Sun Into Scorpio 2011: Truth and Transcendence

Pluto-ruled, emotional Scorpio is typically associated deep-seeded change.  The conventional wisdom has been that Scorpio reveals our true feelings, and they in turn send us soul searching.  We recognize what we no longer need and what we desire next.  Then Scorpio’s transformative power goes to work.  In 2011, the Sun, Venus, Mercury and a new moon will issue the annual ticket to journey beneath the surface of what’s happening in our lives.  But this year’s voyage to the underworld will urge us to delve much deeper than usual.  It wants us to uncover and begin repairing the programming, filters and perceptions operating beneath our emotions.  Chiron and Neptune turn direct on November 9th, the day before a full Taurus moon that will see Mars move into analytical Virgo. If the Higher Self always knows the path back to our innate perfection, then purifying Scorpio is here to clear away the emotional roadblocks we’ve constructed.

When the Sun enters Scorpio on October 23rd at 11:30 A.M. PST it will meet up with Venus and Mercury who are already traveling through the fixed water sign.  The new Scorpio moon of October 26th is an ideal time to pause and listen to our internal voicemail.  Venus will be squared by Mars on that day and Mercury by Mars on the 28th, a day when the Sun and Jupiter will also be at odds.  Mars will square Neptune on the 31st and Mercury will square Neptune on November 1st.  Paying careful attention to what disturbs or distresses us during this time can ultimately prove as enlightening as reflecting on what delights us.  After all, discomfort often signals needed changes.  The critical distinction to make here is this.  Are these messages coming from a habitual story of unhappiness or have people and situations in our lives served their evolutionary purpose?  Scorpio, the zodiac’s most adept detective, is on the case and intent on getting to the bottom of things. Can we handle the truth?

On November 2nd Venus and Mercury bid heavy Scorpio adieu and head into optimistic Sagittarius. Uranus in fearless Aries and Mars in lionhearted Leo strengthen and encourage Sag’s enthusiasm.  The general fire sign trine these four planets form offers the alchemy that can turn insight into inspiration.  Are you ready to sing your heart song?  Providing rich celestial soil for seeding our renewed sense of possibility will be the full Taurus moon of November 10th.  Healing Chiron and metaphysical Neptune station on November 9th, thus bringing their forward momentum to the full moon.

Fixed earth sign Taurus represents stability, peace and fertility.  Expansive Jupiter is already in the sign of the Bull where it is in harmonious accord with regenerative Pluto in industrious Capricorn.  Adding the third and final earth element will be Mars entrance into Virgo on the full moon.  Jupiter, Pluto and Mars form a supportive earth sign trine that will hold through June of 2012 when Jupiter moves on to Gemini.  The full moon marks the end of our lunar elemental journey from intuition, to inspiration to implementation or water, fire and earth.  True to its phoenix form, the full moon of the Scorpio cycle is of course really only a beginning.

This cycle’s insights and evolutionary intentions can only be fully realized through practice.  After all, we didn’t grow those negative neural pathways overnight, and the genetically downloaded ones have been with us throughout this incarnation.  For the next eight months aggressive Mars will be our self-help personal trainer and lead thought analyst as it transits astrology’s top thought editor, Virgo.  Is our thinking undercutting or serving our growth?  When we find ourselves believing anything other than that life loves us, uncompromising Mars will tell us so and go to work on our neural plasticity.  We are talking about an actual physical metamorphosis as Mars works with its earth sign inhabiting counterparts.  Lastly, Louise Hay says that it is better to dissolve a habit rather than to try to break it.   Traveling together, Neptune and Chiron are the best cosmic forces for dissolving problematic patterns, and they will be doing their finest work beginning in late February when they re-enter gentle, compassionate Pisces.  For now, intense, complex Scorpio is asking one simple question: Are we really ready to let go and let God?


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