Forecast Jun 10-16, 2019: The Curious Cases Of The Quincunxes

Jupiter & Neptune are cleaning house

This week embodies the essence of 2019’s Gemini Sun run. In my latest video, I covered the mounting and massive Jupiter square to Neptune and its context of the mutable t-square series, and I promised to write about all of the quincunx alignments taking place now. There will be another post about the big square later this week, and in fact I wrote about the whole series back in January when the first square happened. With four quincunxes in the works for this week, it’s time to take a look at them, too. Technically, the term refers to planets that are exactly 150 degrees apart. Practically, this puts the planets in both unlike elements and unlike modalities. This angle is quite distinct from the other angles we encounter in astrology. For instance, trines always occur in the same element, such as water, squares always involve the same modality, such as cardinal or mutable, and of course conjunctions are at the same spot, creating complete agreement. The quincunx is not necessarily problematic, but it suggests that the planets finding themselves 150 degrees apart will have a hard time understanding one another. Let’s look at a few examples happening this week.

The Gemini Sun will quincunx Saturn in Capricorn on Monday and Pluto in Capricorn on Thursday. Gemini is mutable air while Capricorn is cardinal earth. Gemini takes a light and breezy approach to life and Cap is ambitious and serious. So as these quincunxes form, we may feel a little perplexed. Do we head out to hang out with friends to enjoy a warm late spring evening or do we put in a few extra hours at work? On Friday Mars in Cancer will quincunx Jupiter in Sagittarius. This one is cardinal water at odds with mutable fire. Some strong, old emotional pain may well up, motivating us to stay home to process all of those hurt feelings. Simultaneously Jupiter in Sag will enthusiastically shower us with a wanderlust to travel and explore or the urge to play a team sport. Volleyball anyone? As you can see, the planets are not arguing so much as they are not working from the same framework. For us mere mortals, figuring out which way to go may be more challenging than usual. Add the backdrop of the year’s next Jupiter square to Neptune becoming exact on Sunday, the torrent of mutable t-squares and the building full moon, and we may find this week challenging to navigate clearly. Best look; have a plan and remain oh so flexible.

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