday Venus will also move from an introspective earth sign to an outgoing air sign, when she heads into tech-savvy Gemini. Here, she’s highly compatible with Mars and Saturn in Aquarius, and in fact trines Saturn on Saturday. Her presence adds a little more wind to the astrological sails, and may provide a few hints about good long-term investments. However, Gemini is where this money planet is due for her next retrograde. I’ll cover that in depth next week, when Venus enters the retrograde’s shadow zone. Friday is also when Mercury meets Neptune in Pisces. In its highest expression, Pisces embodies the virtues of integral living. It grasps the big picture and moves through the world with endless empathy and compassion. In its lowest, its penchants for addiction, escapism and deception are ruinous. After spending much of its recent retrograde in Pisces, Mercury’s meeting with Neptune will feel very familiar. However, because the speedy planet never originally caught up to Neptune, this will actually be the first time that they meet this year. On Saturday Piscean dreams are met with the blunt force of a Jupiter Pluto conjunction in Capricorn

Keeping it real is Capricorn’s job, and favorite past time. The cardinal earth sign is also the realm of governments, institutions and banking. Jupiter expands and Pluto purifies and reforms. This conjunction is the first of three in 2020. The next one will take place on June 30th, when we’re emerging from the Venus retrograde, and the final one is on Nov 12th, following the US Presidential Election. During that time, various economic stimulus packages will have rolled out into the real world. Those future dates may indicate further iterations of these packages or more challenges to economic systems. Austere Capricorn, where the Jupiter Pluto conjunction takes place, is ruled by responsible, ringed Saturn. So, like most of 2020, we’re continuing to negotiate between boundless Pisces and Saturn’s limits. The week concludes under a practical Virgo moon. Big banks may ask what’s in your wallet. Virgo knows what’s in the pantry. Like Capricorn and Saturn, the mutable earth sign brings us right down to earth and into the here and now. Its clarity informs our plans and its calm our daily routines. From its serene, organized frame of mind, we take our next steps.

Forecast Mar 23-29, 2020: The Reset

Early Tuesday morning there is a new Moon in Aries. New moons occur each month when the Sun and Moon meet at the same point under the same zodiac sign. They present a time to reflect on the unique qualities of that sign and to set out intentions for the new cycle. Aries is astrology’s energizer bunny. Its boundless effervescence infuses us with enthusiasm, courage and motivation. With aggressive Mars as its ruling planet, the cardinal fire boldly initiates and asserts. Importantly, this is also the first new Moon of the new astrological year. While many will feel as if they are trapped in the malaise of coronavirus effects, others will recognize the special burst of vitality inherent in this new Moon. They will look at the changed landscape and find the new opportunities revealing themselves. Those people will find confirmation for their positive outlook and actions as the week progresses.

On Thursday the Moon moves into sturdy Taurus. Taurus is astrology’s fixed earth sign. Resources, finances and raw materials are within its abundant domain. The Taurus Moon will make constructive connections with the planets in endeavoring Capricorn. It will also receive boosts from Uranus and Venus, also presently in Taurus. While the Moon transits this sign, money planets Venus and Jupiter will form a very lucky trine late Friday night. On Saturday night Venus will forge the same positive alliance with powerful Pluto. That one takes place just minutes after a very friendly trine between the then Gemini Moon and Saturn, in futuristic, progress-oriented Aquarius. This Moon Saturn angle suggests agreement on ideas and scientific solutions. Finally, on Sunday Mercury moves beyond the shadow of its last retrograde. Mercury entered the shadow zone in early February, and the confusing, infiltrating energies of Pisces, where much of that retrograde was spent, have hugely influenced the COVID-19 story. Knowing about these fortunate, forthcoming aspects gives more meaning to Tuesday’s new Aries Moon. Winter is lifting its heavy cloak, the Pisces cycle is largely behind us, and the time for planting new seeds has arrived.

Forecast March 16-22, 2020: Turning Of The Tide

It’s not often that I describe weekly astrological happenings as blockbusters. But we’re definitely living through historic events, and this week is filled with important happenings in the sky. They include the Sun’s shift into invigorating Aries, Saturn’s move into innovative Aquarius and a Mars/Jupiter/Pluto collab in enterprising Capricorn. Throw in a couple of sextiles involving Uranus and Neptune, on the day Mars meets Pluto, and yes, it’s a big week. Unfortunately it begins with Mercury leaving the quick, clear thinking of scientific Aquarius and heading back into befuddling, muddling Pisces. Yuck! Happily, this is Mercury’s final pass through the mutable water sign, where the Messenger planet has spent nearly two months, including its recent retrograde. In cahoots with oceanic Neptune and a Pisces Sun, the waves of confusion emitted by this bunch have grown to titanic proportions. Thankfully, Mercury leaves Pisces for good on April 10th, and this week also starts with the moon moving into pragmatic, industrious Capricorn. That’s where a league of planets have been valiantly working to keep businesses open, workers employed or compensated when self-quarantining, medical systems operating and economies moving, despite the outbreak of a pandemic. The forces in Capricorn will prevail throughout the week via the moon’s occupation of Cap through Wednesday night and more significantly, via a powerhouse Mars, Jupiter and Saturn combo from Friday through Sunday.

While the Capricorn contingent is working to support infrastructure, the Sun will head into bold, enlivening Aries on Thursday, for a month-long-stay, and Saturn will venture into experimental Aquarius on Saturday, where it will be through early July. The “get her done” ethos of Aries will be the perfect antidote to Pisces paralysis. Aries motivates us to take action. Sometimes its independent and decisive tactics are viewed as inconsiderate or insensitive. But the blast of energy it brings to matters both clears fog and is well suited to Saturn’s foray into inquisitive, outlying Aquarius. Both Aries and Aquarius value freedom, and neither finds the approval of the herd necessary. After over a year of planets predominantly being in the yin water and earth signs, this week’s changes will bring a welcome breath of fresh cosmic air.

The week closes with Mercury sextiling Uranus, Venus sextiling Neptune and Mars combining forces with Pluto, under a Pisces moon. This looks like the expression of further iterations of the systemic issues that COVID-19 has begun unearthing. Translation, more government action will be taken to combat the virus and to stabilize economies and markets. So, while the week begins and ends with the familiar Pisces Capricorn mixture, noteworthy shifts by the Sun and Saturn prompt a push into new territory and towards scientific and technological solutions.

Sun Into Aries 2020: So It Begins

A big shift of the planets from earth to air signs and from water to fire is about to unfold.  This will break up a lot of the inertia that has surrounded the start of 2020.  it will also stimulate our desire for forward progress.  However, during this Sun cycle, Venus will enter the shadow of her coming retrograde, an aspect with big implications for the economy.  Equally significant, traditional Saturn will take its first steps into futuristic Aquarius.  When the Sun enters Aries, it marks the start of spring.  Serendipitously, the Venus and Saturn transits coming online during this Aries Sun cycle will be hallmarks of the entire season.

Leading the way, the Sun will move into boisterous, independent Aries on March 19th.  Like no other sign, Aries sparks irrepressible levels of enthusiasm, warmth and courage.  On March 21st, Saturn will venture into inventive Aquarius, followed by Mars on March 30th.  In experimental Aquarius, Aries ruler Mars, will find compatible energy for its expeditious impulses.  Next, Venus will enter sociable Gemini on April 3rd, and finally, Mercury will surface from its extended stay in shadowy Pisces and enter fast-acting Aries on April 10th.  If you’re counting, that’s the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Saturn moving from introspective yin to outgoing yang signs.  Normally, this would signal a collective move from the brakes to the gas pedals.  But, we’re living through some pretty extraordinary times.

Materialistic Venus is considered to be one of astrology’s money planets.  One of its homes is in fact in the fixed earth sign of Taurus.  In this regard, Venus is concerned with real assets, raw materials, financial markets and income.  Curious Gemini adores people.  Its appetite for news, pop culture, gadgets and trivia is nearly insatiable.  In the context of the forthcoming Venus retrograde in people-oriented Gemini, nationwide lockdowns, travel restrictions and the banning of communal events make perfect sense. They speak to negative social impacts and substantial economic challenges.  Allowing people to gather in public presents the threat of further disease spread, potentially collapsing medical systems, while imposing lockdowns stifles commerce.  Venus will enter the retrograde shadow zone on April 9th, be retrograde from May 13th to June 25th, and leave the retrograde shadow zone on July 29th.  The onset of the Venus retrograde period during the current Sun cycle accentuates the various dilemmas.  At one point in June, the Venus retrograde will coincide with those of Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto.  At the same time, the genius of Aquarius, with its humanitarian orientation, is about to be inhabited by astrology’s most stoic, disciplined and persevering planet, Saturn.  That transit will also initially be accompanied by a boost from action-taking Mars.

Saturn is the planet of endurance, time and limitations.  Aquarius is the sign of scientific, cultural and technological innovation.  Saturn’s upcoming and brief visit to Aquarius is a precursor to its two-year-stay in the fixed air sign. That will begin in late December and last until March of 2023.  In the short term, Saturn will be in Aquarius from March 21st through July 1st, before retrograding back into Capricorn.  Spring of 2020 will give us a sample of how the longer transit, from late 2020 to March 2023, might play out.  Of the many possibilities is clearly the immediate experimentation with treatments for COVID-19, such as hydroxychloroquine with zinc.  Later, perhaps when Saturn returns to Aquarius next winter, the more promising findings emerging now will undergo the riggers of formal study and clinical trial.  Another example of this structured humanitarianism is the recently announced UK budget that includes robust NIH funding, compensation for workers impacted by work stoppages, loans for small and medium sized businesses, and money for long-range rail, road and other infrastructure projects.  Applications of quantum computing are also likely to be put to practical use during the greater Saturn transit of Aquarius.  Spring 2020 will offer the first glimpses.

Forecast Mar 9-15, 2020: Constructive Confusion

With a series of cooperative connections between planets in economically interested Capricorn and borderless, infiltrating Pisces, this week’s intentions to restore order are likely to yield mixed results. For most people, the best thing about a Mercury retrograde is its conclusion. Because the current one has largely taken place in the unstable water sign of Pisces, it has been particularly wonky. But on March 4th mental Mercury backed up into Aquarius, the fixed air sign. The retrograde ends on Monday, following an analytical full moon, in one of Mercury’s home signs, Virgo. From that exceptionally sharp Aquarius vantage point, until March 16th, the messenger planet will help us devise and clarify strategies as it moves forward. On Tuesday more clarity comes online when the moon shifts into judicious, fair-minded Libra, astrology’s cardinal air sign. But that same moon will be dogged by squares from a sizable Capricorn contingent. Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are the sign of banking, governments and systems, highlighting the role of central banks, the desire to keep businesses moving and the issue of maintaining employment amid a pandemic. Starting with Wednesday’s Sun Jupiter sextile. the planets in Capricorn will begin making favorable connections to the planets in Pisces. It’s as if cooler heads are not only genuinely trying to prevail but to earnestly come to an agreement while circumstances are proving to be far too elusive and volatile. This continues right through Saturday when two more Capricorn Pisces combos surface. These two, unlike Wednesday’s lighter version, involve global powerhouses Neptune and Pluto. Mars sextiles Neptune and the Sun sextiles Pluto. Rational Mercury might just be might be the planet to focus on this week. When notions of recession, pandemic and uncertainty abound, logical Mercury will encourage reasoned thinking, fact-checking and sensible actions.

Ps: I’ll admit, I got it wrong in last week’s column regarding Mercury Rx-induced recounts for last week. Unpredictable Uranus took the day (week) with an unexpected sweep of the Democratic field. In my monthly forecast, I did say that the field would likely shake out after Super Tuesday. I was surprised to see it happen in the course of 72 hours. From here, I still see Q2 at high risk of being the onset of a global slowdown, recession or outright collapse of some systems. Until the Pisces energies completely pass (April 10th), and we get a grip on solid data for COVID-19, the Great Fog will persist.

Forecast Mar 2-8, 2020: Self-Quarantine

If you’ve ever considered crawling under a rock, this week might be the ideal time to do so. As we muddle through the confusion of a rapidly changing landscape, several significant aspects are building to their unavoidable zeniths. These include a befuddling Sun Neptune conjunction on Sunday, the 8th, followed later that day by a Venus conjunction with chaotic Uranus. Those take place one day ahead of Monday, March 9th’s full moon and Mercury station (ending of its retrograde). Because those Sun and Venus connections are with global influencing outer planets, Neptune and Uranus, the impact of the two conjunctions will be effecting us throughout the week. Perhaps, once we get past that full moon and Mercury resumes its forward movement, clarity will emerge and tensions will begin to subside. But we have a hellacious week to get through first, one that includes primary elections in 14 US states.

This week begins with moon in curious, chatty Gemini. Normally this would boost our social side. This time, that moon will square the Sun and Neptune in Pisces. Pisces is the mutable water sign associated with infiltration and boundary crossing. That such a large-scale social interaction as national voting is taking place under the sphere of the looming COVID-19 pandemic is practically a textbook example of how squares work in astrology. They are “arguably” astrology’s most contentious angles. They form when the planets are 90 degrees apart, and they’re infamous for bringing matters to a head. Voting by mail is an option. It may be wise from a public safety perspective, but droves of straggling, incoming ballots will play right into another textbook example in astrology, that of the consternating delays associated with Mercury retrogrades. Mercury rules Gemini, and under this Gemini moon technical snafus are practically inevitable. On Super Tuesday, that Gemini moon forms quincunxes to Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, all of which are in Capricorn, the sign of governments and systems. Quincunxes are created when the planets are 150 degrees from one another, which places them in both unlike elements (fire, water, air or earth) and unlike modalities (cardinal, fixed or mutable). Under this aspect, the planets are not so much fighting with one another as much as they simply cannot understand one another. There’s no common ground for them to work from. On Wednesday the moon comes home to care-giving Cancer. From here it will oppose Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, and trine the Sun and Neptune, again with both in nebulous Pisces. The soothing capacity of nurturing Cancer will be somewhat subdued amidst all of the ongoing astrological racket.

While all of that is happening, on Wednesday, Mercury backs up into Aquarius and Venus ventures onto her home turf of Taurus. These are definitely two of the week’s bright spots. In Aquarius, Mercury will find relief from Piscean ambiguity and compatibility and clarity in the scientific and innovative air sign. Useful data concerning the coronavirus is likely to be uncovered while Mercury’s in Aquarius (March 4th-16th). Taurus is astrology’s fixed earth sign. Once there, money-minded Venus can retreat from ungrounded Aries impulses (perhaps the ones driving worldwide market panic), and possibly connect us with a sense of stability. The problem is however, that in Taurus, Venus will conjoin earthshaking Uranus on Sunday. Uranus is as renowned for its destabilization as Taurus is for its security. Before that conjunction takes place, the moon will move through Leo. In its higher expression, kingly Leo’s confidence and warmth inspire courage and leadership. At its worst, the sign’s bossiness and authoritarian side are intolerable. That moon will square Venus and Uranus on Friday (not a good sign for markets) and form a series of those incomprehensible quincunxes on Saturday. This could signal the implementation of dramatic measures to curtail the viral or market contagions of COVID-19. Let’s hope astrology’s Lion leads with magnanimity.

All of the week’s action culminates on Sunday, when the Sun and Neptune meet, the moon rolls into Virgo, where it will be full on Monday, and Venus conjoins Uranus. Virgo is astrology’s mutable earth sign and its domains are health and service. This moon will benefit from the support of the planets in Taurus and Capricorn. But it will be challenged by the fog of Sunday’s Sun Neptune conjunction and oppositions from Neptune and the Sun on Monday. Again, once we move past that full moon, on the 9th, and Mercury turns direct, also on the 9th, a clearer path ahead should start to shake out. Mercury will not leave its retrograde shadow until late in March, indicating that getting out of the woods may still take a few more weeks. For now, finding that rock, along with fine literature and some peace and quiet, might just be a great medium-term strategy.

Forecast Feb 24-Mar 1, 2020: Work Zen

With the exception of Friday’s Venus square to Pluto, this week is abundant with harmonious connections between the planets. An easy-going Pisces moon conjunct Neptune gets the week started, inviting us to retreat, reflect and relax. If workweek deadlines are inescapable, a slew of Capricorn, Pisces and Taurus connections show us how to serenely complete our tasks. On Monday, the Pisces Sun sextiles inspiring Mars, while the moon forms the same productive angles to Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, like Mars, in endeavoring Capricorn. On Tuesday the Sun and Mercury conjoin in Pisces, followed by Mercury and Mars forming their supportive sextile. Midweek the moon moves through explorative Aries, adding a boost to activity. But late Thursday night, it settles back down, this time into mellow Taurus. In the fixed earth sign it will activate wildcard Uranus, on Friday, the same day when Venus comes looking for a fight with Pluto. Retrograde Mercury in Pisces will sextile Uranus on Friday as well, a signal that any logic we’re basing decisions or arguments on, might indeed be faulty. This is the week’s hotspot for tensions to surface and battles to break out, seemingly out of nowhere. Taking that chillaxed Pisces/Taurus course, and avoiding contentious people and the trouble they’re itching to incite, is definitely the smoothest route as we head into the weekend. From Taurus, the moon will sextile the Sun, Mercury and Neptune and trine Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, underscoring the message that the more we can step back, away from the fray this week, the more we’ll accomplish.

Sun Into Pisces 2020: Riding The Waves

You don’t need an astrologer to tell you that we’ve entered a time of heightened concerns, mounting uncertainty and potential economic pitfalls.  Pisces is renowned for its nebulous, meandering fog, and Mercury retrogrades are notorious for the miscommunications, technological snafus and vexing delays they bring.  The next Mercury retrograde, mostly in Pisces, gets underway on February 16th, and the Sun will enter Pisces on the 18th for a month-long-stay.  Adding a deeper dimension, and muddling matters up even more, unfathomable, oceanic Neptune is presently at home in Pisces.  Pisces is the sign of mystics, addicts and artists.  It’s fluid, not solid.  Its language is symbolic, not straightforward.  And its emphasis is on spiritual rather than material.  For a couple of weeks n March, Mercury will back into scientific Aquarius, where it will station direct on the 9th.  Overall however, these kaleidoscopic conditions will continue from now throughout March.  When the Sun heads into Pisces, the moon will be in Capricorn.  This may be a subtle indication that as the Sun, Mercury and Neptune stir waves of ambiguity, higher, drier ground is attainable in the sign of the mountain goat.

In addition to the moon’s presence, from February 18th-20th, motivated Mars will make its Capricorn entrance on February 16th.  In Capricorn, both will be in the capable company of Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and the South Node.  Mars will remain in the ambitious and enterprising sign until March 30th, escorting us, not only into the Aries Sun cycle, but also through the end of the Mercury retrograde shadow period.  It will conjoin Jupiter on March 20th and Pluto on March 22nd.  Capricorn is the sign of institutions, systems and government, and stoic, sober Saturn is its ruler.  Mars and its Capricorn compatriots will be fighting to keep the economy on track, markets stable and business moving forward.  Interestingly enough, early in this unfolding Sun cycle, a substantial and favorable alignment takes place when Jupiter sextiles Neptune on February 20th.  This may be our best opportunity to combine Capricorn pragmatism with Pisces insight, to bring practical and creative solutions to pressing issues.  Back on January 12th, it was of course in Capricorn where Saturn and Pluto formed their exact conjunction.  Many astrologers would attribute that meeting to the current turmoil.  Dozens of cases of coronavirus, COVID-19, were certainly known to authorities then.  At any rate, we’re in the aftermath of the outbreak now, and successfully navigating the confusion is the task at hand.

On March 4th, when Mercury retrogrades back into Aquarius, Venus will move home to Taurus.  Taurus is astrology’s fixed earth sign.  As such, raw materials, real estate and financial markets are under its domain.  Venus will be in dependable Taurus until April 3rd.  From there it will make supportive trines to Jupiter and Pluto on March 27th and 28th.  While this will bring some stability to the equation, chaotic, global game-changer Uranus is also in Taurus.  The erratic gyrations of Uranus are ill-suited to the security-oriented sensibilities of astrology’s Bull.  Venus will conjoin Uranus on March 8th, the same day when the Sun and Neptune combine forces in Pisces, and one day ahead of the full moon and the conclusion of Mercury’s retrograde.  Translation, more than a few of the wheels may fall off the wagon around March 8th-9th.  Ride it out and see where things land.

Pisces completes astrology’s wheel.  It takes us right up to the start of the new astrological year, the Aries Sun cycle and the beginning of the spring season.  The problem in 2020 is that Q2, which encompasses most of that season, includes retrogrades of money-makers Venus and Jupiter, the aforementioned Saturn and Pluto, and Mercury (again).  In fact from June 17th-24th all five planets will be retrograde simultaneously.  Spring 2020 will also see the Nodes and eclipses shift from the Cancer/Capricorn axis to Gemini/Sagittarius. And perhaps most significantly, Saturn will leave the familiarity of industrious Capricorn for the experimental space of Aquarius, from March 21st-July 1st, all of Q2.  Astrology is lining up with the spread of,  confusion about and inevitable economic repercussions of COVID-19.

 In mid February, as I complete this article, I do not see the disease taking hold in the United States to any massive extent.  However, it is already clear that the supply chains of US companies/employers are and will continue to be effected, and we’re already seeing disruption in the travel industry and commodity prices.  Pisces tends to bring its seasonal perplexity, and this year that is definitely further complicated by Mercury’s long stay in Pisces (with the Rx).  The mutable water sign’s ability to permeate boundaries and infiltrate also speaks to the spread of this virus via water droplets.  Looking ahead, Q2 is when we can expect to see the wider consequences of the lost productivity and supply disruptions hit balance sheets, production lines and stock portfolios.  Domestically, that March 8-9th hot spot occurs very close to Super Tuesday, March 3rd.  This also means that Democratic primary voting is taking place during the retrograde.  In related news, the Presidential Election will occur on the final day of Mercury’s October/November retrograde.  For those of you old enough to remember the hanging chads of 2000, that election took place at the start of a Mercury retrograde.  Unfortunately, Pisces and Neptune (conjuct the Sun on March 8th) are infamous for deception. Recounts, tech malfunctions, suspicions about voting results and technology, and a rearrangement of the candidate field are the most likely outcomes for the March contests.  In short, these conditions indicate a contentious process and contested outcomes.

For now, the Sun is heading into Pisces.  One of this sign’s finest attributes is its limitless compassion.  That is a calming lens through which to see our world, current events and one another.

Forecast Feb 10-16, 2020: Got Clarity?

Mercury and Mars are this week’s proverbial movers and shakers. On Sunday the 16th Mars moves into industrious Capricorn and Mercury begins its next retrograde. No one likes a Mercury retrograde. They’re associated with delays, technical malfunctions and miscommunications. The expected snafus become even more confusing and consternating when most of the Mercury retrograde takes place in Neptune-ruled Pisces. Pisces is astrology’s mutable water sign. Its gentle, compassionate essence is associated with art, metaphysics and escapism. While these realms are conducive to spiritual practices and creative endeavors, they appear nebulous or “airy-fairy” to sharp-minded Mercury. Pisces is astrology’s poet, and Mercury its journalist. Finding an agreeable point on the spectrum between them will be our job, and possible salvation, during this retrograde. On March 4th cerebral Mercury will back into the fixed air sign of Aquarius, where its retrograde will conclude on March 9th at 28 Aqu 13. This re-visit to rational, scientific Aquarius will be a cosmic breath of fresh air, one that can clear the Pisces fog. Forward-moving Mercury will then spend another week in intellectual Aquarius, before re-entering Pisces on March 16th. It will pass its retrograde shadow of 12 Pis 53 on March 29th, and leave Pisces for good on April 11th. If all of that sounds a little overwhelming, Mars is spearheading the sobriety brigade.

Feisty, assertive Mars is the planet of motivation and drive. Capricorn is astrology’s cardinal earth sign. As such, the Saturn-ruled sign is ambitious, determined and intent on attaining tangible results. When Mars enters Capricorn on Sunday, it will find itself in the capable company of Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto and the South Node. Their combined force should give us enough firepower to accomplish our objectives, even when retrograde Mercury in Pisces starts tossing out its infamous obstacles. Mars will remain in the serious and enterprising sign until March 30th, essentially escorting us through Mercury’s clearance of its retrograde shadow endpoint of March 29th. Got clarity?

Mercury Rx
Feb 2nd Mercury enters Rx zone 28 Aqu 13
Feb 3rd Mercury enters Pis
Feb 16th Mercury goes Rx at 12 Pis 53
Mar 4th Rx Mercury re-enters Aqu
Mar 9th Mercury stations direct at 28 Aqu 13
Mar 16th Mercury re-enters Pis
Mar 29th Mercury exits Rx zone at 12 Pis 53
Apr 11th Mercury enters Aries

Forecast Feb 3-9, 2020: A Higher Calling

This week includes Mercury entering the zodiac’s twilight zone, Pisces, Venus emerging from the fog of Pisces and stepping into confident, assertive Aries and a full Leo moon. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the borderless planet of infiltration, fantasy and illusion. Neptune is presently at home in Pisces. From its watery netherworlds, it is invisibly and indelibly disbursing and extending those artistic, mystical and meditative Pisces waves. For fast-moving, mental Mercury, any time spent in Pisces is like being a slow-motion, bad dream in which everyone is trying to convince you that VR is the real world. Mercury insists on the facts. Normally it speeds through a sign in about three weeks. Like last year however, this year Mercury will be in Pisces for the better part of two months. Pisces is astrology’s mutable water sign, and most of Mercury’s oncoming retrograde will be in Pisces. While Pisces fluidity can work well with Mercury’s adaptability, its vagueness can consternate analytical, technical Mercury. Successfully navigating the confusing and changing circumstances of the next two months will greatly depend on our ability to strike the right balance of their attributes.

Helping to clear our heads and to take decisive action will be Venus’s transit of Aries. Brash, bold Aries takes charge. This sign doesn’t sit around waiting for anyone or anything, and Venus will be in the cardinal fire sign until March 4th. Aries is not a comfortable place for the polite planet of beauty, pleasure and decorum. But Venus in Aries is an excellent aspect for asserting one’s needs, especially for those prone to indecision or over-giving. Adding to the willpower on tap, this week ends with a full moon in the fellow fire sign of Leo. Aries and Leo are both recognized for their natural and exceptional talents as leaders. In its highest expression, Pisces infuses us with compassion, spiritual principles and a holistic perspective. A good leader takes the opinions, concerns and aspirations of others into consideration, determines what needs to be done and acts. Aries and Leo possess remarkable courage, and above all, they are passionate go-getters. Could it be that we are now being called to be the leaders we want to see in our lives?

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