Sun Into Virgo 2014: Power Station

     Mutable, service-oriented Virgo is not the sign we typically associate with power. Initiating Cardinal signs like assertive Aries and ambitious Capricorn, or determined Fixed signs like firm Taurus and Pluto-ruled Scorpio, usually come to mind long before the mild-mannered earth sign. In part this is due to cultural conditioning that has mislead us into regarding values like love and peace as signs of weakness, instead of strength. Further, we’ve been lead to think of masculinity and its aggressive characteristics as being more powerful than femininity and its communal qualities. Phrases like “dog eat dog” and “survival of the fittest” have infiltrated our collective psyche and distorted our perceptions. One tap of any news app shows us how much damage these misconceptions are reeking: war, economic inequality and environmental abuse are threatening our very extinction. 2014’s Virgo cycle concludes with Pluto stationing to turn direct on September 21st, the United Nations Day of International Peace. Between now and then we are being called to redefine how we think of and use our power. Courtesy of Mercury, we’ll also be given a cosmic emotional intelligence evaluation. At the same time, Mars will energize new pathways and possibilities. As noted in my article of 2010, the constellation Virgo is home to the mythological Goddess Astraea. She was the last Olympian deity to leave earth and its inhabitants as they plunged into their self-created darkness of greed, war and competition. She desperately wanted to help humankind restore the world to a perfect state. The cycle ahead will give us the chance to immerse ourselves in the thoughtful, healing essence of astrology’s altruistic sixth sign.

     In 2014, all three Mercury retrogrades involve the planet of thinking and communication moving from a water sign backward into the preceding air sign. The Pisces/Aquarius retrograde took place from February 6th-28th and the Cancer/Gemini one take place from June 7th-July 1st. The next one begins on October 4th with Mercury at two degrees of the fixed water sign Scorpio. By October 25th it will have traveled all the way back to 16 degrees of the Cardinal air sign Libra. This is important for the cycle ahead because Mercury will first reach 16 degrees of Libra on September 14th. If either of this year’s previous Mercury retrogrades effected you significantly or your chart is heavily influenced by Mercury, preparing for the next one now is a good idea. You can check your chart to see which planets and houses fall in the signs of Gemini and Virgo because both are ruled by Mercury. Also look to see where your natal Mercury is. If it’s in a water or air sign, especially Libra or Scorpio, you may be more impacted by the coming retrograde than others. But universally, water represents the emotions and air represents our thinking, so we can all benefit for this one.


New Virgo moon with Saturn and Mars conjunction.

New Virgo moon with Saturn and Mars conjunction.


     This year’s theme of bringing our feelings to the surface for analysis, review and revision is clear, and this final retrograde will give us yet another chance to resolve the issues our emotions call our attention to. To underscore the cosmic mandate to decode the messages that our emotions are sending us, this retrograde will take place during the year’s second set of eclipses. The first set took place in the midst of the Grand Cardinal Cross and during the last Pluto/Uranus square. This time, under shamanic Scorpio’s influence, our emotions are likely to feel their most intense, yet simultaneously the Libra aspect will be working to restore equilibrium and inner peace. Paradoxically, one of the clearest indications that we are actually on track is the experience of discomfort. Esther Hicks describes this energetic disturbance as a contrast wave, merely our awareness of what we want instead of the present reality we are experiencing. She says that once we understand that, we can appreciate its meaning and make needed the changes. One emotion that is particularly good at getting our attention is anger.

     Astrologically, anger is associated with Mars. The planet of war takes two years to travel through the zodiac, a cycle that correlates to our development. Can you say terrible twos? Much like the temper tantrums thrown by children, our conflicts need love, patience and wisdom. Instead of repressing anger, or any of the uneasy emotions, the cycle ahead is asking us to cradle them with the same compassion we naturally give to the innocent and vulnerable. Mars is also our inner call to action. Coincidentally the red planet will move into Sagittarius on September 13th, the day before Mercury hits the shadow point of its next retrograde, and it will be there until October 26th, the day after the retrograde ends. Hopeful, inspirational Sagittarius shows us possibilities. Symbolized by the Archer’s bow, the optimistic fire sign points to the horizon and directs us toward solutions. Couple that with Martian courage, energy and enterprise, and you begin to see the value in uncovering and clearing blockages while taking action toward your heart’s desires. To round out this Virgo Sun cycle, Pluto stations to turn direct on September 21st. Another source of celestial fuel, Pluto imparts the gift of transformation. It will be powering up as we head into the autumn. With fresh analysis and motivation, we can plot the coordinates on our map to a happier and more peaceful future. The celestial recharge begins now.

     “You now allow yourself to experience your power. Being powerful is safe for you, knowing that you express your power with love. You have all of the power of your Creator within you! All the power of Divine love, wisdom and intelligence is available to you. You have the spiritual power to see angels and the future. You have intellectual power to tap into the universal wisdom of the One Mind. You have emotional power to empathize with others, and physical power that is truly unlimited. The angels ask you to give them any fears you may have connected with being a powerful person. Your angels see a quiet and beautiful aspect of your true power streaming from the only power in the universe: Divine love. Allow yourself to shine with this radiant love, so that your true power can radiant out into the world in miraculous ways.” Dr. Doreen Virtue, Ph. D.

Sun Into Leo 2014: Roar And Shine

     On July 22nd at 4:41 P.M. MST the Sun enters courageous, confident Leo. Annually this signals a celebratory cycle when rays of enthusiasm, joy and vitality flow freely from the very source of our solar system and life, the Sun. What makes 2014’s solar homecoming extra vibrant is that abundant Jupiter, our solar system’s second biggest celestial body, has also recently rolled into the charismatic fixed fire sign, for a year-long stay. In the context of Saturn gaining forward momentum and Mercury and Mars past their retrograde shadows and picking up steam, the forecast is indeed sunny and optimistic. But if a plot line is to be genuinely compelling, it needs a good antagonist. Contentious Mars and obstinate Saturn have been cast for those parts. On July 25th Mars will move into fixed, intense Scorpio, where alongside Saturn, it will square the planets traveling through lively Leo, cooling intemperate tendencies and issuing the reality checks. Whether you are sitting back to watch the show, writing your own script or feeling like the Oscar-winning director of your own life story, the cycle ahead will be filled with new opportunities and plenty of entertainment.

     Co-starring in this month’s blockbuster are the Sun and Jupiter. Together in dramatic Leo, these powerhouse planets will enliven and expand our endeavors. The Sun is after all, the gravitational center of our solar system and our source of life. But a few billion years back, Jupiter came very close to becoming a star in its own right. It opted for becoming hefty enough to hold 1,330 earths, having sixteen moons revolve around it and turning into our solar system’s second largest energy supplier. Not a bad gig if you can get it. From ancient to modern times, it has symbolized good fortune, success and benevolence. Who doesn’t want some of that? Combined with the regal radiance of playful Leo, the celestial stage is set for a year filled with positive possibility. Where in your life are you ready to take a leading role? What projects are ready for their debuts? The silver screen is lighting up now, and a cast of cosmic characters are waiting in the wings to support you.


New Leo Moon

     The first supporting role will be played by the new Leo moon on July 26th. By the time this one is full on August 10th, it will be one of this year’s SuperMoons. Would a Leo settle for anything less? Setting a clear intention as this one dawns is the surest way of manifesting your heart’s desire. After all, Leo rules the heart. Getting into the act next will be nimble Mercury, which makes its Leo run from July 31st to August 15th. Bolstered by Jupiter and the Sun, this transit will give us the chance to think big and express boldly. Turning up the volume and star power, magnetic Venus will join the leonine tour de force on August 12th. Her run will last until September 5th. This Jupiter/SunVenus trio suggests ideal conditions for attracting new relationships or spicing up existing ones. Cheering the star-studded Leo cast and us on, possibly into celestial overdrive, will be rambunctious Uranus, who will beam surprises from passionate Aries. Even in retrograde mode, this innovative force will find good company amongst its feisty and fiery planetary companions. The extra energy will likely prod and push us to abandon routines, experiment and play to new audiences. Uranus will form exact trines with Mercury and the Sun on August 8th, the same day that the Sun and Mercury conjoin. Further out, it will trine Venus on August 25th and Jupiter on September 25th. In the immediate forecast, look for lucky Jupiter hookups with Mercury on August 2nd and Venus on August 17th-18th. Bright lunar transits of Sagittarius, August 5th-7th. and Aries, August 13th-15th round out this ring of fire. But this all-star cast won’t be without its critics.

     As Luke Skywalker needed Darth Vader and Harry Potter needed Lord Voldemort, to grow Leo requires her nemesis. She’ll find him in Scorpio. There Mars and Saturn will be waiting to challenge the Sun’s self-centeredness and Jupiter’s excess. First aggressive Mars will rival the royal players when he forms squares to the new moon on July 26th, Jupiter on August 1st and Mercury on August 2nd. Next, and more significantly, restrictive Saturn will be putting the smack-down on Jupiter influenced exuberance when he squares that new Leo moon, Mercury on August 8th and the Sun on August 9th. Though Saturn will not square Venus until August 26th, the day after an exact meeting with Mars, and the battle royal with Jupiter will not heat up until the autumn, these early Mars and Saturn skirmishes will give us some indication of the issues we need to surmount during the coming year. Where do our excesses get us into trouble? Where, as Casey Kasem might have phrased it, do we need to keep our feet on the ground as we reach for the stars?

     Dreams born in the fires of Jupiter in Leo and forged by the mettle of Saturn in Scorpio. can build a foundation that will sustain us, and our happiness, for the next twelve years, Jupiter’s cycle. At its worst Leo is immature, selfish and autocratic, and at its worst Scorpio is vindictive, obsessive and ruthless. Jupiter expands and sees what’s possible while Saturn constricts and sees soberly. Under the aforementioned squares, the skies, and plot, could turn very, very dark. What are we and our hero to do? Like Simba, Leo can access its enormous heart and act with its signature courage and generosity for the greater good. Scorpio can mead out its candor with watery compassion. We can pour our enthusiasm into manageable tasks. The full Aquarius moon of August 10th at 19 degrees of Aquarius and the August 1st Venus trine to Saturn and Chiron can show all of us how to integrate the best of these aspects. Jupiter will be in Leo until August of 2015 and Saturn will not leave Scorpio for good until the following month. Their friction between them will intensity this fall before dropping off for the winter, but their exact square will occur in August of 2015. The Lion Kings and Queens among us will now begin learning how to manage, fuse and master these conflicting forces, and create the lives of their dreams. Let the Sun shine!



Sun Into Cancer 2014: Turning The Tide

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     If the past seven months to a year have served up more than your share of intensity, delays or dilemmas, take heart; we are set for a celestial turning point. The cycle ahead will host both a release of planetary tensions and a coalescing of new and progressive energies. The pivotal figure in this cosmic play is none other than the king of planets, Jupiter. Its move from the Cardinal water sign Cancer into the Fixed fire sign Leo on July 16th not only begins the disintegration of the Gand Cardinal Cross, but also strengthens a decisive elemental shift in the heavens. Additionally, Mercury will end a seven-month-long series of personal planet retrogradation when is stations on July 1st, Saturn will turn direct on July 20th and Mars will move past the shadow of its retrograde late in the cycle. Our journey through this tidal change begins at 4:51 A.M. MST on June 21st when the Sun enters Cancer.

     Back in April four planets met at fourteen degrees of each Cardinal sign, and that event was bookended by two powerful eclipses. Since then, those four planets have begun to move further apart, lessening the tension between them. For most of us, a noticeable decline in drama should be taking place. During the incoming cycle, one of those four players, Jupiter, will leave the cross for good, and by late July, another key cross component, Mars, will also move from a Cardinal to a Fixed sign. Then the once formidable Grand Cardinal Cross will be reduced to an inexact Pluto Uranus square. For now Pluto is powered down in its annual retrograde and electrifying Uranus set for its yearly unplug starting on July 21st. Those two powerhouse planets will form their final two exact squares between now and March of 2015. But for the time being, the only points of Cardinal contention in the offing are a Mars opposition to Uranus on June 25th, the Sun’s opposition to Pluto on July 4th and its squares to Uranus July 8th and Mars on July 18th and the full Capricorn moon’s opposition to the Sun on July 12th. Even in those uncomfortable conflicts, there is cosmic wisdom to be gleaned. For example, in his book “The Astrology Of Awakening” Eric Meyers shares the following about constructively working with the polarity of sober Capricorn and emotional Cancer.

     “Capricorn involves maturation – taking a sober look at the state of things and complying with reality. Since the past is the past, it is unrealistic to attempt to go back and change what happened. Therefore, the most logical and strategic plan (Capricorn) is to completely accept reality. Then we can legitimately become the master (Capricorn) of our emotions (Cancer) instead of being unconsciously and reactively driven by them.”


Jupiter enters the fixed fire sign of Leo on July 16 for a transit that will last until August 2011.

Jupiter enters the fixed fire sign of Leo on July 16 for a transit that will last until August 2011.

     Mercury’s retrograde through July 1st, with its Neptunian retrograde undertow, will give us time to revisit unresolved emotional issues. Once direct in social, cerebral Gemini, accompanied by attractive Venus, it will offer new information, contacts and ways of seeing our circumstances. Finally, under that full Capricorn moon, Mercury will move into Cancer, a combination that suggests that the emotional maturity needed to make peace with the past is at hand. Also supporting emotional resolutions during this cycle will be Neptune, Saturn, Chiron and Cancer’s ruler, the moon. In nurturing Cancer, the Sun will trine Neptune on June 29th, Saturn on July 8th and Chiron on the 9th. Also from Cancer, Mercury will trine Neptune on July 18th. These linkups offer opportunities to listen with your heart and to act in ways that foster peace and well-being within yourself and with others. The new Cancer moon of June 27th as well as the lunar transits of fellow water signs Scorpio from July 6th-8th and Pisces from July 14th-16th, will also give us time to reflect, feel and heal. But the days of introspection are numbered.

     Jupiter’s move from watery Cancer to fiery Leo not only breaks up the Grand Cardinal Cross, it also rebalances the planetary elemental mix. With Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter’s year-long Cancer transit has lent considerable weight to the earth and water, or yin, elements of astrology. During most of that time the lunar Nodes were also in the earth and water signs of Taurus and Scorpio. With the Nodes now firmly on the Aries/Libra, or fire/air, axis and Uranus midway through Aries, Jupiter’s move to the fire element broadens the yang or outgoing influence. Later this year Saturn will enter astrology’s third fire sign, Sagittarius, putting an important planet in each fire sign. In short, we’re moving out of contemplation and into action, and the cycle ahead is when changes begin to take form. So, enjoy soaking up care-giving Cancer rays and get ready for your moment in the Sun.

Sun Into Gemini 2014: Setting The Stage

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     We’re finally entering the last phase of 2014’s exceptionally long retrograde series. This cycle, it’s mischievous Mercury meandering backwards. But, instead of shaking your fists in consternation or throwing your hands up in the air in exasperation, relax. The coming Sun through Cancer and Leo cycles, when Mercury and Saturn turn direct and abundant Jupiter makes its grand entrance into dramatic, generous Leo, will see the stage curtain rise and the spotlight begin to shine upon you and your endeavors. The Gemini cycle we are now entering is ideal for putting those finishing touches on projects and making those last minute tweaks before showtime. The Sun in observant Gemini and mental Mercury’s retrograde are here to offer you a dress rehearsal. And to be sure we have our act together, another provocative Cardinal Cross is heading our way.

     As most of you know, since December 21, 2013 we’ve had one personal planet after the other going retrograde, only to turn direct and pass the cosmic backwards baton to the next personal planet. Venus was retrograde in Capricorn from December 21st to January 31st. Then Mercury went retro from February 6th-28th from Pisces back into Aquarius. No sooner had he/she started moving forward did Mars start marching backwards in Libra, from March 1st through May 19th. Now Mercury is at it again as it prepares for its second retrograde of the year from June 7th through July 1st from Cancer back into Gemini. So, if you’ve felt like the projects you’ve been trying to get off of the ground have been, well, grounded, it has been in the ethers. But all of the effort you’ve been putting in will soon pay off because the best part of 2014 is yet to come. For now, the Sun is moving into articulate, social Gemini, at 8:59 P.M. MST on May 20th, and the days ahead promise to be as productive as they are fun.



     As this Sun cycle gets underway, motivating Mars has just come out of it’s nearly-three-month-long slumber. In the instigating air sign Libra, the sign of justice, beauty and balance, the planet of action will nicely align with the Gemini Sun for the next 30 days and Mercury while it travels through the mutable air sign. The winged one will be in Gemini from May 7th through 29th and June 17th through July 13th. Mars will build more momentum under the new Gemini moon of the 28th, the Libra moon of June 6th-9th and the Aquarius moon of June 15th-17th. Another very favorable aspect occurring at the start of this cycle is the final Jupiter Saturn water trine that will be exact May 24th. We won’t have another Jupiter in Cancer water trine to Saturn (next time in Pisces) until November 2025. So soak up this cosmic combination of possibility and practicality. You can bring your dreams to life, and these two powerhouses, now placed in intuitive water signs, can show you how.

     So what happened in your life during the month of April? If two eclipses and the full Grand Cardinal Cross left you with unfinished business, you’ll have another chance to take care of it. Though the intensity level will have simmered down a few notches, some more Cardinal conflict will take place following the June 12-13th full moon. This cycle’s hotspot, the full moon will see Venus in Taurus in direct opposition to Saturn in Scorpio, and two days later intent Mars will square evolutionary Pluto. Helping you choose your battles wisely will be nimble Mercury, reviewing the facts and information in Gemini. On the 19th, the Messenger will meet up with the Sun, offering us an extra dose of clarity. Until then, what do we do with the loose ends that over six consecutive months of retrogradation have inevitably left most of us with? Think big. Think about where you want your life to go in 2014 and beyond, how you want to look and feel by Winter Solstice and what you would like to have happen between then. By clearly seeing your way forward now, with clever Mercury at your side, harmonious air sign collaborations and a soothing water sign trine in the mix, you can make the choices and changes needed to get there.


Sun Into Taurus 2014: On Solid Ground

For an audio report on this cycle, please listen to an interview on “Kristy’s Connection To The Soul“.

Some of 2014’s biggest fireworks are officially underway, But as we enter the heart of the Grand Cardinal Cross, the Cosmos is also serving up some of the year’s most stable and abiding energy. Counteracting the chaos of the Cross are celestial reserves of peace, resolve and security, and sensuous, resourceful Taurus has arrived to guide us to them. The Sun enters the fixed earth sign of Taurus at 9:56 P.M. MST on April 19th under a Cardinal Capricorn moon. On the 20th expansive Jupiter squares erratic Uranus and opposes powerful Pluto. On the 21st the fifth of seven seismic Pluto Uranus square occurs. On the 22nd contentious Mars squares Jupiter and on the 23rd it opposes Uranus and squares Pluto. Are you already feeling the friction? By the weekend of the 26th the moon moves into instigating Aries to set off a few more days of Cardinal clashes, as it prepares for a solar eclipse on the 29th. How these energies will play out personally and globally is unique to each set of circumstances. For some it will be the time when long-standing grievances escalate into all out war. For others, aspects like Uranus in spontaneous Aries will bring unexpected news and one-of-a-kind opportunities. For most, it is a significant step forward. Paradoxically, applying these initiating forces requires a look back.

Many of the planetary players activated during the Cross began stirring things up back in late December of 2013. Four months into the new year, we’re being reminded to revisit the resolutions and intentions we set for 2014 and beyond. Now we can make necessary revisions to them and further them along. If this sounds like the language of those pesky Mercury retrogrades, it is. But the winged one isn’t the culprit here. The planets in review mode during the cycle ahead are heavenly heavyweights Mars, Saturn and Pluto, and they are some of astrology’s strongest and shadowiest figures. The collective resonance of this group will help, or force, us to slow down, something the Bull of Taurus appreciates. So on one hand we have the provocative Cross prodding us into action, and on the other, the malefics and Pluto imposing measure. Then again, as I cautioned back in December, this 7-month retrogradation period is one of 2014’s hallmarks.


The Grand Cardinal Cross 2014. Note Mars, Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter all at 13 degrees.

The Grand Cardinal Cross 2014. Note Mars, Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter all at 13 degrees.

The key to navigating these sometimes conflicting currents of action and reservation lies in the water signs, and in Pisces in particular. From the sign of intuition and integration, Neptune, Chiron and Venus (until May 2nd when it enters Aries) will inform us. The call of our inner voice will be present and unmistakable throughout the Taurus cycle. The Pisces trio will make harmonious connections with Saturn and Jupiter, also in water signs, giving gut feelings added gusto. In general the planets in water signs will form supportive aspects with those in earth signs. For example, Neptune and Chiron will sextile the Sun, Moon and Mercury while while they journey through rooted Taurus, and Jupiter in Cancer will sextile the new moon of the 29th, Mercury on the 30th and the Sun on May 6th. Further, the planets in earth signs, Pluto, the Sun, Moon and Mercury (until May 7th) will bring their practicality and determination to the table. Some keep dates for these earth sign meet ups include the 25th when Mercury and the Sun are conjunct, the 29th when Mercury trines Pluto under the new Taurus moon, and May 3rd when the Sun trines Pluto. These are 5-star grounding meditation days and occasions when holding on to what we truly value is important.

But standing our ground won’t be easy in the days ahead. In addition to the ground-breaking impulses coming from the Cardinal Cross, some fixed sign tensions are also on the horizon. Like their name implies, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius hold the energies of their respective elements of earth, fire, water and air. Restrictive, retrograde Saturn in Scorpio will oppose Mercury, the new Moon and the Sun in Taurus. And the lunar transits through Aquarius and Leo will form squares to Taurus and Scorpio. These fixed sign frictions can complement the Cardinal Cross drive to get issues out in the open and to handle them in new, healthy ways. The insightful and grounding alignments of the planets in water and earth signs will play a huge role in determining how well we manage the provocative energies we are set to walk through. Astrology’s Bull, strong and centered, now stands in our midst. He teaches us to slow down and to move through the world firmly, with placidity and peace.

Sun Into Aries 2014: Playing With Fire

For an audio report on the incoming cycle, please listen to an interview on “Kristy’s Connection To The Soul“.

     As 2014’s Grand Cardinal Cross takes shape, perceptible tensions build. In part this is due to the contentious nature of crosses, a configuration that is made up of oppositions and squares. Another contributing factor is the planets that constitute the cross. In this case, they include Mars, Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter. Lastly, the modality of the signs that form the cross must be taken into consideration. In 2014, that means understanding the provocative and instigating nature of cardinal signs. Taking a broad look at the astrology of 2014, and of this spring in particular, can help us put the Cross, which includes the 5th Pluto Uranus square, into perspective. Clearly attuned to and firmly aligned with a greater purpose, we can harness and apply the initiating and fiery energies before us. To set the stage for the April 20-24 Grand Cardinal Cross, the Sun moves into invigorating, instigating Aries on March 20th at 10:57 A.M. MST.

     Bold and brash, Aries casts off the cold and gray of winter as it ushers in the season of renewal and revitalization. Accordingly, this Mars-ruled sign drives, pushes and motivates. On its journey through unflappable, activating Aries, the Sun will hit all four of the Grand Cardinal Cross points. On April 1st it squares Jupiter in Cancer, on the 2nd it conjoins Uranus in Aries, on the 3rd it squares Pluto and on the 8th it opposes Mars in Libra. Also, Mercury enters Aries on the 7th. So note what shows up during the first week of April because these issues and opportunities are part and parcel of the Grand Cross. Another key period begins on April 14th when Mercury conjoins Uranus and squares Jupiter and Pluto, Pluto stations to go retrograde and the moon arrives in Libra to prepare for the total lunar eclipse on April 15th.

     The first of 2014’s eclipses, this one will be visible in North America, and it involves the lunar nodes now positioned along the Aries (South Node) Libra (North Node) axis. The nodes describe our history and future. In this context, they not only add to the mounting pressure of the Grand Cardinal Cross, they also compel us to integrate personal desires with collective needs. How do we share our unique talents and gifts with others? How do singular actions impact the whole? This is also a cosmic challenge to match beliefs (Jupiter) with actions (Mars). The other noteworthy aspect about this eclipse and the total solar eclipse of April 28-29 is that they bookend the Cross.


     So, as the Sun transits from peaceful, Pisces to audacious Aries we will feel the unfolding friction and can begin putting passion into practice. The changes don’t have to be harsh or abrupt. Mercury will occupy poetic Pisces until April 7th and two days earlier Venus enters the holistic sign for a month-long stay. From there, the two will blend with Neptune and Chiron also in Pisces, Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio. Their harmonious water trines will offer intuitive insight as the conflicts created by the coming squares arise and intensify. Can you say guided action? Further, we are all descendants of the original fire or Big Bang. We have made deliberate choices on a soul level as to why we came to planet Earth at this time. The Aries fire being lit now can reacquaint us with our core essence and individual missions. That fire will be stoked by Jupiter’s year-long transit through fixed fire sign Leo, starting in July, and Saturn’s three-year journey through mutable fire sign Sagittarius, beginning in December. Those of you who follow astrology closely will recognize July as the point during 2014 when we emerge from the extended period of personal planet retrogradation. So as the cosmic breaks come off, the creative fires will be fanned further. It all starts this Equinox. This Aries Sun asks us to look out onto the horizon, to feel the excitement of new possibilities before us and to courageously step into them. 



Sun Into Pisces 2014: Wade In The Water

      Sensitive, artistic and spiritual, Pisces is ruled by mystic Neptune and connects us with life’s enchanted side. Under its mutable, watery influence we gravitate toward the intangible and intrinsic. While its presence normally signals a time to slow down, take stock and prepare for the new astrological year, 2014 has several notable exceptions. First, for most of the cycle Mercury will be stimulating loads of mental activity from electric Aquarius. Even though the winged-one comes out of retrograde on February 28th, it doesn’t mellow out until March 17th when it goes into Pisces. Also on the retrograde front, Mars and Saturn begin heading backwards on March 1st and 2nd respectively. Mars will be in reverse gear through Libra until May 19th and Saturn will be revisiting Scorpion territory until July 20th. Other important planetary changes during this cycle include the lunar nodes moving to the Aries Libra axis on February 19th for an 18-month visit and Venus finally leaving Capricorn, after a four-month stay, on March 5th when it enters Aquarius. But the cycle’s most dramatic aspect is scheduled for February 25th when expansive Jupiter in Cancer squares erratic Uranus in headstrong Aries under a Capricorn moon. Part of April’s building exact cardinal cross. this is a titanic battle that will be waged on Neptunian seas. For navigational guidance, tune in. After all, source energy is flowing from integral, intuitive Pisces.

Full Moon March 16, 2014



The Sun, and much later Mercury, join Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, and these planets will make several water trines to Saturn in Scorpio and Jupiter in Cancer. Significantly, many of these connections will occur while the moon also moves through the water signs. Emotional and insightful tides will run high on February 20th when the moon links up with Saturn and trines Neptune and Jupiter, the 23rd when the Sun conjoins Neptune, the 28th when the moon conjoins Neptune and the Sun and moon trine Jupiter, March 13th when the Sun trines Saturn and March 19th when the moon trines Mercury. Whether it’s smooth sailing or rolling in the deep will depend on our perspective, perceptions and intentions. And that’s where and when gifts of holistic Pisces come in handy. At its best, Pisces turns down the volume on distraction and static so that we can tune into a deeper awareness. Under its meditative and medicinal influence, we can get clear on what is truly of value and receive the guidance we seek. So, though this will not be a quiet Pisces cycle, it is one with ample space for reflection, resolution and release. Swim nicely!


Sun Into Scorpio 2013 – Heart Music



The Sun is heading into astrology’s fixed water sign where the planets are assembling for some of 2013’s strongest cosmic activity.  You can listen to a detailed astrology report featuring author Eric Meyers here

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Sun Into Libra 2013 – Audio Report


The 2013 Libra cycle begins on the Equinox at 4:44pm EST.  It will be host some full Cardinal cross action and it will be filled with lots Scorpion influence.  The full report is on Kristy’s Connection To The Soul.  Here’s a chart of the full Aries moon eclipse due October 18th, 2013.  Please sign up for my free newsletter for more information and a key date guide.

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Sun Into Taurus 2013: Revealing, Feeling & Healing

Special thanks to author and friend Kristy Ayala for her inspiration for this month’s article title.

     During the recent Pisces and Aries cycles, most of astrology’s personal planets, including Venus, Mercury and Mars, hung close to the Sun, magnifying the energies of those Sun signs and cycles.  The essence of those Sun cycles was further amplified by the presence of influential outer planets; Neptune has been transiting Pisces and Uranus Aries.  Looking back a little further, we might even say that Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, added a larger dimension to that Sun cycle, and that Pluto’s presence in Capricorn added extra fuel to that time.  Now the Sun is set to enter grounded, earthy Taurus, at 3:03 P.M. PST on April 19th.  Again Venus, Mercury and Mars will be close by, and like with the preceding cycles, we can see the moon’s South Node, also in Taurus, poised to intensify the scene.  But 2013’s Taurus cycle comes with a twist.  While much of the inner cosmos clusters around the South Node in patient, reliable Taurus, Saturn, the moon’s North Node and a full moon solar eclipse oppose them from destructive Scorpio.  Finally, 2013‘s run with the Bull will culminate with the next Pluto Uranus square on May 20th.  Any enduring Tauresean tranquility that we hope to attain from this cycle will be doled out in direct proportion to the truth and love we are willing to experience and express throughout the unfolding days.

     What’s love got to do with it?  Quite a bit according to Venus and the South Node.  The planet symbolizing love, Venus is transiting Taurus from April 15th through the new moon and solar eclipse of May 9th.  The South Node describes the past and is presently in review mode, or retrograde, in Taurus.  From there it will connect with the Sun, Venus, Mercury and Mars over the coming weeks.  In fact, the South Node will play a big role in all three of the coming eclipses.  Pluto and Saturn are also retrograde at this time.  This is a celestial directive to scour the past in search of love and to heal.  On the bright side, we can practice recalling the people we love and the experiences that have brought immense joy into our lives.  This remembrance of love infuses the present and extends our light into the future.  On the dark side, we will be confronted by present pain rooted in the past.

     The North Node points the way forward.  Presently it is in shamanic Scorpio with unyielding Saturn.  Before we reach the next evolutionary phase, or Pluto Uranus square, ringed, restraining Saturn will insist that we master some lessons.  In purifying Scorpio, it will oppose Venus on April 22nd, the Sun on the 28th, Mars on the 30th and Mercury on May 5th.  These can be occasions for further denial or trigger points for release.  April 25th, with its full Scorpio moon and solar eclipse, is another powerful portal for making peace with the past and seeding the future.  How have we interpreted our negative experiences?  Can we possibly now view the old circumstances from new perspectives?  Even in cases of clear and definite violation, what is the responsible path to justice?  The hand of the Divine was always at work in them. Can we find the love?



May 9, 2013

     Echoing the cosmic cleanup call will be Pluto, Lord of Transformation.  It will trine Venus on April 24th, the Sun on May 1st, Mars on May 5th and Mercury on May 6th.  Like Saturn, it will insist on honest, forthright answers.  Creative Neptune and healing Chiron, in holistic Pisces, will also help guide our passage through unfinished business.  They are part of the forming Grand Water trine, a point when our feelings will play a strong role in our perception of life.  While they inform us, we are not our emotions.  They are an invitation to inquire.  Our work is to delve beneath their surface for the truth, and to heal what is not love.  Lastly on the water front, this year’s (water sign) Scorpio cycle will see both another Uranus Pluto square, on November 1st, and another Scorpio eclipse, on November 3rd.  They are the astrological complement to the work we begin now.

     Following Aries annual fireworks, the Sun’s entrance into placid, peaceful Taurus is usually a welcome relief.  The fierce and feisty energies of the Ram’s cycle settle into the stable and sturdy territory of the Bull.  In the Northern hemisphere, we marvel as the natural world returns to life, bountiful and boundless.  A sense of serenity is restored.  The 2013 Taurus cycle is more challenging than usual and will conclude dramatically with the next Pluto Uranus square.  This three-year-cycle is a gateway to ascension.  Reflecting on nature’s abiding ability to start afresh and to flourish is the starting point.  The stars are aligning to help us reconcile the past as we intone the future.  The critical question here and now is do we want to hold on or move on, and its answer is love.


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