Forecast Nov 15-21, 2021: The Struggle For Freedom

This week will pair the contradictory forces of fixed sign tension with the Sun’s annual arrival into freedom-loving Sagittarius. The Scorpio Sun will square Jupiter on Monday, Mars will oppose Uranus on Wednesday, the full Moon will clock in at a formidable 27 Taurus 14 early Friday morning and Scorpio-based Mercury will square Jupiter on Saturday. That full Moon includes a lunar eclipse, the first of an incoming series that will last until October 2023. In the near term, tensions that have been building since the Sun entered Scorpio on October 23rd or since November 4th’s new Scorpio Moon, the one opposite of change-making Uranus, are heading to the surface. This week could bring important and overdue resolutions. In the wider context, this week’s events are connected to larger timelines. 2021 has featured three exact Saturn Uranus squares, in fixed signs. Those squares will remain largely in tact throughout 2022, and the fixed-sign eclipse and node cycles will last until 2023. On Sunday, the Sun will exit transformative Scorpio and enter affable and eternally hopeful Sagittarius.

Astrology’s Jupiter-ruled, mutable fire sign can always see the silver linings and new possibilities. But with Scorpio’s turbulent waters only receding slightly, Sag will have to work harder than usual to recover and retain its natural buoyancy. The past 18 months have put the pressure on the happy-go-lucky sign. The South Node has been dredging up its past since May of 2020, and the eclipses have been taking place on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis since June of that tumultuous year. The final eclipse of that series will occur on December 4th, and in January the South Node will exit Sagittarius. But it will enter Scorpio, where it will be until July of 2023. More immediately, Mercury will remain in brooding Scorpio until November 24th and Mars until December 13th. Philosophical Sag needs to ponder the meaning of the changes brought on by the past 18 months. Resilient Sag will look for the new opportunities those changes now present. Restless Sag will start charting a way forward, even if the trip includes traversing troubled waters. With fire, mutability and Jupiter in its DNA, spirited and spiritual Sagittarius can’t help but shake itself off and make the best of whatever circumstances it finds itself in. Its sunny disposition and flexibility stand in marked contrast to the intransigence of fixed signs. Under the ongoing conditions, its exuberance will remain subdued. That said, its indomitable optimism is a critical resource. Journeying through the perilous waters of Scorpio can be harrowing. It is the Pluto ruled sign associated with ruin and destruction. Sagittarius offers perspective, positivity and its arrow, forever pointing upward and onward.

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Forecast Nov 8-14, 2021: Nice And Easy

The week’s flashpoint will arrive on Wednesday when Mercury and Mars will square Saturn under a prickly Aquarius Moon. Thankfully, that hotspot is buffered by the Moon’s visits to Capricorn and Pisces. Under current alignments, those lunar transits will present some very harmonious options. It all gets started on Monday morning when the waxing Moon conjoins Venus, also newly arrived into Capricorn. As Venus is just setting up house here, for her four month stay, this conference with the intuitive Moon provides a good opportunity for receiving hunches and making strategic decisions. On Monday and Tuesday, Capricorn pragmatism will take on an intrinsic quality. That’s because the Moon will be informed by the Sun, Mercury and Mars in watery Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, the mutable water sign. Add a trine to Uranus in earthy Taurus and a conjunction to Pluto, also in earth-sign Capricorn, and the productive possibilities will reveal themselves. Then comes that bump in the road.

When the Moon shifts into fixed Aquarius Tuesday night, the planets in Scorpio become more problematic. In fact, two of them, Mercury and Mars, will add stress by squaring strict Saturn on Wednesday. Saturn sets limits. Mercury prompting paired with Mars chutzpa, with both instigating from ride or die Scorpio, will test those limits. The Moon’s squares to the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Uranus will further strain tensions. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. This is fight to the death territory. For those who have zero interest in participating in gladiatorial matches, the Moon will slip into gentle Pisces in the wee hours of Friday morning.

Like the Capricorn trip, the Moon’s Pisces journey will be met with planets forming supportive angles. In water, the Sun, Mercury and Mars will trine the Moon, and in dreamy Pisces, it will conjoin Neptune. From the earth signs, Venus, Uranus and Pluto will form those easy going sextiles. Some friction, from a Mercury opposition to Uranus on Saturday afternoon, will stoke embers from midweek battles. But by that time the Moon will be en route to that conjunction with oceanic Neptune. Pisces not only wants everyone to get along, it wants to take everyone to their Zen zone. So though Mercury can, and probably will, stir the pot, a tremendous opportunity to step back and far, far away from the fray will also be present. The week wraps up with the Moon moving into spirited Aries, from where it will form a constructive sextile to Saturn late Sunday night. With only the South Node in a fellow fire sign, Sagittarius, even a feisty Aries Moon will find little kindling for fights. Further, mature Saturn’s tap will encourage adult responses to any conflicts that manage to permeate the peace Pisces left. With a Mars Uranus opposition and fixed sign full Moon and eclipse set for the following week, this week is our last best chance to take things nice and easy.

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Forecast Nov 1-7, 2021: Battle Lines

Thursday’s new Moon in Scorpio and Friday’s sign changes for Venus and Mercury are set to amplify larger trends. The Saturn Uranus squares in fixed signs have been a hallmark of 2021. As those two powerhouse planets remain in tight alignment through 2022, many of the conditions set this year will cement. For the past two months, as the personal planets cycled through Virgo and Libra, the fixed sign friction has receded, a bit. But the Sun’s entrance in Scorpio on October 23rd put the element of fixed water on the table, and set the Sun on a course for squares to Saturn and Jupiter and an opposition to Uranus. That opposition will be exact on November 4th, the day of the new Scorpio Moon. This also positions the Moon in opposition to astrology’s change maker. Further, that new Moon will reach its zenith on November 19th, the date of the first in the incoming series of Taurus/Scorpio eclipses. Dialing up the intensity, driving Mars entered Scorpio on October 30th. It will square Saturn on November 10th, oppose Uranus on the 17th, two days ahead of that eclipse, and square Jupiter on December 7th. Once Mercury moves into Scorpio on Friday, it will run the same gauntlet. In fact, a few hours before Mercury will square restrictive Saturn on November 10th, it will conjoin Mars.That meeting is analogous to two generals conferring on battle strategies. To say that Saturn isn’t accustomed to taking orders is an understatement. It implements order. Translation: November 10th isn’t an ideal day for picking fights. If initiated around this time, conflicts will likely be protracted and end up fraught with unforeseen twists and turns (thank you Uranus). All of the tension will be adding fuel to December 24th’s third Saturn Uranus square. A day later, December 25th, a newly retrograde Venus will conjoin Pluto. With Venus entering Saturn’s home sign of Capricorn for an unusually long stay, Saturn’s fingerprints will be all over the next four months, and beyond.

Pessimistic, moody and melancholic, Capricorn is not where the warm and fuzzies hang out. Hopes that the planet of beauty and pleasure can infuse the industrious sign with cheer, and yield constructive accomplishments, are not unfounded. Capricorn is ambitious and materialistic, and its regard for earned rewards compliments Venus’s appreciation of money. That said, the oncoming Venus retrograde, from December 19th through January 29, 2022, with its gravitational center conjunct Capricorn-based Pluto, suggests a destructive undertow being added to fixed sign entrenchments. Ruthless, transformative Pluto is of course Scorpio’s ruler. So its presence is already resonating with the Sun and Mars, and soon will be with that new Scorpio Moon and Mercury. The coming Venus transit of serious, sober Cap will last through March 6, 2022. Interestingly enough, on that same day, Mars will also exit Capricorn and enter Aquarius. Stoic, enduring Saturn will be waiting for them.

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Forecast Oct 25-31, 2021: Skin In The Game

The last time Mars transited Scorpio was from November 19, 2019 to January 3, 2020. At the time, the origins of COVID-19 were known and the virus was known to be spreading. Scorpio is astrology’s best secret keeper. While medical professionals in China, like the late Dr. Li, raised alarm bells, most of the world remained happily oblivious to the deadly threat. By the time Mars exited the fixed water sign, word was getting out. Epochal events are few and far between, and the pandemic is certainly one. While many astrologers correlate the Saturn Pluto conjunction of January 2020 with the pandemic’s onset, the power of Mars in Scorpio can never be underestimated. Looking back, its precursory role was a key component in the mix. How many lives could have been saved if truth tellers had not been silenced? 2021’s visit, from October 30th to December 13th, coincides with the beginning of two other significant Scorpio cycles.

It takes Mars roughly two years to travel through the entire zodiac. With the exception of prolonged stays due to retrogradation, the planet of raw power stays in each sign for a little less than two months. On November 19, 2021, the axis of eclipses will begin shifting from Gemini/Sagittarius to Taurus/Scorpio, a series that will last through October 28, 2023. On October 11, 2023, for the first time since 2021, Mars will re-enter Scorpio. Further, the South Node of the Moon will move into Scorpio in January of 2022 and remain there until July of 2023. Translation: it’s time to get comfortable with Scorpio.

If that suggestion sounds about as appealing as getting a pet snake, then the next two years will support exploration of the aversion. Snakes are a symbol of transformation, and have long been associated with the sign. Mars probes. When visiting its modern home sign, Aries, its motives are direct and usually obvious. When traversing its ancient home sign, Scorpio, its presence is undeniably felt. Scorpio is the domain of deep-seated, core emotions, and Scorpio and Mars are immensely passionate. In the near term, this visit is getting underway while the Sun is in Scorpio, and on the exact day when that Sun has a tough square to Saturn. Is the taskmaster reprising its 2020 role or underscoring Scorpio imperatives to make changes? There will be a new Scorpio Moon on November 4th and Mercury will be in Scorpio from November 5th through 24th. Mars in Scorpio will indicate where we have real skin in the game, and which skins need shedding. Competitiveness, envy and desires for revenge are a few of Scorpio’s unpleasant messengers. Identifying the psychological needs they represent, and finding healthy ways to fulfill those needs, might make the path ahead lighter and less daunting. Additionally, imagining life two years from now, when the healthier replacements are fully installed, is another way to put Scorpio’s dark inspiration to work.

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Forecast Dec 14-20, 2020: Exploration & Endurance

This week remarkably includes four planets changing signs, following the second eclipse in the present series. Venus will move into high-spirited Sagittarius on Tuesday and Mercury will enter sober Capricorn on Sunday. These transits are brief, with both lasting until January 8th. The mixed bag they offer will have Venus inviting us to meet and mingle, while Mercury will be more serious and subdued. The Saturn and Jupiter shifts into inventive, original Aquarius, on the 16th and 19th, are more significant and much longer-lasting. Jupiter will be in the fixed air sign until December 28, 2021, and Saturn until March of 2023. Saturn is the restrictive, greater malefic and Jupiter the expansive, greater benefic. That we’ll be spending the next year with these contradictory bodies inhabiting the same sign warrants a review of Aquarius.

In the astrology community, a debate about planetary rulership has emerged over the past several years. This movement assigns the rulership of each of astrology’s twelve signs to the original seven planets, excluding Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. From this perspective, Scorpio is ruled by Mars instead of Pluto, Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and not Neptune, and Aquarius by Saturn rather than Uranus. As a writer, I like to consider all opinions, and I can see some valid relationships in this scheme. But as a professional reader, there has to be solid evidence of a theory in the real-life circumstances of clients before I endorse a given school of thought. When it comes to Aquarius, I can see some Saturnian qualities, like rigidity. But that can be attributed to the sign’s fixed modality. My experience of Aquarius Sun sign people is much more in keeping with the traits we associate with Uranus. Like Aries natives, Aquarians typically prize and prioritize freedom and are usually the earliest adapters to new technologies. Aquarians identify with outliers, rebels and misfits, and strongly advocate for human rights and social equality. Also, the minute a definite assertion is made, they instinctively and invariably argue its exact opposite, pure Uranus. For context, Uranus was discovered in 1781, the very year when America decidedly won its independence, in Yorktown, Virginia on October 19th. The French Revolution, 1789-99, and Irish Rebellion of 1798 quickly followed. Collectively, those wars represented a colossal societal change from monarchical authority to self-governance. So there is most certainly a correlation between the discovery of this planet and the qualities, such as revolution, shock and innovation, that we associate with it. In terms of the rulership of Aquarius, let’s see how applicable those characteristics are, especially during Saturn’s transit of the 11th sign.

Though the early stage of Saturn’s transit of Aquarius will make a hard aspect, astrology’s notorious square, to Uranus in Taurus, there are some promising commonalities in this combination. Ringed Saturn imposes limitations, forcing pragmatism on high-minded Aquarian ideas and ideals. Similarly, disruptive Uranus finds itself a third of the way through its seven-year-transit of the fixed earth sign of Taurus, where it has been coming to terms with the finiteness of resources. Saturn and Taurus will demand real world applications and solutions from ingenious Aquarius and technologically-advanced Uranus. Jupiter’s presence in Aquarius for the next year will amply the need for breakthroughs and perhaps accelerate their speed. The coming Saturn Uranus and Jupiter Uranus squares will put the pressure on all involved parties to make progress. When Mars enters Taurus on January 6th, it too will press for resolutions. We’ll get our first glimpse of the shapes of things to come on December 21st, when Jupiter and Saturn meet at 0:29 of Aquarius, for what is being billed as The Great Conjunction. For millennia, the Solstices have marked the changing of the seasons. The zero degree placement of this conjunction signals that something completely new is at hand. Indeed, we are bravely crossing the threshold into a new Age.

Forecast Dec 7-13, 2020: The Fog Of War

The week begins under the influence of the Moon in organized, dutiful Virgo, making Monday and Tuesday its best days for tending to details and practical matters. On Wednesday nebulous Neptune will square the Sagittarius Sun, and on Sunday the planet of illusion and confusion will square ordinarily clear-minded Mercury. The Sun describes identity and Mercury mental clarity. If we can get our bearings before heading into this five-day fog, we’re less likely to go off-track in the heat of battle. As information whizzes around us, factions argue and disorientation sets in, a deeper guiding force will be on offer from Scorpio. Venus, the planet of desire, is inhabiting the sign of raw honesty. On Thursday she’ll hook up with Scorpio’s ruler Pluto, in Capricorn, via a supportive and powerful sextile. Later in the day, the Moon will join her in the passionate water sign. Early next week Venus will go on to sextile Jupiter and then Saturn, in the aftermath of our next eclipse and right before all three planets change signs. This is our last shot at deciphering the codes coming from seductive Scorpio and applying them as only pragmatic, capable Capricorn can.

While all of that is taking place, the Sag Sun will make a boisterous trine to aggressive Mars in Aries late Thursday night, to be followed by Mercury’s Sag trine to Mars on Monday. This likely positive “ready, aim and fire” barrage is another reason to remain mission focused. The Moon ultimately will end this week in philosophical Sagittarius, where it will be for Monday’s eclipse and its new Moon phase. Cheerful, restless Sag adores an adventure. It constantly explores new territory, while pondering and positing deeper questions about collective beliefs and guiding principles. Ruled by Jupiter, the mutable fire sign also comprehends a larger context. For us mere mortals, peering through those Zeus-sized spectacles, into the next week, month or year, may provide a tactical advantage. When we know where we’re heading to and what we’re aiming for, we can deploy our resources wisely.

Forecast Nov 30-Dec 6, 2020: Freedom Of Expression

Sometimes it’s when we’re confronted with the possibility of losing something important that we fully recognize its value. In a year when wearing masks has become not only familiar, but often mandatory, we’ve been given a unique opportunity to explore the value of expression. Whether you’ve had difficulties in breathing or speaking through a mask or you were forced to abstain from singing, praying or chanting with a group, we’ve all experienced blockages and restrictions at a very physical level. Metaphysically, much of this activity has centered around the throat chakra. The eclipses starting this week will prompt us to confront control structures while simultaneously stimulating our innate desire for liberty. Monday’s eclipse is in Gemini, the Mercury-ruled sign of commerce and communication, and December 14th’s is in Sagittarius, the Jupiter-ruled sign of faith and freedom. On Tuesday, Mercury will move into unbound, aspiring Sagittarius, as will Venus on December 15th. And the conversations starting now will continue into February.

The coming new Moon eclipse, on December 14th, occurs at 23:08 Sagittarius, with the Nodes of the Moon less than four degrees away at 19:56. The South Node is in Sagittarius and the North in Gemini. The lunar Nodes describe the lessons we’ve mastered, South, and those we must undertake, North. On January 26th their square to spiritual Neptune in Pisces will be exact at 19:06. In this scenario, invisible, ethereal Neptune will be if not an agent provocateur, the provoking agent. Something intrinsic in us appreciates the hard won principles, laws and truths from our Sagittarius past. At the same time, we’re compelled to apply them to our present and evolving circumstances. If the mutable signs excel at one thing, it’s adaptation.

On the heels of that new Moon eclipse, Saturn and Jupiter will make sign changes that put them on course for their much-anticipated Winter Solstice conjunction in Aquarius. Aquarius, like Sag, sees the world from a lofty vantage point. It too champions human freedom. Sounding the cosmic call to speak up and to speak out. this week’s full Moon eclipse in talkative Gemini will get a direct boost from Mars. Presently, the motivated, battle-ready planet is enjoying home-sign advantage in fierce, independence-loving Aries. If this conspicuous call to action meets resistance, seductive Venus, from the Pluto-ruled realms of Scorpio, will be practicing her appreciable powers of persuasion.

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Forecast Nov 23-29, 2020: A Moment Of Reflection

This week gets started under the super intuitive power of Mercury in Scorpio forming a trine to Neptune in Pisces. On Saturday Neptune will emerge from a five-month-long retrograde, and on December 5th Venus in Scorpio will trine Neptune. At first glance, the hallmarks of 2020’s Sagittarius Sun cycle are obvious. Two yang-sign eclipses are on the way, as are the much anticipated shifts of Jupiter and Saturn into yang-oriented Aquarius. The fiery Sag Sun is also set to trine Mars in outgoing Aries on December 10th, and Mercury, once in Sagittarius, will trine Mars on the 14th (the day of the second eclipse). There is no doubt that unfolding events are substantial. The positive polarity of the signs being activated further suggests that the coming changes will be quite pronounced. The eclipse that kicks things off takes place next Monday, November 30th. Between now and then, we have a chance to pause and explore the quieter, more ethereal side of life.

Scorpio and Pisces are highly psychic. Scorpio, much like a detective for hire, goes looking for the answers. Mutable Pisces, though more passive, none the less constantly quests for the truth. Both are water signs, making them extremely perceptive, emotional and creative. While Mercury prefers the intellectual, rational realms of the air signs, in Scorpio, it aligns us with something deeper and much more instinctive. Neptune went retrograde back on June 23rd, when much of the world was coming out of lockdowns. It’s interesting to note that as this subtle, infiltrating planet stations direct lockdowns are coming back into force. Facing the gravity of 2020 is unavoidable. As we contemplate the end of this consequential year and begin imagining 2021, Mercury and Neptune are messaging us in dreams, psychic “hits” and visions. Neptune is also known as the higher octave of Venus, the planet of beauty. If Venus can be likened to a mellifluous voice, then Neptune is a master chorale work. The buildup to their December 5th trine will help us more clearly recognize what is mortal versus what is eternal. Informed by the insights of the coming days, we can move into the new time with more solemnity and a sense of greater purpose.

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Forecast Nov 16-22, 2020: Further Clarification

Back on October 7th Mercury made the first of three oppositions to global game-changer Uranus. Back then Mercury had already crossed into the shadow zone of a retrograde that would take it into probing Scorpio. After that retrograde was underway, Mercury and Uranus formed their second opposition on October 19th. Mercury in Scorpio can either keep or reveal the darkest secrets. But a retrograde stance encouraged the planet of information to spill the tea. Uranus, for its part, brings the shock and awe. On Tuesday, a now direct Mercury will take on unorthodox Uranus for the final time in this series. If their first two encounters didn’t shake everything loose, this one promises to tell all. On Thursday Mercury exits the retrograde shadow, ending one chapter in this extraordinary period.

The next chapter opens with Venus poised to dive into Scorpio’s purifying waters. Before changing signs on Saturday, she’ll have to undergo two more squares, one from Jupiter early Monday morning and the other from Saturn on Thursday. As previously noted, this has not been a serene homecoming for the planet of decorum, refinement and grace. On the one hand, after Saturday she will leave the cardinal commotion. On the other, she will begin traveling through the underworlds of Scorpio, where she will have her own battle with wild, unpredictable Uranus. That takes place on November 27th. If all of this sounds a little daunting, take heart. Shortly after Venus enters Scorpio, the Sun abandons the intense sign and roams into jovial Sagittarius. Both of these transits last for about a month.

Sagittarius is astrology’s mutable fire sign. It is Jupiter-ruled, and its arrow glyph points toward horizons and loftier values and virtues. As the sign associated with Zeus, the King of Olympus, perspective is another of the sign’s gifts. Optimistic, friendly and warm, Sagittarius can see the sunny side of almost any situation. Its indomitable enthusiasm is well-suited to the current Mars transit of Aries, and on December 10th a Sun Mars trine will take place. Mercury will enter Sag in December 1st. The downside is that this sign is prone to getting carried away with irrational exuberance. To temper that, Venus and Mercury in Scorpio will likely offer some critical revelations. No matter how unsettling or unwelcome, if we are to create earth as it is in heaven, we can and must face their truths.

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Forecast Nov 9-15, 2020: The New Epoch

When a single week includes Mercury diving into Scorpio, our final Jupiter Pluto conjunction for thirteen years, motivated Mars going direct and a potent new Scorpio Moon, the Universe is telling us that a new paradigm is awakening. This auspicious week could get off to a contentious start via a Venus Mars opposition on Monday. Both planets are in their home signs, where their values are fortified. We in turn may feel a stronger than usual need to stand our ground. But by the time that opposition is exact, the Moon will have moved from opinionated, fixed Leo into thoughtful, flexible Virgo, and an overnight trine between the Scorpio Sun and Pisces-based Neptune will be well underway. Scorpio cuts to the truth and Pisces beckons us to see things from a higher, holistic perspective. So being strategic and putting any squabbles that arise early in the week into the larger context can make a huge difference on how this pivotal week plays out. In the afterglow of that trine, on Tuesday a newly direct Mercury will re-enter Scorpio. This run will be unimpeded, and the intrinsic certainty that comes from the fixed water sign should give us the needed clarity and confidence to make longterm commitments.

The most convincing evidence that something big is unfolding arrives on Thursday, when Jupiter makes its third conjunction with Pluto at 22:52 degrees of Capricorn. Capricorn is of course the Saturn-ruled sign of structure, economics and institutions. If something about that 22:52 degree mark seems familiar, it’s because the infamous Saturn Pluto conjunction of January 12th was at 22:47 degrees of Capricorn. Love it or hate it, that conjunction was a game changer. We are now firmly in a post-COVID-emergence reality. Like 911, there is no going back to the world that was. Jupiter and Pluto previously paired up on April 4th and June 30th. When trying to analyze the impact of any of 2020’s major aspects, it’s impossible to completely isolate any of them. So much was happening at once. But we can look back to those dates to locate the issues that are still in need of resolution. This is our third and final shot, because next month Jupiter will move into Aquarius.

On Friday Mars will station direct in Aries. This is another signal that it’s time to get moving. The recent simultaneous retrogrades of Mercury and Mars may have conjured up some insights of their own. Even if those were forged by obstacles, the truths they’ve revealed are valid and valuable. Overnight on Saturday, we have a new Moon at a formidable 23:18 degrees of transformative Scorpio. That is within one degree of Thursday’s Jupiter Pluto conjunction. In this configuration, the late Scorpio Sun and Moon are favorably aligned to the big three in Capricorn, and these Scorpio alliances with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will form throughout the weekend. For our evolution, Scorpio obliterates what is no longer needed. The sign’s modern ruler is Pluto, the planet also associated with destructive transformation. At this point in late 2020, it’s clearly no longer about what was. Head on, we are faced what is and being given the inspiration to create what will be. This week we take one colossal step into the future we wish to build.

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