Sun Into Leo 2012: We Have Ignition

Eric Meyers, M.A. is the author of “The Astrology of Awakening” and “Elements & Evolution” and a full-time astrologer.  To buy Eric’s books or to reach him for a private consultation, visit his website. He was kind enough to guest write this article.  Eternal gratitude to you Eric!

The Sun enters Leo, sign of the Lion, emblematic of the charismatic and creative regality of the Sun itself. The eternal choice that Sun/Leo asks us is: Are we going to claim our specialness as our own, or are we humble enough to see that we can only borrow Spirit’s brilliance? Leo can display a puffed-up ego, or we can use the inspiration of our Source energy to create a more enlightened village. Grandiosity or grandeur — is our choice. For the next month, we are reminded of the energetic abundance of this universe.

At the start of the Leo passage, the planets Uranus, Pluto and Mars are in a edgy dynamic (T-square) — and the violence in Syria and at the Batman movie in Colorado are just 2 examples of it. During this month, Mars is applying to, and conjunct, mature and sober Saturn. We are being called to behave responsibly, to direct our intentions and behaviors with greater focus and precision. How can we rise to greater stature as leaders? The Uranus/Pluto square invites revolution and reformation, and it takes the work of individuals to make that happen.

After 4 months in Gemini (due to the recent retrograde), Venus finally moves to Cancer on 8/7. We can take everything we learned from the busyness and fascination of Gemini and send it through the filtering process of the heart. With this centeredness in the self, we are being invited to connect with others (Venus) from our heart center. Take some time to share how you really feel towards the important people in your life.

This sharing of the self is supported with Mercury turning direct on 8/8 in expressive Leo. For 3 weeks, we have been gathering all of our ideas together internally, reviewing and reevaluating how our minds work. Now, it’s time to share our discoveries and put them into creative expression. Who would you be if you could spontaneously express yourself, your joy, your razzle-dazzle?

On 8/17, there’s a Leo New Moon — another chance to renew our grandeur. Though the Sun will move to Virgo soon after the 17th, this cycle begins with the roar of the Lion. The next task is to earth the creative impulses into form, to make projects which reflect its majesty. Take a moment on the New Moon to declare how you wish to partner with the universe, and watch the seeds mature and grow. We do live in interesting and destabilizing times. The astrology this month asks us to get in touch with our essential humanness and participate in the world even if it appears challenging…especially so.

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