Sun Into Aries 2012: New Pathways Emerging

Typically when the Sun enters bold, inpatient Aries, it initiates a cycle that brings us a renewed sense of drive and dynamism.  As the days lengthen, flowers bloom and temperatures rise, the invigorating energy of this Cardinal fire sign fills us with the annual impulse to forge ahead.  With Mercury, Saturn and the Ram’s ruler, Mars, already retrograde, and a Pluto retrograde and some Mutable crosses in the immediate forecast, the action will be much more subdued in 2012.  In the bigger scheme of things, a set of eclipses, a Venus retrograde and occultation, and the first of some massive Pluto Uranus squares will occur during the coming three months.  The decidedly more cautious pace of this Aries cycle is signaling a season of discerned development.  The careful application of Aries firepower can help us make mindful and meaningful progress as the game-changing variables in the offing unfold.

Irrepressible and indomitable, enlivening and enthusiastic, Aries starts the spring and inspires us with confidence and courage.  On March 19th at 10:14 P.M. PST, when the Sun enters this initiating sign, that sense of possibility and provocation will be heightened because the Sun will meet up with thinking Mercury and inventive Uranus already in Aries.  On the 22nd, the new Aries moon will add more fuel to the inextinguishable fire, and activate some Cardinal cross energy.  Like intersections, astrology’s crosses represent perpendicular points of planetary collision.  One force must yield to another in order for one to progress.  By March 29th the Sun and Pluto will be in such an alignment.  The Sun in Aries signifies personal will with an emphasis on individuality and independence, and Pluto in Capricorn represents a sober assessment of available resources.  One of this cycle’s key yellow-light dates. this square is advising us to take a long-range look when making significant decisions about how we use time and money.  The Mars retrograde in rational, methodical Virgo will help quell our passions long enough to analyze the options carefully, and Mercury’s backward movement into integrating Pisces, where dissolving Neptune also is, will support holistic solutions.  By the way, Mercury will go direct on April 4th and Mars on the 13th.

The placements of Mercury and Neptune in Pisces and Mars in Virgo point to another important feature of this Aries sojourn, the Mutable influence.  The Mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, end their respective seasons and are generally associated with closure, completion and change.  On April 3rd, Venus moves into inquisitive, talkative Gemini.  From this position Venus will square Neptune on April 5th, Mars on the 7th and Chiron on the 12th.  The Sagittarius moon of April 9th through 11th will create another series of Mutable squares.  With much less harshness than their Cardinal and Fixed counterparts, the adaptable Mutable crosses teach us flexibility and gentle release.  2012’s spring cleaning can be literal and physical and biological and neurochemical.  The Mutable crosses support freeing ourselves from the past, and the Cardinal crosses endorse sowing the seeds of our desired new realities and we’ll have a nice mix of both.

Like music behind our intentions, Venus can play a major role in shaping those new paradigms.  The implications of the planet of love, relating and possessions in the sign of information, communication and technology are enormous, and this transit is a unique one.  It will last for four months and includes a retrograde and occultation.  Venus will reach the retrograde shadow point of 7 degrees Gemini on April 12th, and by May 15th it will be at 23 degrees when the retrograde that will last until June 28th begins.  During the retrograde, the Venus occultation and next set of Gemini/Sagittarius solar and lunar eclipses will take place.  Similar to an eclipse, during the occultation, Venus will appear to pass in front of the Sun.  Venus occultations occur in pairs separated by eight years, but these pairs only take place every 121 years.  The June 5th event is the second half of the 2004 set.  Though I’ll be writing more about the eclipses and occultation in the Gemini edition, their influences will start during this Aries cycle when Venus enters Gemini.

The squares Venus will make to Neptune, Mars and Chiron in April are part of a larger spring trend.  One possibility is that they will expose some of the fault lines in our psyches, the uncomfortable corners where the intent to change meets the old, internal resistance stored in our habitual negative thinking and emotional bodies.  The presence of Venus in Gemini will beam constant reminders of life’s intrinsic beauty.  The more often we recognize it, the more often we experience the Venus effect.  As this template upgrades each individual operating system, the greater the possibility for collective planetary evolution.  Excitable and unflappable, Aries is arriving to point the way forward and to cheer us up and onward.  Though a few retrogrades may cause some pause, it’s time to celebrate this invincible force of spirit.


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