Sun Into Sagittarius 2012: Sweet Liberty

SagittariusInfusionCover200Special thanks to author Eric Meyers for sharing this article.  For more information about Eric, his books and his consultations, please visit his website.

     As we arise from the depths of Scorpio, the next phase is the expansiveness of Sagittarius. This movement can feel like a huge sigh of relief as the ego tends to feel more comfortable in the frontiers of new discovery. However, for those choosing to grow spiritually, the lessons of the Archer are equal to that of the Scorpion. It is now time to reach the next plateau of our life mission, to enlarge our potential to make a difference, and to lift consciousness from our self-imposed limits. Time to think big and act accordingly, but watch any tendency to overextend, become overly-idealistic or narrow-minded with your aims…but time to aim! Sagittarius fires an arrow of directed life purpose.

     Just hours after the Sun enters Sagittarius, Venus moves into Scorpio. This signals the opportunity to achieve greater intimacy (emotional, spiritual, sexual) in our connections–to “get real” and reach another layer of meaning. Time to process and challenge, show our gratitude for others, to renew and affirm how we are impacted by those who matter most. Also, time is ripe for deeper shared investments and business partnering. This is given increased emphasis as Venus applies to Saturn (exact 11/26), which calls for maturity and accountability with others. Mercury goes direct on 11/26, so getting ideas and intentions moving forward is more welcome. In Scorpio until 12/10, the time is right to speak confidently and boldly, to speak truths and investigate deeply.
     0n 11/27, Mars and Pluto perfect their conjunction in Capricorn. However, Mars has been in the area of the Uranus/Pluto square for about 10 days prior to this, and will be for a few afterwards. This adds a major punch and push to our desires, and the theme is conflict management. How is power negotiated? How do you unconsciously push others around? How do you get pushed around, and what are you going to do about it? How can we learn to join our efforts with others to make an impact in the world? Specifically, how can we take the next steps in our vocations (Capricorn) to “be the change” we wish to see?


     11/28 finds a lunar eclipse in Gemini. Always at a Full Moon, this is a time of maximal illumination of our attachments (Moon). We are invited to release our smaller ideas, confusion, and “common sense” to broaden our scope into new understandings and experiences. We can dramatically claim our fiery spirit and communicate it to the world. This is a great time to connect with your personal mission statement — writing intentions down is helpful. On 12/10, Mercury enters Sagittarius (then hits the eclipse degree), so these intentions will gather increased movement. Writing, teaching and communicating is particularly welcome at this time.
     On 12/13 Uranus stations direct and will slowly march forward to squaring Pluto yet again (to the 3rd out of 7 exact squares next spring). This is the dominant astrology of this time–the urgency for revolution, new paradigms, and more enlightened consciousness in our systems. The current astrology is very amplified in the direction of personal empowerment. Each individual is being called to ferret out weaknesses in order to boldly embody their spiritual potential. With the current spotlight in Sagittarius, it serves us all to build bridges and discover new ways to connect humanity together. The time for fiery intent and action is now! 


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