Sun Into Libra 2014: Aspire To Inspire

     When the Sun moves into harmonizing Libra at 9:29 P.M. MST on September 22nd, not only will it kick off autumn 2014, but it will also usher in one of the year’s liveliest cycles.  On tap are a roaring ring of fire sign trines, a full Aries moon eclipse and a Mercury retrograde, starting in scintillating Scorpio.  And all of this is only the start of a season that will host an especially auspicious Scorpio cycle and the next and sixth Pluto Uranus square (in December). The preceding Virgo cycle gave us all time to relax, regroup and organize.  Now it’s time to set those meticulously laid plans into motion.  Moreover, the year’s unusually long seven-month cycle of personal planet retrogrades tested us and our aspirations.  Now, on the heels of Pluto moving forward, it’s time to harvest the rewards of work well done.

Kicking enthusiasm into high gear right off the bat, and occurring the day after the new Libra moon. will be a Jupiter Uranus trine on September 25th.  Motivating Mars will keep the momentum moving when it trines Jupiter on October 4th and Uranus October 8th.  The fires of inspiration ignited under these trines will burn brightly throughout the Libra cycle and well beyond.  In part this is because the outer planet Uranus lends its influence over a prolonged period of time.  In part it is because this dynamic planetary combination will reconnect in fire signs in 2015.  Mars represents action, Jupiter expansion and Uranus revolution, and together they are electrifying.  Aries initiates and impacts, Leo bolsters courage and confidence and Sagittarius infuses the world with vision and optimism.  During this Libra cycle, Uranus is in Aries, Jupiter is in Leo and Mars is in Sagittarius.  The placement of such activating planets in all three of astrology’s fire signs, together with their exact trines (120 degree meetings), is an especially strong signal that it’s time to put passion into action and that new doors are open.  While the Uranus transit through Aries will last until 2018 and Leo’s journey through Leo will last until August 2015, Mars will exit Sag in late October.  Its next forays through fire won’t take place until late February 2015, when it comes home to Aries, and August of 2015, when it enters Leo.  Further, the other significant point about this triple dose of fire is its unity of purpose and style.

Though the standard definition of what astrologers call mutual reception usually only involves two planets, a case can be made for a form of it here.  Mutual reception is when two planets are in each other’s signs of rulership.  In this case three planets are involved, so we need to extend the traditional definition.  Mars rules Aries, the sign Uranus will be in when Mars trines it, and Jupiter rules Sagittarius, the sign Mars will be in when it trines Jupiter.  What is important is the common purpose mutual reception suggests; its occurrence sees planets working toward the same end, with corresponding energy.  In short, this cycle is brimming with vitali


Autumn 2014 Full Moon Eclipse


Other reasons for such an active cycle include more Cardinal sign interaction and a full Aries moon eclipse which will activate the lunar nodes.  As most of you know, astrology’s Cardinal signs are about new beginnings.  Each starts one of the four seasons and their presence is a cosmic signal that new opportunities are at hand.  Whenever two or more planets meet in Cardinal signs, that message is amplified.  Conventional wisdom holds that when these meetings take place under conjunctions (when planets meet at the same spot), the push to get moving is gentle.  Conversely, and more commonly, when Cardinal connections happen in the form of squares and oppositions, we are usually dealing with more urgent calls for action.  If you are an Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn or have one of those signs as your rising or moon sign, then this year’s Libra cycle is significant.  For everyone else, see which planets and houses in your natal chart fall under those signs.  Chances are that the areas of your life represented by them will be activated.  Here are some dates to watch.  Conjunctions include the new Libra moon on September 24th, a Sun Mercury meeting on October 16th and a Mercury Venus hookup on the 17th.  Squares include one between the Sun and Pluto on October 4th and one between Pluto and Venus on the 8th.  That one will pack an extra punch because the 8th is the date of that full Aries moon (opposite the Sun) and total eclipse.  That eclipse involves the moon’s North Node in Libra and its South in Aries, and there is a Uranus opposition to the Sun on the 7th.  But first week of October is not all green lights and fireworks.  Mercury will slowdown before turning  retrograde on the 4th.

This is the final Mercury retrograde of 2014 and the third one in which the planet ruling communication, travel and tech moves from a water sign back into an air sign.  For more on that, please see my Sun Into Virgo 2014 article.  With Mars, Jupiter and Uranus getting us all fired up and the Cardinal thrusts pushing for progress, a cosmic directive to think before acting will come in handy.  This one starts in Scorpio, the sign of the 8th house, a placement that could uncover intimate secrets or some intriguing financial information.  Starting in the heat of the political season in the U.S., this retrograde may prove to be the year’s most interesting.  Whatever happens, delays, glitches and technical snafus are some of the usual hallmarks of mischievous Mercury.  So both being prepared and tempering those new projects with care will go a long way to making the Libra days ahead smooth and successful.  This retrograde ends October 25th and Mercury will move back into Libra on October 10th, where it will be until November 9th.  In the sign of fairness, equality and consideration of others the Messenger will inform our thoughts and deeds.  The science is pretty clear; when we help others, we feel better.  So as we move into the exciting days ahead, notice where you can make a positive impact by sharing your gifts, time and talents with others.  You will be richer, and happier, for the experience.

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