Sun into Leo 2010: Got Lemonade?

Several days into the average heat wave, many a withering spirit desperately searches for news of an impending cooling trend. During 2010’s massive T-Square and Grand Cross, many of those with strong Cardinal sign placements in their charts are similarly seeking refuge from the intense Cosmic action. Then there are those Souls who love the heat, those oddballs who thrive in its infernal ferocity. No matter your preference, this year’s solar journey through the spirited fire sign of Leo is going to be a scorcher. Cooler winds will begin to prevail by the time it winds down on August 23rd. In the meantime, a July 25th full moon is set amongst more massive squares and oppositions, Mars and Venus will add more fuel to the T-Square by joining Saturn in Libra, and a Mercury retrograde starts on August 20th. If ever a sign was invented to cheer us all up and on to the completion of this celestial marathon, it is Leo. The Sun arrives in the effervescent, magnanimous sign of the lion at 3:21 P.M. PST on July 22nd.

Gallant, confident and boundlessly enthusiastic, Leo loves to lead, inspire and perform for others. To earn their adulation, this fixed sign is ever willing to roll up his sleeves and work hard for those coveted applause. His natural tendency toward extroversion, seemingly endless supply of creativity and passion, and lion-sized heart make Leo a magnet for those seeking encouragement and optimism. And generosity? Leo has learned that the true gift of his wealth lies in his ability to share his riches with others. With the sky heating up, in 2010 Leo is in fact on a singular mission to turn every lemon in the Kingdom into ice-cold, thirst-quenching lemonade. Given the Cosmic forecast, sitting down and sharing a glass with this regal creature might be just the recipe for getting through the dog days ahead. After all, the King of the Jungle knows a thing or two about conquering beasts and living sovereign.

On July 21st, Saturn moves back into Libra thus re-energizing the T-Square by forming a more precise square to Pluto in Capricorn and closer oppositions to Uranus and Jupiter in Aries. Remember that Pluto is already simultaneously squaring Uranus and Jupiter. On July 25th indeed the square between Pluto and Jupiter will be exact, recurring on August 3rd. Also on July 25th, the moon will be full in the fixed air sign of Aquarius, and on July 26th the next Saturn Uranus opposition will be exact. Squares and oppositions bring matters to the fore and tensions to a head, and all the planets involved in these are in the provocative Cardinal signs. Under such challenging aspects, what’s a glamorous, pampered and pleasure seeking sign like Leo to do? That’s simple; he dawns his designer shades and views it all through those famous Leo-tinted glasses.

For example, while some will claim that the Pluto Jupiter square is a clash of conflicting values with Pluto in stern Capricorn imposing the rules while exuberant Jupiter in Aries wants to run amok. Leo sees this as a winning combination for life’s go-getters. Capricorn builds stamina and Aries just can’t say no to taking action. To Leo, the 25th is a fabulous time to launch an exciting, long term venture. On July 29th Mars, the Warrior, will join Saturn in Libra. With Mars’ infamous battle-lust and Saturn’s reputation for restrictions, some fear these two in league. Leo agrees with astrologer Sue Tompkins who maintains that this pair teaches us how to balance fear with courage, assertiveness with control and impulse with discipline. With the two sitting under heavenly arbitrator Libra’s watchful eye, the potential for conflict resolution is even greater. And really, who wouldn’t want to master this stuff? On August 7th Venus arrives home to join these two, bringing her quest for beauty to the affair.

Then there’s that pesky Mercury retrograde sitting at end of this cycle ready to roll on August 20th. Mercury will be in discerning Virgo, the meticulous sign that the Sun will travel through for most of this retrograde. The perfect opportunity to review details says Leo. Moreover Leo asserts, by then Uranus will have already ducked back into peaceful, dreamy Pisces (on August 13th) where it will be followed by Jupiter on September 9th. This is a great chance to rest, relax and let the our intuition mingle with those newly discovered facts. For somewhere between the two, along that Virgo Pisces axis, lies a solution to one of life’s persistent questions or problems. Ah, a golden opportunity to rejuvenate reasons Leo. With that, his official royal proclamation is announced:

“Spa time! Leo-tinted glasses and lemonade for all!”


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