Forecast Nov 15-21, 2021: The Struggle For Freedom

This week will pair the contradictory forces of fixed sign tension with the Sun’s annual arrival into freedom-loving Sagittarius. The Scorpio Sun will square Jupiter on Monday, Mars will oppose Uranus on Wednesday, the full Moon will clock in at a formidable 27 Taurus 14 early Friday morning and Scorpio-based Mercury will square Jupiter on Saturday. That full Moon includes a lunar eclipse, the first of an incoming series that will last until October 2023. In the near term, tensions that have been building since the Sun entered Scorpio on October 23rd or since November 4th’s new Scorpio Moon, the one opposite of change-making Uranus, are heading to the surface. This week could bring important and overdue resolutions. In the wider context, this week’s events are connected to larger timelines. 2021 has featured three exact Saturn Uranus squares, in fixed signs. Those squares will remain largely in tact throughout 2022, and the fixed-sign eclipse and node cycles will last until 2023. On Sunday, the Sun will exit transformative Scorpio and enter affable and eternally hopeful Sagittarius.

Astrology’s Jupiter-ruled, mutable fire sign can always see the silver linings and new possibilities. But with Scorpio’s turbulent waters only receding slightly, Sag will have to work harder than usual to recover and retain its natural buoyancy. The past 18 months have put the pressure on the happy-go-lucky sign. The South Node has been dredging up its past since May of 2020, and the eclipses have been taking place on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis since June of that tumultuous year. The final eclipse of that series will occur on December 4th, and in January the South Node will exit Sagittarius. But it will enter Scorpio, where it will be until July of 2023. More immediately, Mercury will remain in brooding Scorpio until November 24th and Mars until December 13th. Philosophical Sag needs to ponder the meaning of the changes brought on by the past 18 months. Resilient Sag will look for the new opportunities those changes now present. Restless Sag will start charting a way forward, even if the trip includes traversing troubled waters. With fire, mutability and Jupiter in its DNA, spirited and spiritual Sagittarius can’t help but shake itself off and make the best of whatever circumstances it finds itself in. Its sunny disposition and flexibility stand in marked contrast to the intransigence of fixed signs. Under the ongoing conditions, its exuberance will remain subdued. That said, its indomitable optimism is a critical resource. Journeying through the perilous waters of Scorpio can be harrowing. It is the Pluto ruled sign associated with ruin and destruction. Sagittarius offers perspective, positivity and its arrow, forever pointing upward and onward.

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