Sun Into Scorpio 2012: Eliminate To Generate

“Come to the edge,” he said.
They said, “We are afraid.”
They came.
He pushed them….
They flew.
– Guillaume Apollinaire

     Emotional, fixed Scorpio thrives on intensity and change, and the Sun will dive into its purifying waters at 5:14 P.M. PST on October 22nd. Material matters will surface courtesy of a full Taurus moon on the 29th and a total solar eclipse conjunct the lunar nodes on November 13th. A provocative full Cardinal cross will precede the Mercury retrograde that begins on Election Day in the U.S. Saturn and Pluto will begin strengthening 2013’s evolutionary Uranus Pluto squares. And, Neptune and Chiron, turning direct in reflective Pisces, will connect us more directly with our intrinsic truths. In the grand scheme of things, new dimensions and higher levels of awareness are opening up to us. To access them, we must journey through solemn Scorpio’s passageway.

     October 29th’s full moon in physical, security-oriented Taurus will be opposed by restricting Saturn and the willful Sun in truthful, transforming Scorpio. This super moon is connected to 2012’s Venus occultation, 2013’s Uranus Pluto squares and the lunar node placements lasting into early 2014. It is a call to strike a healthy balance between the our spiritual essence and material needs. It is also an opportunity to examine and release the financial fears that ironically limit us. Occurring two days before the Celtic holy day of Samhain, it is a summons to look within, reconcile losses and dedicate ourselves more fully to the spiritual work we came here for. This meaningful moon will receive a friendly trine from evocative Pluto in industrious Capricorn. Infused with this lunar wisdom and inspired by practical plans for the future, we enter a Cardinal gateway of Light the first weekend of November.

     Abundant Venus has two celestial abodes, and she will be residing in her harmonious Libra lair when the moon comes home to its native Cancer from November 3-5th. With Pluto and Uranus settled into Capricorn and Aries, the cosmic stage is set for initiation. If the full moon or Samhain/Halloween purging has worked its magic, then new offers and opportunities will begin materializing in early November. Discouraging unwisely impulsive decisions, clever Mercury will turn retrograde on November 6th. Lasting until November 26th, this transit will provide ample time for studying details and carefully reviewing facts and figures before moving ahead. And with the Messenger traveling all the way back to 18 degrees of probing Scorpio, deceit, abuse and deception will be exposed. Mercury, Saturn and the Sun are intent on clearing corruption and instituting the honesty and integrity now critical for planetary evolution.

October 29, 2012

     Mercury re-enters sacred Scorpio on November 13th, the day of a total solar eclipse. This new moon eclipse in Scorpio is conjunct the lunar North node. In general terms, the moon’s South node describes the past and its North points the way forward. The Taurus Scorpio opposition created here concerns resources and power. In late August the Nodes shifted into Taurus and Scorpio, where they will be in influence until February 2014. Here they will intensify the current Scorpio directive to fully integrate our spiritual beliefs with our economic practices and the care we give to our physical bodies.

     The “let go to grow” mantra being sounding now will be booming by the time we reach 2013’s Pluto Uranus squares. They will take place on May 20th, the final day of the Taurus Sun cycle, and on November 1st, in the midst of next year’s Scorpio solar sojourn. By then stern, structuring Saturn will be adding more of its considerable weight to the equation. The ringed-planet is after all Capricorn’s ruler, so it supports Pluto’s presence in the sign of pragmatic progress. Reciprocally, Pluto respects Saturn’s disciplined prowess in its home sign of destructive Scorpio. In short, Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio understand and mirror each other. In these placements, their energies are complementary and mutually fortifying. Mars will amplify their power when it moves through ambitious Capricorn from November 16th through December 25th. This is the fuel for setting and ultimately reaching conscious goals. The Sun’s coming placements in Taurus and Scorpio on the exact days of the next Pluto Uranus squares will reinforce the work we undertake now.

     Scorpion change is often dramatic, turbulent and obvious. By contrast, fellow water sign Pisces works more like waves upon rocks. It dissolves so subtly and gently that its influence is usually only recognizable over time. The planet it rules, Neptune will turn direct on November 10th as will healing asteroid Chiron on the 14th. Both are in holistic, integrating Pisces, the sign that also completes the zodiac. Thus the planets in these collaborating water signs are on message: release to regenerate. The Neptunian element here assures us that even in the midst of great upheaval, peace is always available. The boundless, artistic planet instructs us to turn inward. There we can center ourselves. From the void of a quiet mind, inspiration emerges. Aligned with its clarity, we know precisely which steps to take next.

“And now I see with eye serene,
the very pulse of the machine
A being breathing thoughtful breath
A traveler between life and death”
William Wordsworth



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