Sun Into Sagittarius 2011: New Balance

The Sun’s entrance into spirited, optimistic Sagittarius usually signals a welcomed atmospheric shift from Scorpio’s dark, plutonian intensity to the bright, buoyant lift of astrology’s Archer.  At 8:08 A.M. PST on November 22nd the Sun will move into Jupiter-ruled, affable Sag, but don’t expect the transformational energies to subside just yet.  Sagittarius is one of the zodiac’s four mutable signs.  These signs end their respective seasons and represent culmination and closure.  In 2011, the completion theme will be amplified by aggressive Mars traveling through mutable Virgo.  His assertive force will clash with Solar and Lunar eclipses in Sagittarius and (mutable) Gemini, as well as the moon’s Nodes which are presently on the Gemini Sagittarius axis.  Simultaneously, vivacious Venus will make her way through materialistic Capricorn where she will fortify a Grand earth trine and activate those initiating cardinal signs.  Throw in a Mercury retrograde in fiery Sag, which will also be at odds with feisty Mars, and destructive and regenerative Scorpio would feel right at home.  But the zodiac stipulates that we emerge from the Underworld into enthusiastic Sag’s imaginative realms and embrace the happy changes Zeus’s favorites are intent on ushering in.

To that end, the action gets underway right at the start of this cycle.  Mercury turns retrograde late on November 23rd, November 24th sees a new Sagittarius moon and Solar eclipse, and Venus enters Capricorn on November 26th, where she immediately squares erratic Uranus in provocative Aries.  Clearly the Cosmos is committed to shaking things up and unearthing the obstacles and impediments to progress in our lives.  If resistance is futile, then rigidity is insane.  Flexible, friendly Sag instead champions inspiration as direction.  For instance, its Mercury retrograde, which lasts until December 13th, offers us the chance to reconnect with the innocence of our unconditioned selves and to create each day from a Sagittarius sense of positive possibility.  That new Sag moon and Solar eclipse further encourage us to see life as an adventure, believe in magic and take gigantic leaps of faith.  If that sounds like a precarious way to pay the rent or to get results in the “real” world, Sag’s benevolent ruler Jupiter is beaming exuberant and practical rays our way.

The giver of gifts and largest planet in the sky is flexing its expansive muscles in sensuous, constructive Taurus, and has formed solid alliances with the planets in fellow earth signs.  Together Jupiter in Taurus, Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn comprise a Grand earth trine.  This is some of astrology’s must fertile ground for seeding, growing and manifesting our intentions.  It blesses principled endeavors and hard work and showers us with patience and endurance.  On December 1st, Venus joins Pluto in industrious Capricorn presenting us with even more opportunity and abundance.  There is plenty to go around, and no need for greed.  In fact, those bent on attaining fame and fortune at the expense of others will continue falling from grace, favor and power.  In part that’s because Venus, one of the money planets, is not only aligning with the productive earth signs, but also stimulating the Cardinal Cross.

Since Pluto entered austere Capricorn in December of 2008, we’ve seen one corrupt leader or institution after the next come tumbling down.  Next, stern Saturn entered fair-minded Libra in October 2009 where it has been on the same page as purifying Pluto.  Finally, earlier this year, unpredictable Uranus joined the cardinal call to initiate systemic reform.  Venus moving through ambitious Capricorn will revitalize these seismic forces.  Add mischievous Mercury in review mode and the inherent revelations of eclipses, and something or someone is bound to go viral.  That and the mutable and cardinal crosses occurring throughout this cycle are simply exposing what needs to be healed or released.  Spontaneous, philosophical Sag is here to point the way to our new dreams and visions and to help us adapt to these changes.  Its lucky, irrepressible essence invites us to renew our faith, dream big and make a wish.


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