Sun Into Capricorn 2014-15: Rational Exuberance

   As the Sun enters conservative Capricorn, a very special new moon stellium takes shape, Saturn prepares to change signs for the first time in over two years, and disruptive, rowdy Uranus comes out of retrograde.  Things get underway at 4:03 P.M. on December 21st when the Sun enters the Cardinal earth sign.  There it will meet up with Venus, Mercury and powerful Pluto.  Two hours later, a new Capricorn moon strengthens this stellium.  Themes of longevity, endurance and ambition are Capricorn’s hallmarks, so this is a five-star day to contemplate the year ahead and to make firm decisions, plans and commitments.  Ceremony is also a excellent choice on this very special new Winter Solstice moon.  What would you like to see happen most in the coming 365 days, personally and globally?  What about the next three years?

     With Capricorn’s ruling planet Saturn set for a Sagittarius transit that will last until December 2017, the dawning Sun cycle will open negotiations between optimism and realism.  On December 23rd Saturn enters the mutable fire sign of Sagittarius.  With the brief exception of a retrograde back into Scorpio from June to September in 2015, Saturn will remain in Sag until December 19, 2017.  Where Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius is hopeful and expansive, sober Saturn is pragmatic and restrictive.  Sagittarius has high-minded ideals and dreams big, and Saturn imposes form and accountability.  Integrating these two forces won’t be easy.  With Saturn, nothing ever is, and that’s kind of the point.  The loftiest of aspirations require boots on the ground implementation.  Saturn provides the discipline and structure to manifest the visionary.

Winter Solstice 2014 With Capricorn Stellium

Winter Solstice 2014 With Capricorn Stellium

   The axiom “As above, so below” is a good one to keep in mind as we journey through this transit.  Under global Sag, it will be applied to our stated principles, philosophies and ideals, Sag’s turf.  If a cosmetics company says that it is against animal cruelty, but agrees to animal testing as a condition of doing business in China, it will be called out on it.   Correspondingly, once we know about the unsavory business practices of our favorite brands, our personal ethics will be tested.  If we say that we believe in clean oceans, we’ll continue to be confronted by data showing us how our use of plastics is clogging them up.  If we say that everyone deserves access to clean water, Saturn will challenge us to create real mechanisms for delivering it.  This cosmic imperative to quite literally “practice what we preach” will only strengthen in the coming three years.  It aligns strongly with the Uranus Pluto squares that conclude next March and the ongoing Pluto journey through institutional Capricorn, from 2008-2024.  Presently at twelve degrees, that transit is only now beginning to reach phase two in power and intensity.  Remember, The American Revolution arose under the previous Capricorn through Pluto transit of 1760-1778, with the battle at Lexington not taking place until Pluto reached 26 degrees.  Tensions steadily mounted for well over a decade as Pluto strengthened in the sign of government, systems and commerce.  As Capricorn’s ruling planet, Saturn will support Pluto’s honesty and resolve to reform.  Spirited, confident Sagittarius will provide, and fuel, the inspiration for change.  

    With Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Leo, Saturn in Sag places a major planetary player in every fire sign.  Together the three bodies form a loose Grand Fire Trine.  Fire represents the element of spirit, and as such is the motivation behind everything that comes into form.  This combination will be in place for the first six months of 2015, and a regular trine will be reignited between Saturn and Uranus in September.  Sagittarius correlates to 9th house issues such as long-distance travel, religion and higher education.  The last Saturn transit of Sag ended in late 1988, the year before the world wide web was invented.  This will be the first time we’ll experience Saturn in Sag with a grid for global connectivity and communication firmly in place.  This time revolutionary, electrifying Uranus is in audacious Aries.  Under this Saturn Uranus combo, messages and movements can spread like wildfire on the grid and on the ground.  Ideas like Heroic Imagination can be part of a substantive, sustainable solution.  By the end of 2015 the North Node and Jupiter will be in Virgo, the sign of daily routines, details, health and service.  This is a further call to fuse the micro into the macrocosm and the macro into the microcosm.  Now, under austere Capricorn skies, we begin walking our talk.


Sun Into Taurus 2014: On Solid Ground

For an audio report on this cycle, please listen to an interview on “Kristy’s Connection To The Soul“.

Some of 2014’s biggest fireworks are officially underway, But as we enter the heart of the Grand Cardinal Cross, the Cosmos is also serving up some of the year’s most stable and abiding energy. Counteracting the chaos of the Cross are celestial reserves of peace, resolve and security, and sensuous, resourceful Taurus has arrived to guide us to them. The Sun enters the fixed earth sign of Taurus at 9:56 P.M. MST on April 19th under a Cardinal Capricorn moon. On the 20th expansive Jupiter squares erratic Uranus and opposes powerful Pluto. On the 21st the fifth of seven seismic Pluto Uranus square occurs. On the 22nd contentious Mars squares Jupiter and on the 23rd it opposes Uranus and squares Pluto. Are you already feeling the friction? By the weekend of the 26th the moon moves into instigating Aries to set off a few more days of Cardinal clashes, as it prepares for a solar eclipse on the 29th. How these energies will play out personally and globally is unique to each set of circumstances. For some it will be the time when long-standing grievances escalate into all out war. For others, aspects like Uranus in spontaneous Aries will bring unexpected news and one-of-a-kind opportunities. For most, it is a significant step forward. Paradoxically, applying these initiating forces requires a look back.

Many of the planetary players activated during the Cross began stirring things up back in late December of 2013. Four months into the new year, we’re being reminded to revisit the resolutions and intentions we set for 2014 and beyond. Now we can make necessary revisions to them and further them along. If this sounds like the language of those pesky Mercury retrogrades, it is. But the winged one isn’t the culprit here. The planets in review mode during the cycle ahead are heavenly heavyweights Mars, Saturn and Pluto, and they are some of astrology’s strongest and shadowiest figures. The collective resonance of this group will help, or force, us to slow down, something the Bull of Taurus appreciates. So on one hand we have the provocative Cross prodding us into action, and on the other, the malefics and Pluto imposing measure. Then again, as I cautioned back in December, this 7-month retrogradation period is one of 2014’s hallmarks.


The Grand Cardinal Cross 2014. Note Mars, Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter all at 13 degrees.

The Grand Cardinal Cross 2014. Note Mars, Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter all at 13 degrees.

The key to navigating these sometimes conflicting currents of action and reservation lies in the water signs, and in Pisces in particular. From the sign of intuition and integration, Neptune, Chiron and Venus (until May 2nd when it enters Aries) will inform us. The call of our inner voice will be present and unmistakable throughout the Taurus cycle. The Pisces trio will make harmonious connections with Saturn and Jupiter, also in water signs, giving gut feelings added gusto. In general the planets in water signs will form supportive aspects with those in earth signs. For example, Neptune and Chiron will sextile the Sun, Moon and Mercury while while they journey through rooted Taurus, and Jupiter in Cancer will sextile the new moon of the 29th, Mercury on the 30th and the Sun on May 6th. Further, the planets in earth signs, Pluto, the Sun, Moon and Mercury (until May 7th) will bring their practicality and determination to the table. Some keep dates for these earth sign meet ups include the 25th when Mercury and the Sun are conjunct, the 29th when Mercury trines Pluto under the new Taurus moon, and May 3rd when the Sun trines Pluto. These are 5-star grounding meditation days and occasions when holding on to what we truly value is important.

But standing our ground won’t be easy in the days ahead. In addition to the ground-breaking impulses coming from the Cardinal Cross, some fixed sign tensions are also on the horizon. Like their name implies, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius hold the energies of their respective elements of earth, fire, water and air. Restrictive, retrograde Saturn in Scorpio will oppose Mercury, the new Moon and the Sun in Taurus. And the lunar transits through Aquarius and Leo will form squares to Taurus and Scorpio. These fixed sign frictions can complement the Cardinal Cross drive to get issues out in the open and to handle them in new, healthy ways. The insightful and grounding alignments of the planets in water and earth signs will play a huge role in determining how well we manage the provocative energies we are set to walk through. Astrology’s Bull, strong and centered, now stands in our midst. He teaches us to slow down and to move through the world firmly, with placidity and peace.

Sun Into Aries 2014: Playing With Fire

For an audio report on the incoming cycle, please listen to an interview on “Kristy’s Connection To The Soul“.

     As 2014’s Grand Cardinal Cross takes shape, perceptible tensions build. In part this is due to the contentious nature of crosses, a configuration that is made up of oppositions and squares. Another contributing factor is the planets that constitute the cross. In this case, they include Mars, Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter. Lastly, the modality of the signs that form the cross must be taken into consideration. In 2014, that means understanding the provocative and instigating nature of cardinal signs. Taking a broad look at the astrology of 2014, and of this spring in particular, can help us put the Cross, which includes the 5th Pluto Uranus square, into perspective. Clearly attuned to and firmly aligned with a greater purpose, we can harness and apply the initiating and fiery energies before us. To set the stage for the April 20-24 Grand Cardinal Cross, the Sun moves into invigorating, instigating Aries on March 20th at 10:57 A.M. MST.

     Bold and brash, Aries casts off the cold and gray of winter as it ushers in the season of renewal and revitalization. Accordingly, this Mars-ruled sign drives, pushes and motivates. On its journey through unflappable, activating Aries, the Sun will hit all four of the Grand Cardinal Cross points. On April 1st it squares Jupiter in Cancer, on the 2nd it conjoins Uranus in Aries, on the 3rd it squares Pluto and on the 8th it opposes Mars in Libra. Also, Mercury enters Aries on the 7th. So note what shows up during the first week of April because these issues and opportunities are part and parcel of the Grand Cross. Another key period begins on April 14th when Mercury conjoins Uranus and squares Jupiter and Pluto, Pluto stations to go retrograde and the moon arrives in Libra to prepare for the total lunar eclipse on April 15th.

     The first of 2014’s eclipses, this one will be visible in North America, and it involves the lunar nodes now positioned along the Aries (South Node) Libra (North Node) axis. The nodes describe our history and future. In this context, they not only add to the mounting pressure of the Grand Cardinal Cross, they also compel us to integrate personal desires with collective needs. How do we share our unique talents and gifts with others? How do singular actions impact the whole? This is also a cosmic challenge to match beliefs (Jupiter) with actions (Mars). The other noteworthy aspect about this eclipse and the total solar eclipse of April 28-29 is that they bookend the Cross.


     So, as the Sun transits from peaceful, Pisces to audacious Aries we will feel the unfolding friction and can begin putting passion into practice. The changes don’t have to be harsh or abrupt. Mercury will occupy poetic Pisces until April 7th and two days earlier Venus enters the holistic sign for a month-long stay. From there, the two will blend with Neptune and Chiron also in Pisces, Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio. Their harmonious water trines will offer intuitive insight as the conflicts created by the coming squares arise and intensify. Can you say guided action? Further, we are all descendants of the original fire or Big Bang. We have made deliberate choices on a soul level as to why we came to planet Earth at this time. The Aries fire being lit now can reacquaint us with our core essence and individual missions. That fire will be stoked by Jupiter’s year-long transit through fixed fire sign Leo, starting in July, and Saturn’s three-year journey through mutable fire sign Sagittarius, beginning in December. Those of you who follow astrology closely will recognize July as the point during 2014 when we emerge from the extended period of personal planet retrogradation. So as the cosmic breaks come off, the creative fires will be fanned further. It all starts this Equinox. This Aries Sun asks us to look out onto the horizon, to feel the excitement of new possibilities before us and to courageously step into them. 



Sun Into Libra 2013 – Audio Report


The 2013 Libra cycle begins on the Equinox at 4:44pm EST.  It will be host some full Cardinal cross action and it will be filled with lots Scorpion influence.  The full report is on Kristy’s Connection To The Soul.  Here’s a chart of the full Aries moon eclipse due October 18th, 2013.  Please sign up for my free newsletter for more information and a key date guide.

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Sun Into Gemini 2013: Messages From the Matrix

The Sun’s entrance into curious, affable Gemini, at 2:09 P.M. PST on May 20th, falls into the larger context of the third evolutionary Pluto Uranus square.  While social Gemini’s spirit of inquiry and celebrated acumen will be in robust supply,  mainly thanks to Mars, the 2013 cycle will come with a distinct undertow.  That’s due to a series of upcoming water transits and trines involving Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Neptune in the immediate forecast, and Jupiter’s looming shift from chatty Gemini to sensitive Cancer in late June.  Adding to the intuitive pull inward are the forming Grand Water Trine of July 17-19th and the Grand Sextile of July 29th.  Even Gemini’s witty ruler Mercury is in on the liquid conspiracy; the trines and squares the trickster forms next foreshadow the larger tale about to be told by giant Jupiter over the coming year.
 During the upcoming cycle we’ll be influenced by two strong motives, Gemini’s desire to explore and gather information about our world and Cancer’s need to establish emotional security and define our familial role within it.  Rather than a cliche argument between logical Gemini and emotional Cancer; this is a cosmic invitation to identify and decipher the messages our Gem thoughts and Cancer feelings are sending us.  If we are the nerve endings of a larger matrix connecting everything, then inventory and evolution should be our highest priorities.

     Two of the planets in key points of the grid in the Sun cycle and year ahead are Mercury and Jupiter.  Mental Mercury will be in receptive Cancer from May 31st to August 8th, and its retrograde will last from June 26th through July 20th.   On June 10th, the winged one will cross 13 degrees of Cancer, the shadow point of the retrograde.  As explained in the Gemini 2011 edition of the Oracle, Mercury is the planet that travels closest to the Sun and is therefore the one most closely aligned with our identity or ego.  That is not a bad thing in and of itself.  However, the relationship becomes problematic when we use the mind to mine our environment exclusively in search of the data that supports only our story.  In his ground-breaking book “The Astrology of Awakening” author Eric Meyers keenly observes that we express the planets in their egoic and awakened states.  About Mercury, he shares the following: 


     “It’s necessary for us to use the mind to achieve a sense of order, a prime concern of the ego.  We have named and categorized everything according to our limited ideas and frameworks.  The mind has projected itself on the world and we have all believed it to be true.  But few stop to realize how relative this all is.  When we quiet the mind’s chatter, we can receive from the matrix. … Thinking is secondary to being.” 

      Jupiter is completing its Gemini transit and preparing for a year-long stay in Cancer that begins on June 25th.  Eric offers the following insights on Jupiter’s egoic and awakened styles of expression.

    “Jupiter potentially bolsters our self-interests, but can fall prey to the notion that having more (money, popularity, status, adventure) is always preferable to having less.  As a consequence, we might make unwise, possibly detrimental or immoral, decisions to see to this grandiose priority.  … The more awakened response to Jupiter is to set a course that continues outward, away from self-preoccupation, towards the transpersonal.”


June 8, 2013


    Jupiter conjuncts Mercury May 27th, Venus the 28th, the Moon June 9th and the Sun on the 19th before leaving Gemini on the 25th.  Those of you who follow astrology closely will note that when Mercury and then Jupiter enter Cardinal Cancer, with Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, Cardinal T-Crosses will be established.  Like gateways, the squares and oppositions involving the Cardinal signs signal celestial occasions to move beyond thresholds and live in radically new ways.  As the Gemini cycle dawns we find ourselves at an exact Pluto Uranus square, the third of the seven taking place between 2012 and 2015.  Mercury is poised to wade into the water that Jupiter will occupy through July of 2014.  And while the two form those provocative squares to rebellious Uranus and oppositions to destructive Pluto, the Cancer placement also puts them in positions that form agreeable water trines with Saturn and Neptune.   This indicates a cycle that will mix inquiry with innovation.  

    Some key inquiry dates in the immediate forecast include June 3rd when Mercury trines Saturn and Neptune,  June 7th when Venus trines Saturn and Neptune and June 11th when Saturn and Neptune trine.  Cardinal pops, offering opportunities to try on new perspectives and try out new strategies, include June 7th and 8th when Mercury opposes Pluto and squares Uranus, June 11th and 12th when Venus opposes Pluto and squares Uranus, and June 20th when Mercury and Venus are conjunct and the Sun heads into Cancer.  Into this lively setting, Gemini’s adaptable nature, and seasonal mandate for closure, will support our ability to release and change.  Making the messages from the matrix crystal clear,  aggressive Mars will transit the mutable air sign from May 31st to July 13th.  From there, it and the Sun will form contentious squares to Neptune, giving further insight into what is no longer needed.  Characteristically, in Gemini the planets are talking.  The degree to which we are willing to listen and let go is the degree to which we will successfully navigate the tidal waves on the horizon.  With water comprising 60% of our body weight and covering 71% of our planet, it’s time to dive in.

For more insight on these trends, please listen to my interview with Kristy Ayala on her radio show, “Kristy’s Connection to the Soul”.  For those of you wanting to receive posts regularly.  Here is my RSS feed:


Sun Into Aries 2013 – Breath Of Fire

After tripping through dreamy, contemplative Pisces for the past month, the planets are shifting gears.  At 4:02 A.M. PST on March 20th we will be roused from the cosmic slumber when the Sun joins feisty Mars and unpredictable Uranus in adventurous Aries.  The very next day alluring Venus echoes the celestial wakeup call when she also enters the domain of astrology’s Cardinal fire sign.  With Mercury newly emerged from its retrograde and heading into Aries, Jupiter fanning passionate Aries flames from airy Gemini and some intense Cardinal confrontations on tap, the dawning cycle promises to be a lively and enlivening one.  Driven, fearless and unflappable, Aries instigates the astrological new year and gives us the guts to take bold, decisive action.  2013’s Sun cycle is packing an extra punch courtesy of a Mars homecoming, and how and where we apply its force will make all the difference.  What is certain is the planetary mandate to get moving.

    What is standing between us and the lives of our dreams?  Mercury, still traveling through psychic Pisces until April 13th, will offer a few more insights.  But it’s assertive Mars who will push us past our limiting beliefs and champion our noble endeavors.  Like the Arthurian Sword of Light, Mars dispels illusions and shines light into darkness.  Its energy is direct and intent on conquest, and its presence will give us the power to slay dragons, real and imagined, for good and to live courageously.  The planet of action takes 687 to make it all the way around the zodiac, and its standing-room-only engagement with exhilarating Aries lasts only through April 20th.  It will meet up with unruly Uranus on March 22nd, charismatic Venus on April 6th and the revitalizing Sun on the April 17th.  These are the days to face and fully feel our greatest fears, and “just do it” anyway.  
    Adding an expansive aspect to the initiatives we undertake during this time will be optimistic Jupiter.  The plentiful planet is transiting broadcasting Gemini.  From there it will make harmonious hookups with Mars on March 26th, Venus on the 31st and the Sun on April 1st.  Jupiter will also lend an enthusiastic lift to the new Aries moon on April 10th.  These alignments encourage us to freshen up our image, step out beyond our comfort zone and extend our message to new audiences.  They favor website upgrades, profile makeovers, product launches and new social media opportunities, and their energies apply to professional and personal pursuits.  And while no other sign would like to strike it rich quickly as much as impetuous Aries, some serious Cardinal congestion suggests a more tempered approach to progress.



March 28, 2013

    Namely, honest, unyielding Pluto has settled into sober, austere Capricorn.  From this pragmatic place, the Lord of the Underworld will square Mars on March 26th, the full Libra moon on the 27th and Venus and the Sun on the 31st, before turning retrograde on April 12th.  All of that stands in the shadow of its next battle with Uranus on May 20th.  Pluto’s presence isn’t meant to dampen spirits as much as it is to instill substance.  If we have a solid, realistic plan and are willing to consistently work toward its fulfillment, 2013’s harvest (Pluto goes direct on September 20th) promises a bounty.  Cautious Capricorn enjoys earning its rewards, and audacious Aries loves to explore and improvise.  If we learn to draw upon their strengths, we can find a healthy balance, and have a lot of fun, along the way.  To set us in motion, the Sun has arrived in confident, sassy and irrepressible Aries.  From this point of pure, provocative inspiration, It’s time to head out on the trail we want to blaze the most..

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