2019’s Second Jupiter Square To Neptune

Oh Snap! It’s back. 2019’s second Jupiter square to Neptune is exact on Sunday, and the skies have changed quite a bit since their first standoff back in January. At that time a Capricorn stellium put the cosmic focus on goals, hard work and achievement. So January’s Jupiter Neptune run-in was pointing out where excesses and escapism are undermining our ability to accomplish what we set out to do. This time, we are in the midst of a barrage of mutable squares, including several of the extra intensive t-squares. This context gives greater resonance to the larger square and it will extend the range of its reverberations. That’s because the moon, Sun, Mercury and Venus are making the same challenging angles as the bigger planets are and they are doing it over a prolonged period, one that stretches from late May through late June.

Squares tend to force issues to a head, and mutable signs are all about release and change. They clear out what is no longer helpful in order to prepare us for what is incoming (cardinal beginnings). So at this time we may be coming to terms with a loss, finding it necessary to let go of someone or something significant or being forced to make dramatic changes. Now that we’re reaching both midyear and our second Jupiter square to Neptune, looking back to January’s New Year’s resolutions may be instructive. Are we on track? What isn’t working any longer? What adjustments are we willing to make to stay on course? What are we still deeply committed to? The final battle between these two powerful planets takes place in September. So we’ll have one more opportunity to rededicate ourselves to our 2019 intentions. For now, Jupiter and Neptune are checking in. These two very spiritual, big picture perspective planets can clarify current priorities in the wider context of our paths, and the

For more info on this series, check out my post about the first one from January 2019. And if you would like some insight on how this is impacting your natal chart, and life, by all means, contact me to schedule a reading.

Forecast Jun 10-16, 2019: The Curious Cases Of The Quincunxes

Jupiter & Neptune are cleaning house

This week embodies the essence of 2019’s Gemini Sun run. In my latest video, I covered the mounting and massive Jupiter square to Neptune and its context of the mutable t-square series, and I promised to write about all of the quincunx alignments taking place now. There will be another post about the big square later this week, and in fact I wrote about the whole series back in January when the first square happened. With four quincunxes in the works for this week, it’s time to take a look at them, too. Technically, the term refers to planets that are exactly 150 degrees apart. Practically, this puts the planets in both unlike elements and unlike modalities. This angle is quite distinct from the other angles we encounter in astrology. For instance, trines always occur in the same element, such as water, squares always involve the same modality, such as cardinal or mutable, and of course conjunctions are at the same spot, creating complete agreement. The quincunx is not necessarily problematic, but it suggests that the planets finding themselves 150 degrees apart will have a hard time understanding one another. Let’s look at a few examples happening this week.

The Gemini Sun will quincunx Saturn in Capricorn on Monday and Pluto in Capricorn on Thursday. Gemini is mutable air while Capricorn is cardinal earth. Gemini takes a light and breezy approach to life and Cap is ambitious and serious. So as these quincunxes form, we may feel a little perplexed. Do we head out to hang out with friends to enjoy a warm late spring evening or do we put in a few extra hours at work? On Friday Mars in Cancer will quincunx Jupiter in Sagittarius. This one is cardinal water at odds with mutable fire. Some strong, old emotional pain may well up, motivating us to stay home to process all of those hurt feelings. Simultaneously Jupiter in Sag will enthusiastically shower us with a wanderlust to travel and explore or the urge to play a team sport. Volleyball anyone? As you can see, the planets are not arguing so much as they are not working from the same framework. For us mere mortals, figuring out which way to go may be more challenging than usual. Add the backdrop of the year’s next Jupiter square to Neptune becoming exact on Sunday, the torrent of mutable t-squares and the building full moon, and we may find this week challenging to navigate clearly. Best look; have a plan and remain oh so flexible.

Forecast Jun 3-9, 2019: Time To Prioritize

Venus moves into Gemini as the mutable t-square takes shape

A new Gemini moon begins a week that will see Mercury and Venus change signs, as well as our first full encounters with the incoming mutable t-squares. Like last week’s start, the moon in a mutable sign will contribute to the escalating tensions among the planets in mutable signs. Something important is shaking loose. While the year’s second Jupiter square to Neptune builds to its June 16th crescendo in the background, Mercury will slip into emotional Cancer, joining provocative Mars and the North Node, and Venus will step into the mutable fray on Saturday when she moves into Gemini. Over the weekend a Virgo moon will force some of these tensions to a head as the Gemini Sun squares Neptune in Pisces and prepares to oppose Jupiter in Sagittarius on Monday. Prioritize now and know when to let go.

Here It Comes

Mercury set to square Neptune and oppose Jupiter

Well, if the Pisces moon we had early in the week didn’t sound any intuitive alarms, informative Mercury is about to turn up the volume.  On Wednesday, the 29th, it squares gargantuan Neptune and on Thursday, the 30th, it opposes larger-than-life Jupiter.  These aspects occur under the blunt and direct force of an Aries moon.  Examining, and where necessary, curbing our excesses is a key topic throughout the current Gemini Sun cycle.  This week the winged Messenger of the Gods is giving us a taste of what’s about to unfurl.  This Gemini solar run features the year’s next Jupiter Neptune square, the day before a Sagittarius full moon, as well as the pressure of a multitude of mutable t-squares.  Jupiter, in its lower expression, is the would-be-king who is full of hot air, and Neptune, at its worst, presides over oceans of self-delusion and next level checking out.  If we’re living beyond our means, engaging in costly addictions and distractions or simply failing to get our act together, Mercury is about drop some truth on us.  One of the more valuable traits of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) is their adaptability.  Nimble and flexible, they know when to let go and when to change plans.  If we can make the appropriate decisions and adjustments this week, we’re in for a much smoother ride over the coming weeks, and months.  Remember, Mars is on course for confrontations with Saturn and Pluto in June and reality-checking Saturn, the ringed planet of limitations, is on track for a friendly connection to Neptune mid-month.  If we let Mercury help us clarify our priorities now, austere Saturn will be along shortly to reward our focused efforts.  So, get mindful and be prepared to move like a Ninja.

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Forecast May 27-June 2, 2019: The Fortuitous Pisces Moon

Pisces Moon
A sweet, innocent Pisces moon starts a lot of commotion

The week starts with a fortuitous Pisces moon, which, in its inimitable way, is showing us both the challenges and strengths unfolding in the current Gemini Sun cycle. On Monday alone, this Pisces moon will square Mercury and Jupiter, conjoin Neptune and sextile Venus, Saturn and Pluto. Later in the week Mercury, home in Gemini, will square Neptune and oppose Jupiter, and Venus, home in Taurus, will sextile Neptune before trining Saturn on Friday and powerful Pluto on Sunday. The intuitive Pisces moon that begins the week is acting like our internal early detection system, psychically scanning our fields for raw intel. Informed by the spiritual data, we can navigate the inbound turbulence and get well-positioned for the week’s extra bountiful aspects. A few quincunx aspects will throw some wonkiness our way. But for groovy Pisces, the weirder the better. Be sure to tune into the cosmic messages downloading on Monday and Tuesday. They are offering the vision that can guide us to soul-level riches far beyond the present week.

Neptune Trine The North Node: Time For Reflection

Behind the busy scenes of the Sun and Mercury jumping into chatty Gemini, a much subtler and more impactful aspect is taking shape. Neptune in Pisces creates a supportive trine to the North Node in Cancer late Tuesday night. This connection gives us both some relief from the ongoing and more direct Pluto and Saturn oppositions to the North Node and the ability to gently release what is no longer needed, Unlike the fast-paced inner planet transits, the influence of this trine lasts for at least two to three weeks, if not months, on either side of its exact connection point. Gently dissolving hard lines to facilitate the soul’s growth is what you may be experiencing internally. So, while the world outside might get carried away with Gemini chatter, you may be guided to unplug and spend some alone time. Meditating on your life’s next big steps is being supported by the spiritual and agreeable combination of Neptune and the North Node.

Surfing the Psychic Waves Into the Water Trine


My friend Kristina Walsh recently invited me onto her fabulous show “Surfing the Psychic Waves” to talk about the upcoming water trine. Lots is in the forecast and you can catch her show on Soundcloud here

Thanks to her and everyone at Soundcloud for making it all work!

Sun Into Gemini 2013: Messages From the Matrix

The Sun’s entrance into curious, affable Gemini, at 2:09 P.M. PST on May 20th, falls into the larger context of the third evolutionary Pluto Uranus square.  While social Gemini’s spirit of inquiry and celebrated acumen will be in robust supply,  mainly thanks to Mars, the 2013 cycle will come with a distinct undertow.  That’s due to a series of upcoming water transits and trines involving Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Neptune in the immediate forecast, and Jupiter’s looming shift from chatty Gemini to sensitive Cancer in late June.  Adding to the intuitive pull inward are the forming Grand Water Trine of July 17-19th and the Grand Sextile of July 29th.  Even Gemini’s witty ruler Mercury is in on the liquid conspiracy; the trines and squares the trickster forms next foreshadow the larger tale about to be told by giant Jupiter over the coming year.
 During the upcoming cycle we’ll be influenced by two strong motives, Gemini’s desire to explore and gather information about our world and Cancer’s need to establish emotional security and define our familial role within it.  Rather than a cliche argument between logical Gemini and emotional Cancer; this is a cosmic invitation to identify and decipher the messages our Gem thoughts and Cancer feelings are sending us.  If we are the nerve endings of a larger matrix connecting everything, then inventory and evolution should be our highest priorities.

     Two of the planets in key points of the grid in the Sun cycle and year ahead are Mercury and Jupiter.  Mental Mercury will be in receptive Cancer from May 31st to August 8th, and its retrograde will last from June 26th through July 20th.   On June 10th, the winged one will cross 13 degrees of Cancer, the shadow point of the retrograde.  As explained in the Gemini 2011 edition of the Oracle, Mercury is the planet that travels closest to the Sun and is therefore the one most closely aligned with our identity or ego.  That is not a bad thing in and of itself.  However, the relationship becomes problematic when we use the mind to mine our environment exclusively in search of the data that supports only our story.  In his ground-breaking book “The Astrology of Awakening” author Eric Meyers keenly observes that we express the planets in their egoic and awakened states.  About Mercury, he shares the following: 


     “It’s necessary for us to use the mind to achieve a sense of order, a prime concern of the ego.  We have named and categorized everything according to our limited ideas and frameworks.  The mind has projected itself on the world and we have all believed it to be true.  But few stop to realize how relative this all is.  When we quiet the mind’s chatter, we can receive from the matrix. … Thinking is secondary to being.” 

      Jupiter is completing its Gemini transit and preparing for a year-long stay in Cancer that begins on June 25th.  Eric offers the following insights on Jupiter’s egoic and awakened styles of expression.

    “Jupiter potentially bolsters our self-interests, but can fall prey to the notion that having more (money, popularity, status, adventure) is always preferable to having less.  As a consequence, we might make unwise, possibly detrimental or immoral, decisions to see to this grandiose priority.  … The more awakened response to Jupiter is to set a course that continues outward, away from self-preoccupation, towards the transpersonal.”


June 8, 2013


    Jupiter conjuncts Mercury May 27th, Venus the 28th, the Moon June 9th and the Sun on the 19th before leaving Gemini on the 25th.  Those of you who follow astrology closely will note that when Mercury and then Jupiter enter Cardinal Cancer, with Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, Cardinal T-Crosses will be established.  Like gateways, the squares and oppositions involving the Cardinal signs signal celestial occasions to move beyond thresholds and live in radically new ways.  As the Gemini cycle dawns we find ourselves at an exact Pluto Uranus square, the third of the seven taking place between 2012 and 2015.  Mercury is poised to wade into the water that Jupiter will occupy through July of 2014.  And while the two form those provocative squares to rebellious Uranus and oppositions to destructive Pluto, the Cancer placement also puts them in positions that form agreeable water trines with Saturn and Neptune.   This indicates a cycle that will mix inquiry with innovation.  

    Some key inquiry dates in the immediate forecast include June 3rd when Mercury trines Saturn and Neptune,  June 7th when Venus trines Saturn and Neptune and June 11th when Saturn and Neptune trine.  Cardinal pops, offering opportunities to try on new perspectives and try out new strategies, include June 7th and 8th when Mercury opposes Pluto and squares Uranus, June 11th and 12th when Venus opposes Pluto and squares Uranus, and June 20th when Mercury and Venus are conjunct and the Sun heads into Cancer.  Into this lively setting, Gemini’s adaptable nature, and seasonal mandate for closure, will support our ability to release and change.  Making the messages from the matrix crystal clear,  aggressive Mars will transit the mutable air sign from May 31st to July 13th.  From there, it and the Sun will form contentious squares to Neptune, giving further insight into what is no longer needed.  Characteristically, in Gemini the planets are talking.  The degree to which we are willing to listen and let go is the degree to which we will successfully navigate the tidal waves on the horizon.  With water comprising 60% of our body weight and covering 71% of our planet, it’s time to dive in.

For more insight on these trends, please listen to my interview with Kristy Ayala on her radio show, “Kristy’s Connection to the Soul”.  For those of you wanting to receive posts regularly.  Here is my RSS feed:  https://elizabethsoracle.co/?feed=rss


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