2019’s Second Jupiter Square To Neptune

Oh Snap! It’s back. 2019’s second Jupiter square to Neptune is exact on Sunday, and the skies have changed quite a bit since their first standoff back in January. At that time a Capricorn stellium put the cosmic focus on goals, hard work and achievement. So January’s Jupiter Neptune run-in was pointing out where excesses and escapism are undermining our ability to accomplish what we set out to do. This time, we are in the midst of a barrage of mutable squares, including several of the extra intensive t-squares. This context gives greater resonance to the larger square and it will extend the range of its reverberations. That’s because the moon, Sun, Mercury and Venus are making the same challenging angles as the bigger planets are and they are doing it over a prolonged period, one that stretches from late May through late June.

Squares tend to force issues to a head, and mutable signs are all about release and change. They clear out what is no longer helpful in order to prepare us for what is incoming (cardinal beginnings). So at this time we may be coming to terms with a loss, finding it necessary to let go of someone or something significant or being forced to make dramatic changes. Now that we’re reaching both midyear and our second Jupiter square to Neptune, looking back to January’s New Year’s resolutions may be instructive. Are we on track? What isn’t working any longer? What adjustments are we willing to make to stay on course? What are we still deeply committed to? The final battle between these two powerful planets takes place in September. So we’ll have one more opportunity to rededicate ourselves to our 2019 intentions. For now, Jupiter and Neptune are checking in. These two very spiritual, big picture perspective planets can clarify current priorities in the wider context of our paths, and the

For more info on this series, check out my post about the first one from January 2019. And if you would like some insight on how this is impacting your natal chart, and life, by all means, contact me to schedule a reading.

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