Forecast Nov 8-14, 2021: Nice And Easy

The week’s flashpoint will arrive on Wednesday when Mercury and Mars will square Saturn under a prickly Aquarius Moon. Thankfully, that hotspot is buffered by the Moon’s visits to Capricorn and Pisces. Under current alignments, those lunar transits will present some very harmonious options. It all gets started on Monday morning when the waxing Moon conjoins Venus, also newly arrived into Capricorn. As Venus is just setting up house here, for her four month stay, this conference with the intuitive Moon provides a good opportunity for receiving hunches and making strategic decisions. On Monday and Tuesday, Capricorn pragmatism will take on an intrinsic quality. That’s because the Moon will be informed by the Sun, Mercury and Mars in watery Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, the mutable water sign. Add a trine to Uranus in earthy Taurus and a conjunction to Pluto, also in earth-sign Capricorn, and the productive possibilities will reveal themselves. Then comes that bump in the road.

When the Moon shifts into fixed Aquarius Tuesday night, the planets in Scorpio become more problematic. In fact, two of them, Mercury and Mars, will add stress by squaring strict Saturn on Wednesday. Saturn sets limits. Mercury prompting paired with Mars chutzpa, with both instigating from ride or die Scorpio, will test those limits. The Moon’s squares to the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Uranus will further strain tensions. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. This is fight to the death territory. For those who have zero interest in participating in gladiatorial matches, the Moon will slip into gentle Pisces in the wee hours of Friday morning.

Like the Capricorn trip, the Moon’s Pisces journey will be met with planets forming supportive angles. In water, the Sun, Mercury and Mars will trine the Moon, and in dreamy Pisces, it will conjoin Neptune. From the earth signs, Venus, Uranus and Pluto will form those easy going sextiles. Some friction, from a Mercury opposition to Uranus on Saturday afternoon, will stoke embers from midweek battles. But by that time the Moon will be en route to that conjunction with oceanic Neptune. Pisces not only wants everyone to get along, it wants to take everyone to their Zen zone. So though Mercury can, and probably will, stir the pot, a tremendous opportunity to step back and far, far away from the fray will also be present. The week wraps up with the Moon moving into spirited Aries, from where it will form a constructive sextile to Saturn late Sunday night. With only the South Node in a fellow fire sign, Sagittarius, even a feisty Aries Moon will find little kindling for fights. Further, mature Saturn’s tap will encourage adult responses to any conflicts that manage to permeate the peace Pisces left. With a Mars Uranus opposition and fixed sign full Moon and eclipse set for the following week, this week is our last best chance to take things nice and easy.

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