Sun into Aquarius 2011: Higher Wavelengths & New Frequencies

What is on your mind? In 2011 how each us answers that question at any given moment will become increasingly important. On January 20th, the Sun moves into the sign of the future, community and innovation. This Aquarius solar cycle will see benevolent Jupiter move into pioneering Aries, intellectual Mercury join the Sun and active Mars in progressive Aquarius and the healing asteroid Chiron enter holistic Pisces. Individualistic and humanitarian, Aquarius compels us to express our unique identity, yet it obliges us to do so in service of the greater good. Fortunately for us, Ghandi revealed the shortcut to this lofty objective when he said that we must BE the change we want to see in the world. And that leads us right back to that original question; what is on your mind? In no other time has the answer to that question determined so much. It is shaping our future, the future to which we are all connected and in which we share a collective stake. Aquarius is here to assist us with our visions and associations as we map out the year ahead, and she has brought along some inspiring companions.

The first mover and shaker of this cycle is Jupiter’s reentrance into self-oriented, instigative Aries on January 22nd. Jupiter’s job is to expand and amplify the energies it touches, and Aries insists that we break new ground. Favorably aligned with feisty Mars and the Sun in inventive Aquarius, the desire to boldly ditch the herd to blaze trendsetting trails will be practically irrepressible. Then, on February 3rd, when Mercury ventures into unorthodox Aquarius, our thinking will become highly original and those new frontiers brighter and more enticing. Aquarius is after all ruled by erratic and revolutionary Uranus. Still under the influence of that new Aquarius moon of February 2nd, Mercury’s presence in eccentric Aquarius, in combination with the Mars, Sun and Jupiter placements, will charge the air with electricity, passion and exciting new ideas.

Fully prepared to restore law and order, should that become necessary, will be a sober and stern Saturn in Libra, the sign of partnerships and fairness, and ruthless Pluto in grounded Capricorn. Jupiter’s reentry into Aries after all, reignites that famous T-Square, and Uranus is set to join the action on March 11th when it also reenters Aries. Saturn in Libra will directly oppose Jupiter (and then Uranus). And like a cosmic referee, sitting 90 degrees apart from both sides, Pluto is set in pragmatic Capricorn. With Venus also moving into the austere earth sign on February 4th, a healthy balance should be able to be struck between the radical impulses hellbent on rebellion and the forces devoted to fair play and the common good and the preservation of useful institutions and productive endeavors.

To fuel our nobler Aquarian aspirations, on February 8th wounded healer Chiron enters Pisces for the beginning of a seven year voyage. If we learn empathy from pain, then life’s slings and arrows deepen our understanding and compassion. Chiron beckons us to remember our hurts, but not for the sake of erecting yet another altar to Victimhood. Its aim is to teach us empathy and to assist us with healing and personal growth. In the sign responsible for assimilating our lessons in the cause of unity and integration, Pisces, we see the richest expression of Chiron’s purpose. Best-selling astrology authors Rick Levine and Jeff Jawer describe the Chiron through Pisces transit this way.

“Its association with forgiveness while in compassionate Pisces reminds us that blame only perpetuates our problems. This isn’t about avoiding the truth; it’s about the power of unconditional love as a healing force that releases others and ourselves from the past.”

Now there’s a wavelength to be on in 2011. Associated with the 11th House of astrology, one of Aquarius’s other sphere’s of influence is friends and associations. This makes perfect tense in the context of future-building. For as gifted and astute astrologer Steven Forrest points out, “Friends reflect our goals.” When surrounded by supportive energies, our aspirations are strengthened and energized. In turn, and in true Aquarian fashion, we gladly share our love and support to buoy the world around us. The Chiron through Pisces transit will assist us in choosing healthy relationships so that the energies of giving and receiving are in greater balance. So, back to that initial question; what is on your mind? Just notice it during the cycle ahead. The Aquarian energies on hand can help us refine our ideas, align with like energies and take those first brave steps into the future.



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