Forecast Nov 15-21, 2021: The Struggle For Freedom

This week will pair the contradictory forces of fixed sign tension with the Sun’s annual arrival into freedom-loving Sagittarius. The Scorpio Sun will square Jupiter on Monday, Mars will oppose Uranus on Wednesday, the full Moon will clock in at a formidable 27 Taurus 14 early Friday morning and Scorpio-based Mercury will square Jupiter on Saturday. That full Moon includes a lunar eclipse, the first of an incoming series that will last until October 2023. In the near term, tensions that have been building since the Sun entered Scorpio on October 23rd or since November 4th’s new Scorpio Moon, the one opposite of change-making Uranus, are heading to the surface. This week could bring important and overdue resolutions. In the wider context, this week’s events are connected to larger timelines. 2021 has featured three exact Saturn Uranus squares, in fixed signs. Those squares will remain largely in tact throughout 2022, and the fixed-sign eclipse and node cycles will last until 2023. On Sunday, the Sun will exit transformative Scorpio and enter affable and eternally hopeful Sagittarius.

Astrology’s Jupiter-ruled, mutable fire sign can always see the silver linings and new possibilities. But with Scorpio’s turbulent waters only receding slightly, Sag will have to work harder than usual to recover and retain its natural buoyancy. The past 18 months have put the pressure on the happy-go-lucky sign. The South Node has been dredging up its past since May of 2020, and the eclipses have been taking place on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis since June of that tumultuous year. The final eclipse of that series will occur on December 4th, and in January the South Node will exit Sagittarius. But it will enter Scorpio, where it will be until July of 2023. More immediately, Mercury will remain in brooding Scorpio until November 24th and Mars until December 13th. Philosophical Sag needs to ponder the meaning of the changes brought on by the past 18 months. Resilient Sag will look for the new opportunities those changes now present. Restless Sag will start charting a way forward, even if the trip includes traversing troubled waters. With fire, mutability and Jupiter in its DNA, spirited and spiritual Sagittarius can’t help but shake itself off and make the best of whatever circumstances it finds itself in. Its sunny disposition and flexibility stand in marked contrast to the intransigence of fixed signs. Under the ongoing conditions, its exuberance will remain subdued. That said, its indomitable optimism is a critical resource. Journeying through the perilous waters of Scorpio can be harrowing. It is the Pluto ruled sign associated with ruin and destruction. Sagittarius offers perspective, positivity and its arrow, forever pointing upward and onward.

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Forecast Nov 8-14, 2021: Nice And Easy

The week’s flashpoint will arrive on Wednesday when Mercury and Mars will square Saturn under a prickly Aquarius Moon. Thankfully, that hotspot is buffered by the Moon’s visits to Capricorn and Pisces. Under current alignments, those lunar transits will present some very harmonious options. It all gets started on Monday morning when the waxing Moon conjoins Venus, also newly arrived into Capricorn. As Venus is just setting up house here, for her four month stay, this conference with the intuitive Moon provides a good opportunity for receiving hunches and making strategic decisions. On Monday and Tuesday, Capricorn pragmatism will take on an intrinsic quality. That’s because the Moon will be informed by the Sun, Mercury and Mars in watery Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, the mutable water sign. Add a trine to Uranus in earthy Taurus and a conjunction to Pluto, also in earth-sign Capricorn, and the productive possibilities will reveal themselves. Then comes that bump in the road.

When the Moon shifts into fixed Aquarius Tuesday night, the planets in Scorpio become more problematic. In fact, two of them, Mercury and Mars, will add stress by squaring strict Saturn on Wednesday. Saturn sets limits. Mercury prompting paired with Mars chutzpa, with both instigating from ride or die Scorpio, will test those limits. The Moon’s squares to the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Uranus will further strain tensions. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. This is fight to the death territory. For those who have zero interest in participating in gladiatorial matches, the Moon will slip into gentle Pisces in the wee hours of Friday morning.

Like the Capricorn trip, the Moon’s Pisces journey will be met with planets forming supportive angles. In water, the Sun, Mercury and Mars will trine the Moon, and in dreamy Pisces, it will conjoin Neptune. From the earth signs, Venus, Uranus and Pluto will form those easy going sextiles. Some friction, from a Mercury opposition to Uranus on Saturday afternoon, will stoke embers from midweek battles. But by that time the Moon will be en route to that conjunction with oceanic Neptune. Pisces not only wants everyone to get along, it wants to take everyone to their Zen zone. So though Mercury can, and probably will, stir the pot, a tremendous opportunity to step back and far, far away from the fray will also be present. The week wraps up with the Moon moving into spirited Aries, from where it will form a constructive sextile to Saturn late Sunday night. With only the South Node in a fellow fire sign, Sagittarius, even a feisty Aries Moon will find little kindling for fights. Further, mature Saturn’s tap will encourage adult responses to any conflicts that manage to permeate the peace Pisces left. With a Mars Uranus opposition and fixed sign full Moon and eclipse set for the following week, this week is our last best chance to take things nice and easy.

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Forecast Nov 1-7, 2021: Battle Lines

Thursday’s new Moon in Scorpio and Friday’s sign changes for Venus and Mercury are set to amplify larger trends. The Saturn Uranus squares in fixed signs have been a hallmark of 2021. As those two powerhouse planets remain in tight alignment through 2022, many of the conditions set this year will cement. For the past two months, as the personal planets cycled through Virgo and Libra, the fixed sign friction has receded, a bit. But the Sun’s entrance in Scorpio on October 23rd put the element of fixed water on the table, and set the Sun on a course for squares to Saturn and Jupiter and an opposition to Uranus. That opposition will be exact on November 4th, the day of the new Scorpio Moon. This also positions the Moon in opposition to astrology’s change maker. Further, that new Moon will reach its zenith on November 19th, the date of the first in the incoming series of Taurus/Scorpio eclipses. Dialing up the intensity, driving Mars entered Scorpio on October 30th. It will square Saturn on November 10th, oppose Uranus on the 17th, two days ahead of that eclipse, and square Jupiter on December 7th. Once Mercury moves into Scorpio on Friday, it will run the same gauntlet. In fact, a few hours before Mercury will square restrictive Saturn on November 10th, it will conjoin Mars.That meeting is analogous to two generals conferring on battle strategies. To say that Saturn isn’t accustomed to taking orders is an understatement. It implements order. Translation: November 10th isn’t an ideal day for picking fights. If initiated around this time, conflicts will likely be protracted and end up fraught with unforeseen twists and turns (thank you Uranus). All of the tension will be adding fuel to December 24th’s third Saturn Uranus square. A day later, December 25th, a newly retrograde Venus will conjoin Pluto. With Venus entering Saturn’s home sign of Capricorn for an unusually long stay, Saturn’s fingerprints will be all over the next four months, and beyond.

Pessimistic, moody and melancholic, Capricorn is not where the warm and fuzzies hang out. Hopes that the planet of beauty and pleasure can infuse the industrious sign with cheer, and yield constructive accomplishments, are not unfounded. Capricorn is ambitious and materialistic, and its regard for earned rewards compliments Venus’s appreciation of money. That said, the oncoming Venus retrograde, from December 19th through January 29, 2022, with its gravitational center conjunct Capricorn-based Pluto, suggests a destructive undertow being added to fixed sign entrenchments. Ruthless, transformative Pluto is of course Scorpio’s ruler. So its presence is already resonating with the Sun and Mars, and soon will be with that new Scorpio Moon and Mercury. The coming Venus transit of serious, sober Cap will last through March 6, 2022. Interestingly enough, on that same day, Mars will also exit Capricorn and enter Aquarius. Stoic, enduring Saturn will be waiting for them.

Elizabeth’s Oracle

Forecast Oct 25-31, 2021: Skin In The Game

The last time Mars transited Scorpio was from November 19, 2019 to January 3, 2020. At the time, the origins of COVID-19 were known and the virus was known to be spreading. Scorpio is astrology’s best secret keeper. While medical professionals in China, like the late Dr. Li, raised alarm bells, most of the world remained happily oblivious to the deadly threat. By the time Mars exited the fixed water sign, word was getting out. Epochal events are few and far between, and the pandemic is certainly one. While many astrologers correlate the Saturn Pluto conjunction of January 2020 with the pandemic’s onset, the power of Mars in Scorpio can never be underestimated. Looking back, its precursory role was a key component in the mix. How many lives could have been saved if truth tellers had not been silenced? 2021’s visit, from October 30th to December 13th, coincides with the beginning of two other significant Scorpio cycles.

It takes Mars roughly two years to travel through the entire zodiac. With the exception of prolonged stays due to retrogradation, the planet of raw power stays in each sign for a little less than two months. On November 19, 2021, the axis of eclipses will begin shifting from Gemini/Sagittarius to Taurus/Scorpio, a series that will last through October 28, 2023. On October 11, 2023, for the first time since 2021, Mars will re-enter Scorpio. Further, the South Node of the Moon will move into Scorpio in January of 2022 and remain there until July of 2023. Translation: it’s time to get comfortable with Scorpio.

If that suggestion sounds about as appealing as getting a pet snake, then the next two years will support exploration of the aversion. Snakes are a symbol of transformation, and have long been associated with the sign. Mars probes. When visiting its modern home sign, Aries, its motives are direct and usually obvious. When traversing its ancient home sign, Scorpio, its presence is undeniably felt. Scorpio is the domain of deep-seated, core emotions, and Scorpio and Mars are immensely passionate. In the near term, this visit is getting underway while the Sun is in Scorpio, and on the exact day when that Sun has a tough square to Saturn. Is the taskmaster reprising its 2020 role or underscoring Scorpio imperatives to make changes? There will be a new Scorpio Moon on November 4th and Mercury will be in Scorpio from November 5th through 24th. Mars in Scorpio will indicate where we have real skin in the game, and which skins need shedding. Competitiveness, envy and desires for revenge are a few of Scorpio’s unpleasant messengers. Identifying the psychological needs they represent, and finding healthy ways to fulfill those needs, might make the path ahead lighter and less daunting. Additionally, imagining life two years from now, when the healthier replacements are fully installed, is another way to put Scorpio’s dark inspiration to work.

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Forecast Nov 18-24, 2019: Next Moves

If the current Mercury retrograde has brought its share of delays, technical snafus and frustrations, take heart. This week everything changes. While Mercury usually gets, and deserves, all the blame for mishaps and all manner of tech misfires and meltdowns, this time Mars has also been contributing to the cosmic inertia. Since early October, the red planet of passion has been stuck in eternally deliberating Libra. Libra, in its quest to be fair to all sides, stops to consider each and every point of view, all potential outcomes and their implications. The resulting indecision can be absolutely exasperating for Mars, and us. Fortunately, just after midnight late Monday night, or very early Tuesday morning (depending on your time zone), Mars moves into Scorpio. Before Pluto was discovered, Mars was Scorpio’s ruling planet, so this is familiar and comfortable territory for the action-oriented planet. Mars will reside in Scorpio until January 3, 2020, and from there enliven us with emotional honestly. If Mercury’s retrograde in Scorp showed you what you want, Mars will motivate you to go out and get it. Further improvement comes on Wednesday when Mercury stations to go direct, officially ending the dreaded, and dreadful, retrograde period. Things lighten and brighten up even more on Friday, when the Sun leaves intense Scorpio for inspirational Sagittarius. The Sun will spread the Sagittarius cheer for the next four weeks as it transits the Jupiter-ruled sign of optimism, hopes and aspirations. Giving us an immediate dose of those spirited and spiritual good vibrations, the much anticipated Venus Jupiter conjunction takes place, in Sagittarius, on Sunday. Venus loves pleasure and Jupiter brings luck and expansion, so many are seeing this meeting as the ideal time to wish upon that proverbial star. However, Sunday is also when Mars opposes Uranus, and both are in those intrenched fixed signs. All of this is taking place under the unflinching watch of a Scorpio moon. With a distinctive talent for disruption, Uranus is likely to win the day, helping us to break new ground or to see things from a radically new perspective. In any case, this week roadblocks are removed and new insights and possibilities are presented.

Forecast Nov 11-17, 2019: Embracing The Beauty Of Contemplation

Tuesday’s full moon in Taurus will undoubtably garner lots of attention. Not only is the celestial event a pleasure to behold, but because Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, there will be an astrological emphasis on contentment. Adding to the cosmic sense of ease and cooperation are a week’s worth of positive aspects. These begin on Monday when the Sun and Mercury meet in Scorpio. While at times Scorpio can feel overly intense, this alignment takes place on the day of the 11.11 portal opening and when Mercury literally transits the Sun (viewable in North America). We are redefining ourselves, and their meeting signals agreement and an opportunity for self-discovery and growth. On the full moon even combative Mars is making nice, in this instance, from harmonious, even-handed and fair-minded Libra to benevolent Jupiter at home in optimistic Sagittarius. If that elusive stroke of luck doesn’t turn up, encouragement will, and maybe both! But it’s Wednesday when the skies shower us with heaps of planetary support. Mercury and Saturn and the Sun and Pluto form sextiles and Mercury later trines Neptune. Wielding copious amounts of honesty and pragmatism, the Scorpio to Capricorn connections are resolute in their findings, purpose and shared determination, and the Mercury Neptune trine supports deep, meaningful and abiding understanding. The week’s only spat occurs on Thursday. But even that involves gracious Venus squaring Neptune in nebulous Pisces from affable Sag. Fighting over which sweetener to use would be a good analogy for this one, and with both in mutable signs, hard feelings aren’t on the menu. We head into the weekend under the care of a Cancer moon. While it could get into some contentious cardinal squabbles, it is equally capable of helping us commit to self-care and to surrounding ourselves with what most nurtures us. During this decidedly introspective week, a good strategy is to meditate on problems needing solutions on 11.11, Monday, to allow Tuesday’s full moon to work its illumination magic and to be receptive to those uncanny and unfolding Scorpio/Capricorn/Neptunian insights. Best look? A Monk’s robe, sacred text and votive candle, with the phone on DND for extended spurts.

Forecast Nov 4-10, 2019: It’s Getting Real

The week begins with a fixed, futuristic Aquarius moon squaring the Sun in equally fixed Scorpio and energizing Mars, presently in the sign of justice, via an uplifting trine on Monday, and a colossal square between Mars and Pluto on Tuesday. By Friday, the Sun, Saturn and Neptune will be on point and on purpose, as their considerable forces are joined. Their cooperative alignments include a Sun Saturn sextile, a Sun Neptune trine and Saturn’s final sextile to Neptune (until 2031). The Sun describes our identity. Saturn enforces the law and Neptune helps us see the bigger picture. All of this is happening under the intensive scrutiny of Mercury’s retrograde in Scorpio. The truth is coming out, like it or not, and it’s time to face the music. In its highest form, Scorpio is here to heal. Because daylight is the best disinfectant, the Sun and Mercury may very well be exposing what we’d prefer to ignore, those insidious shadows. Whether we choose consciousness or not is up to us. But whatever that choice, we’re still operating under their influence. When we’re willing to examine our feelings, motives and histories deeply and honestly, we create room for improvement. In a week starting off under an Aquarius moon, a force pointing towards outcomes and our future condition, the revelations emerging now are part of shaping what will become. Illusions we want to cling to are set for another jolt on Sunday, when the Taurus moon, building towards full strength, connects with disruptive Uranus. All of this week’s goings on are leading us right up to Mercury’s transit of the Sun, on the 11th and the full moon on the 12th. We are being asked what stories we tell ourselves, which ones are false or unhealthy and what we’re prepared to do differently to create more peace in our lives. Indeed, this is some weighty cosmic stuff. But then again, it’s Scorpio Time!

Forecast Oct 28-Nov 3, 2019: All Aboard The Shaman’s Magical Mystery Tour

Normally one would expect the start of the much hyped, and dreaded, Mercury retrograde to take center stage in the week’s astrology news. But when said week begins with a once-per-year Sun Uranus opposition and includes a positive Venus shift, a more original view might be taken. Hot on the heels of Sunday night’s new Scorpio moon, with its built-in tension with wild Uranus, Monday’s exact Sun opposition will pull tensions all the way to the surface and send some seismic shockwaves throughout the ethers. Notice what makes you uncomfortable and the “negative” emotions that seemingly spring out of nowhere. They are messengers and your teachers. By midweek things get a bit smoother courtesy of a sweet Mercury Venus conjunction. “What do I want instead (of what upsets me)?” is the perfect question to pose when Mercury and Venus meet and as we approach a Mercury retrograde in dramatic, passionate Scorpio. “What old story is actually playing out here?” is another good point of inquiry during the retrograde, which officially kicks off on Thursday and lasts until November 20th. On Friday Venus leaves the probing intensity of Scorpio for the warmth and inspiration of Sagittarius. Her stay will last until November 25th, coinciding with Mercury’s Scorpio venture, and it will include a conjunction with lucky Jupiter on the 24th. From optimistic Sag, the planet of beauty and pleasure will point to a better direction for our focus and it will show us the possibilities for a happier future. In short, the transits getting underway this week offer a pathway from victim to victor and from suffering to success. The slings and arrows have done their damage, yet in their wounding lies our capacity for healing, compassion and wholeness. Best look? A dedicated meditation space, well-stocked medicine bag and an MP3 of “You’ll Never Walk Alone”.

Forecast Oct 21-27, 2019: Surprise, Surprise

This week the cosmic emphasis shifts into detecting, shamanic Scorpio, and the influences getting underway now are set to stay with us for the remainder of 2019. On Wednesday the Sun joins Mercury and Venus in the fixed water sign of Scorpio and the week concludes with a provocative new Scorpio moon. Venus gets things started with an insightful trine to Neptune on Monday, and on Friday she’ll compare notes with astute Pluto when the two form a productive sextile. Mars and Saturn show us where resolution is needed when they make a tough square on Sunday morning, right before the dark moon slips into Scorpio. Sunday night’s new Scorpio moon is opposite of unorthodox Uranus. With a pending Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, October 31-November 20th, some truths are about to be unearthed. The involvement of Uranus at this new moon suggests that the coming revelations will be surprising, if not shocking. By the time the Sun finishes its journey through Scorpio on November 22nd, Mars will have moved into the transformative sign, and it will remain there until early January. Best look? A pure heart, clean mirror and secured seat belt.

The next few weeks have especially good aspects for getting to the bottom of things, for making life-changing decisions and for rediscovering one’s personal power. If you’d like some insight, guidance and support, email me at elizabeth at elizabethsoracle dot com to schedule your reading. Sale ends November 3rd.

Sun Into Scorpio 2013 – Heart Music



The Sun is heading into astrology’s fixed water sign where the planets are assembling for some of 2013’s strongest cosmic activity.  You can listen to a detailed astrology report featuring author Eric Meyers here

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