Sun Into Pisces 2011: Awakening Sweet Dreams

Under the full Leo moon of February 18th, at 4:25 P.M. PST the Sun quietly slips into peaceful, reflective Pisces. On February 21st communicative Mercury follows suit as does aggressive Mars on the 22nd. Already transiting the deep and dreamy waters of this mutable sign are newly arrived Chiron, associated with healing, and innovating Uranus. With so many planetary bodies swimming in Pisces meditative, nebulous depths for much of this cycle, our psychic sensitivity will be heightened as will a need to pull inward. Pisces completes the annual tour of the zodiac and prepares us for spring and the year ahead. In 2011, that yearly urge to move forward will get an early and rousing wake up call when rebellious Uranus abandons mystical Pisces for trailblazing Aries on March 11th. This Pisces solar journey will also see the moon nodes shift from the Capricorn/Cancer axis to the Sagittarius/Gemini on March 3rd. So while much of this cycle offers us time to contemplate and integrate the experiences of the past year, the impulse to begin changing things will prove equally irresistible.

Though fellow water sign Scorpio is reputed for its transformational powers, Intuitive, creative and unifying Pisces is also a gifted game-changer. With compassion as its guiding principle, perceptive Pisces goes about her work with empathy and serenity. The Sun, Mercury, Mars, Uranus and Chiron will be in her gentle tow on the new Pisces moon of March 4th, making it an excellent occasion to wade into her healing, spiritual waters. In her quest to help us make ourselves and our lives whole, Pisces encourages our muses. Through daydreaming and artistic endeavors, we unearth and confront the content of the unconscious. Distinctly different from her logical opposite sign of Virgo, Pisces could care less if we are just “making it all up” or whether it makes any sense. She implicitly understands the value of the truths being expressed in our stories.

Also, associated with the 12th House of astrology, Pisces is undaunted by anything unpleasant that may be lurking beneath our placid facades. Ruled by Neptune, she is fully equipped to descend with us to our darkest, most unsettling depths. Her job after all is to support us in assimilating all of the pieces of ourselves, including the messy and monstrous ones. For only when they are brought to the surface can we truly heal. What are we do to with this newly gleaned self-awareness? Pass the cosmic baton to Uranus.

Law-breaking, authority challenging and proudly unorthodox, Uranus swaggers into the bold, fearless fire sign of Aries on March 11th for a seven year stay. There his talents are well placed to help us break the new ground needed to manifest the lives we dreamed up under the Piscean influence. This volatile mixture of Uranus’s revolutionary spirit and Aries provocative, independent style is sure to prove explosive at times. But meaningful change cannot come from maintaining the status quo. Uranus and Aries are lovers of freedom, excitement and progress, and they will leave little room for mediocrity and complacency. In combination with that unfathomably deep Pisces quest to make life whole again, we are being given some awesome tools for self-reflection, inventory taking and courageous change.

Adding an another layer of enlightened inspiration to the airwaves will be the moon’s nodal shift from the Capricorn/Cancer axis to Sagittarius/Gemini one on March 3rd. Conventional thinking in astrology holds that the moon’s North node represents the lessons ahead while the South node describes those previously mastered. The term karma is often used to explain their relationship with the idea that our past experiences help us navigate the future. In this case, Gemini lies in the position of the past and Sagittarius points the way forward. Gemini is renowned for its journalistic skill. It scans the world ceaselessly for information. Sagittarius on the other hand, needs to find the meaning behind all of those facts and figures. The philosophical fire sign is also known for its warmth, imagination and enthusiasm. With the moon’s North node in the sign that believes that life always gets better, a benevolent note will constantly ring as the music of the spheres plays and the planets and asteroids do their dance through August 2012. In June of this year, the eclipses also fall along this axis, giving these energies a deeper resonance. So as we glimpse ahead, prescient Pisces arrives to offer up consciousness. It’s time to scry through her loving, holistic lens.

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