Mars In Cancer: The Housecleaning Begins

Why so crabby? Mars enters Cancer

Aggressive Mars is known for stirring the pot, and agitating Cancer is astrology’s cardinal water sign. So every two years, when Mars comes for a visit, we expect emotions to be triggered and issues concerning home, family and domestic and emotional security to surface. And, Cancer’s penchant for nostalgia has a way of bringing up the past. 2019’s transit is no exception. In fact, this year’s Mars journey through Cancer is packing a much bigger punch than usual, and here’s why. The moon’s North Node and all of the inner planets will be traveling through Cancer when Mars is in the vicinity, the Mars transit ends the day before a solar eclipse in Cancer, most of Mercury’s next retrograde will take place in Cancer, and Saturn, Pluto and the moon’s South Node will oppose Mars, and the other planets in Cancer, from austere and equally intentional Capricorn. Things get underway when the Sun is in patient, compatible Taurus in mid-May. By early June Mercury will join Mars in Cancer, and from there the two will begin their oppositions to retrograding Saturn and Pluto. Those clashes will lead right up the Cancer Sun cycle and ensuing solar eclipse and Mercury retrograde in Cancer.

Mars In Cancer May 15th – Jul 1st
Mercury in Cancer Jun 4th – Jun 26th
Goes Rx Jul 7th (4 Leo)
Reenters Cancer Jul 19 – Aug 11th
Sun in Cancer Jun 21st – Jul 22nd
Cancer Solar Eclipse Jul 2nd
Venus in Cancer Jul 3rd – 27th
Saturn opposite N. Node Jul 4th
N. Node in Cancer Nov 6, 2018 – May 5, 2020

The key to navigating these turbulent waters is emotional integrity. Instead of allowing emotions to overtake us, into outbursts and other problematic reactions, we can examine our responses to their intensity. Why does someone make us feel that angry? What story are we telling ourselves about an incident from the past? How are we interpreting the present situation? Why are we so triggered? If we can trace these feelings back to their origins, as suggested by the Saturn, Pluto and Mercury retrogrades and South Node oppositions, we may well be able to resolve the underlying issues, reframe our current circumstances and clarify our direction ahead. The presence of Saturn and Pluto in this unfolding drama points to the severity of the situation and the degree to which we need to be brutally honest with ourselves, and others. That’s never easy, especially when it comes to messy, uncomfortable emotions, like anger. Ah, but that’s where the cosmic medicine lives.

Anger is Mars’ domain. The red planet has been associated with war for millennia, and to this day, its two-year transit correlates to the terrible twos stage of childhood development. Mars is all about throwing a tantrum, and sometimes, all manner of Hell is in dire need of being raised. Sometimes we’ve put up with something or someone for far too long or are way past the expiration date of taking our soul’s next step. Anger can be righteous. The tricky and critical piece of this volatile emotional puzzle is determining what needs to change. Is it internal or external? It’s not so much what we are battling against so much as it is what we are fighting for. Pluto is a significant part of this cosmic equation, and its mission is transformation. But, the powerful outer planet demands no less than the truth. Working alongside of it is sober Saturn, the ringed planet that also exacts a certain form of truth and enforces the law. Both are set to directly oppose Mars in mid June.

Mars opposite Saturn Jun 14th
Mars opposite Pluto Jun 19th

Parents (Saturn and Capricorn) often employ the “time out” (Saturn) technique when children (Cancer) are spiraling out of emotional control. Taking some time to pause and reflect upon what drives (Mars) us, our motives and desires, long before an emotional crisis provokes us, would be a beneficial endeavor during the Mars transit. Or if we’re caught off guard and the old emotions erupt, stepping away from the tumult long enough to consider our histories and options could be life-changing. If the impulses are coming from an unhealthy (unhealed) place, we can learn (Saturn) how to be our own best explosives specialist and carefully dismantle the internal bombs. Rendering them harmless frees us the inner turmoil they create and others from their fallout. If, on the other hand, a cause is just or it is indeed time to make big changes, Mars will inspire and energize us. Like the great warriors of the ages, we will take to our respective battlefields, with vigor and ferocity, and fight until our enemies are eliminated and all needed change is fully and irrevocably implemented. Remember, the South Node, Saturn and Pluto are presently residing in systemic Capricorn. From there, they signal that a major purge lies before us. The arrival of Mars into Cancer tells us that the housecleaning has begun.

Jul 1st Mars leaves Cancer
Jul 2nd Cancer solar eclipse
Jul 3rd Venus enters Cancer
Jul 4th Saturn opposes opposite N. Node in Cancer

Celebrating The Wheel On May 1st

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Trauma & Transformation

Saturn Opposite North Node
Apr 30th 20 Cap 31
Jul 4th 17 Cap 37
Sep 28th 13 Cap 59 & New Moon 5 Lib 20

Capricorn is the home sign of Saturn and Cancer the domain of the moon. Pluto is the planet of destruction and purification, and the lunar Nodes are indicators of the past (South) and future (North). Back on April 4th, Pluto, along with the South Node of the moon, formed an exact opposition to the North Node of the moon. Beginning on April 30th, Saturn and the South Node will begin a series of three oppositions to the North Node. Those will occur until early autumn and while both Saturn and Pluto are retrograde. Saturn, Pluto and the South Node are in the sign of Capricorn and the North Node is in Cancer. These signs are concerned with parenting and caregiving. Throughout 2019, the Capricorn/Cancer axis is especially active. In part, this is because three of the year’s four eclipses are taking place in Capricorn and Cancer, including a total solar eclipse in Cancer set for July 2nd.

What Pluto and the South Node began unearthing in early April will send powerful shockwaves over the next five months, if not throughout the remainder of the year. That Pluto goes retrograde on April 24th and Saturn on the 29th is a further indication that past deeds are bound to be revisited. In addition to the emphasis on the past created by nostalgic Cancer, the South Node connections and the retrogradation of both Saturn and Pluto, most of informative Mercury’s next retrograde in July will be spent in Cancer. Bookending all of these events, the year’s first eclipse, a solar one in Capricorn, took place on January 5th and its final eclipse, a partial solar one also in Capricorn, will happen on December 26th.

Pluto & Saturn Retrogrades
Apr 24th Pluto Rx 23 Cap 09
Oct 3rd Pluto dir 20 Cap 38
Apr 29th Saturn Rx 20 Cap 31
Sep 18th Saturn dir 13 Cap 55

Mercury Retrograde in Cancer/Leo
Jun 20th enters Rx zone 23 Can 57
Jul 7th Rx 4 Leo 28
Jul 31st direct
Aug 11th leaves Can
Aug 15th leaves Rx zone

There are multiple scenarios for how these alignments will play out, but there’s an unmistakable emphasis on trauma and transformation. And it’s about to intensify. In our personal lives, this is a time for healing childhood hurts and traumas and for resolving outstanding issues between parents and children. Saturn represents sobriety, reality and law enforcement, and Pluto frequents the Underworld and is one of the three society-shaping outer planets. In Capricorn, their focus is on systemic reform. Because Capricorn deals with banking, institutions and government, on the global stage, we’re likely to witness the exposure of child trafficking networks and their high-profile supporters. In short, a perfect storm is now underway, a storm intent on bringing dark to light.

Capricorn/Cancer Eclipses 2019
Jan 5th Solar Eclipse 15 Cap 25
Jul 2nd Total Solar Eclipse 10 Can 38
Dec 26th Partial Solar Eclipse 4 Cap 07

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