Sun Into Libra 2010; It’s a Unity Thing

On September 22nd at 8:09 P.M. PST the Sun heads into the sign of harmony, balance and relating. Austere Saturn is already transiting Libra’s diplomatic terrain, and Mercury is poised to join them on October 3rd when it enters this cardinal air sign. With Mars and Venus traveling through intense Scorpio and Uranus and Jupiter resting back in gentle Pisces, 2010’s Libra cycle offers some keen insights into that most powerful of realms and popular of subjects, our relationships.

Setting the stage for the Sun’s entrance into the sign of grace and fairness are alluring Venus and aggressive Mars in the deep impassioned waters of Scorpio. Scorpio enjoys its renown for sexual prowess. So the presence of amorous Venus and desirous Mars in its sensuous depths can be an ideal influence for deepening levels of intimacy. However, Scorpio’s real purpose (obsession some would argue) is getting to the truth, in and out of bed. To that end, this Pluto-ruled sign is ruthless, indeed willing to exert even its destructive tendencies, in its pursuit. With forceful Mars in intent Scorpio, secrets will be unearthed and real motives and needs will be revealed. So, during this transit we can expect not only the blooms to come off a few roses, but many a stone to be overturned. Ultimately, courageous Mars will help us get our needs met, and Scorpio’s clarity will help us see our relationships more honestly.

Because relationship is inherently a two-way street and because one person’s or partner’s truth can be vastly different from the other’s, the Cosmos is bringing in a celestial officiating crew of sorts. Saturn, the Sun and Mercury will travel through objective, reciprocal and cooperative Libra. Like no other sign, Libra asks us relate to “other” and it insists that we play nicely. Venus-ruled Libra’s aim after all is wholeness. With unyielding Pluto in realistic Capricorn sitting 90 degrees away however, Libra’s mission will not be an easy one. That’s because Pluto will form exact squares to the Sun, on September 25th, and Mercury, on October 5th, as a general square to Saturn churns away in the background. And all four planets will be in those provocative cardinal signs. Add two full Aries moons, on September 23rd and October 22nd, to the mix, and balancing individual needs with the whole is bound to be challenging.

With head referee Saturn firmly at the Libra helm, we are in capable Cosmic hands. But we must be prepared to embrace those Libra standards of Truth and Justice. Any of our complaints about what “other” is doing will be met with stern judicious review. In addition to asking us to walk the proverbial mile in “other’s” shoes, the taskmaster is equally likely to remind us that we choose to be in a given relationship, or not. According to Saturn, we are not so much victims as we are the consequences of our choices. LIke a line judge, Mercury, whose spheres of influence include our thinking and communication, will echo Saturn’s sober sentiments. He lives in our minds and will likely be asking some pertinent and controversial questions of his own. Whose filters are we using to come to our conclusions? Have we genuinely tried to see the situation from “other’s” point of view? Are we are holding “other” in high regard or simply conveniently labeling to suit our own story? And most importantly, what is our end game in this situation? The Sun, representing our will, will help us answer that last question, as it also works to help us see our circumstance from Libra’s exalted, communal view.

On October 8th loving and virtuous Venus will go retrograde. The planet of exquisite beauty and immeasurable tranquility will diligently work to guide our relationships into a state of deep and abiding peace. If we are willing, through her we can see the Divinity in all things, including our foes. Her retrograde motion in Scorpio will aid Mars in his quest for the truth. Only she will take a much softer and more harmonious tact.

Aiding this kinder, gentler form of enlightenment will be Jupiter and Uranus in supremely serene and subtle Pisces. Under calm, spiritual Pisces influence, unorthodox Uranus may present us with a completely unique perspective, as expansive Jupiter offers us a broadened view of our reality. Though Libra is a cardinal or initiating sign, and Pisces a mutable or completing one, and Libra is air and Pisces water, the two have something important in common. Both are committed to unification. They are charged to explore the energies around them and to assimilate them, and they ask the same of us. To phrase it euphemistically, relationships offer us life’s greatest growth opportunities. This year the planetary hookups in Libra, Scorpio and Pisces will give us some stellar revelations about them and the tools for cosmic conflict resolution.

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