Forecast Jul 19-25, 2021: All The World’s A Stage

If, like Hollywood celebrities, the planets had talent agents, then the Sun, Venus and full Moon would be ringing theirs up this week, to ask why Mercury is getting all of the good parts. Venus, even when airing her complaints, would of course exude copious amounts of grace. After all, her upcoming move into studious Virgo on Wednesday is akin to landing the ultimate supporting actress role. Friday night’s baby full Moon, coming in under 2 degrees of Aquarius, would probably understand why it’s not yet ready for a lead role, let alone its closeup. But that dashing Leo Sun, flying in on Thursday, might go full-on Norma Desmond, at the mere thought of being upstaged by silver-tongued Mercury. And did that androgynous usurper sleep his way to the top? Not dissimilar to writer Joe Gillis, astrology’s best thespian, gifted orator and most crafty player is slyly heading for center stage.

One hook often employed by good directors is to open with a riveting scene. Think Daniel Day-Lewis fleeing British police, through labyrinthian Belfast alleys, as Jimi Hendrix’s “Voodoo Chile” blares to start “In The Name Of The Father”. Another tact is to build anticipation by making the dramatic late arrival. Mercury and wild Uranus are seemingly doing both when they co-star on in the wee hours of Tuesday morning. These two will bring excitement, and possibly some upset. By Saturday, Mercury’s gorgeous trine to Neptune will be exact. Like most Hollywood actors, Neptune has some serious substance issues. So this pairing could produce anything from “Shakespeare In Love” to “Trainspotting” or their 2021 mashup. Be careful which lines you fall for under this one. That is only the prequel to Mercury’s opposition to Pluto on Sunday. At a sizzling 25 degrees, this showstopper portends a complex battle between good and evil. It will also dredge up any arguments that weren’t resolved when the Cancer Sun opposed Pluto on the 17th. Following the scene starring confusing Neptune, sorting villains from white hats is bound to prove challenging. Is the Lord of the Underworld playing Sauron or Gandalf or did Harry Potter just make a cameo in “The Matrix”? Wait, what? Either way, we’re heading for a thrilling climax, one worth every cent of the admission price. Speaking of money, right after entering frugal Virgo, Venus will be confronted by free-wheeling Jupiter from utterly ungrounded Pisces, early on Thursday. Maybe checking for Groupon deals on those tickets, before splurging on exorbitant Stubhub seats, is sensible. As the credits begin to roll, the Leo Sun will only be noted amongst the hordes of extras. None the less, a star has indeed been born. Creative, fun and over the top, Leo will soon strut its charismatic stuff, shake its regal mane and bask in the spotlight. Its warmth, like its sunshine, can’t help but being recognized and shared.

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