Forecast Nov 22-28, 2021: The Autumn Of Our Discontent

Everything is relative. Following the past month of escalated Scorpio intensity, the coming week doesn’t look so bad. In fact, it even has a few sweet spots. Those include the Moon’s visits to soothing Cancer and thoughtful Virgo. On the whole though, the infectious optimism of the Sagittarius Sun is still struggling to gain momentum. This week’s biggest obstacle will come from an ornery Leo Moon that will be presiding over the Thanksgiving holiday. On Wednesday night however, before things heat up, the early Leo Moon will meetup with the Sag Sun to greet Mercury as it arrives into sunny Sag. Popping out to mingle with friends, during one of the week’s high points, might be as good as the celebrations get. Thursday’s hard aspects to the Moon, from no less than Mars, Saturn and Uranus, are positioned to trigger eruptions, with only the slightest of provocation. Translation: if you want to enjoy the holiday meal, don’t bring up politics. On Friday, that embattled Leo Moon will oppose excessive Jupiter, just as shoppers are faced with skyrocketing prices and empty store shelves. Add a hostile square from agitating Mars, and fights and looting become real possibilities. Further zapping holiday spirits, both Mercury and Jupiter are associated with travel. The Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius Sun, along with Mercury, could expand travel disruptions.

Thinly disguised as “sickouts”, (federally illegal) protests by pilots and airline workers against vaccine mandates and travel passports have been impacting travel in America for the past few months. Over this critical weekend, those battles could heat up or weather problems may wreak havoc. In Sagittarius, nimble Mercury is at its detriment, leaving travelers fewer options. Those who hit the road instead are unlikely to fare much better. Crowded highways and rising gas prices are bound to bring irritation levels to a pitch.

Those living outside of the U.S. can of course completely escape the strife surrounding 2021’s Thanksgiving and Black Friday rituals. But the eclipses of November 19th and December 4th are making their presence felt across the planet. Whether on the Polish/Belarusian border or in Uganda, reverberations from the first and pressure from the incoming eclipse are in effect. So, back to those easier going lunar transits. Despite oppositions from Venus and Pluto, the Cancer Moon will present opportunities for nurturing and care-taking early in the week. And on Friday night, the Moon will enter patient Virgo. After two mild squares from the Sun and Mercury, it will receive ongoing support throughout the weekend. This includes trines from Venus, Uranus and Pluto and a sextile from Mars. Practical, unassuming Virgo has the zodiac’s best stash of calm and clarity. Given this week’s challenges, the Moon’s Virgo visit may be one of its finest assets, and a very pleasant aspect for closing it out.

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