On Inauguration Day With Love


Welcome to the launch!  Thank you very much for visiting my new site.  It has taken time to develop and I had no idea that this beautiful Harvest Moon would be inauguration day.  But Divine Time and Order are always much wiser than I.  This sea theme has been coming through for quite a while now, long before I understood it rationally.  With age, I’ve learned to trust and follow my guidance.  I sincerely hope that you enjoy the new look.

As an astrology columnist, the planet influencing my new direction most is probably Neptune, the planet said to rule the oceans.  Presently it is traveling through the water sign Pisces.  Their combined magic is the territory of art, imagination and integration, and their truth is intuitive and heart-centered.  This transit, intent on strengthening our interconnectedness, lasts through 2025.  It also coincides with Uranus’ transit of Aries that will last until 2018.  Emanating from a high octave of celestial communication, Uranian energy in dynamic Aries explores and innovates.  In short, this is an extremely creative and exciting time to live and work in the world of technology.

Next there is the healing aspect that I hope to affirm through my work here. As you can see, sea life are starring in this show. After the 2010 BP spill, a powerful group of leaders from the self help/spiritual community got together to host teleconferenced healing sessions for the Gulf.  On these calls, they discussed the impact our consumption has on the oceans.  So did an independent film that I just happened to watch called ”Bag It.”  Tracing the life of a single plastic bag lead its director to the Pacific Garbage Patch.  So the dolphin, whose name is George, the whale, turtle, butterfly fish and seal are here to help all of us connect with the instinctual love we have for them.  These days, I continue to experience what I like to call convenience store epiphanies.  I see shelves lined with bottled beverages, and ask myself if I really need to use the plastic they come in for so little time.  When TSA policies necessitate buying drinks in the airport, I’ve begun to look for the companies who work with recycled material.  And I notice the packaging used by manufacturers before I make a purchase. These are baby steps to be sure.  In time and with love, they make a difference.  I hope the loving wisdom of these ancient Ones from the sea will inspire others, too.

The decision to work with the ocean motif solidified as my father died this spring.  He sailed the Atlantic for twenty years as he worked his way up from what they used to call a mess boy to a yacht captain.  The turquoise hues of my native subtropical Florida and the Bahamas we visited will always be with me. If sanding, varnishing, painting and cleaning boats in the torturous South Florida heat was what it took to feed his family, that’s what my father did.  He spent three years in Amsterdam while one of the yachts he worked on was built.  While there, he visited the Van Gogh Museum.  He later told me that the paintings brought tears to his eyes.  Until the fatigue from cancer wore down his mental acuity, he insisted on watching CCTV , the English language news channel from China.  His curiosity about this world and concern for the many and different people in is something I’ll always remember.  Now I stand at the helm.  The eight acres in the sandy hills of North Carolina where he retired to and that I could always fall back on are behind me.  I wish he were here.  But it’s time to set sail.  I will see him in the stars.

Thank you to graphic artist Lisa Burkhart, the technical crew at Men With Pens, Skashi at Pixel Press and my very special group of Lightworking friends and colleagues. Kristina, Julie, Eric, and Kristy. thank you for your support and professional endorsements of my work.  They mean so much to me.  Thank you to the close friends who have been there every step of the way.  I wouldn’t have made it to this point without you.  Most especially thank you to my customers.  I am eternally grateful and fortunate to be of service to you.


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