Forecast Feb 10-16, 2020: Got Clarity?

Mercury and Mars are this week’s proverbial movers and shakers. On Sunday the 16th Mars moves into industrious Capricorn and Mercury begins its next retrograde. No one likes a Mercury retrograde. They’re associated with delays, technical malfunctions and miscommunications. The expected snafus become even more confusing and consternating when most of the Mercury retrograde takes place in Neptune-ruled Pisces. Pisces is astrology’s mutable water sign. Its gentle, compassionate essence is associated with art, metaphysics and escapism. While these realms are conducive to spiritual practices and creative endeavors, they appear nebulous or “airy-fairy” to sharp-minded Mercury. Pisces is astrology’s poet, and Mercury its journalist. Finding an agreeable point on the spectrum between them will be our job, and possible salvation, during this retrograde. On March 4th cerebral Mercury will back into the fixed air sign of Aquarius, where its retrograde will conclude on March 9th at 28 Aqu 13. This re-visit to rational, scientific Aquarius will be a cosmic breath of fresh air, one that can clear the Pisces fog. Forward-moving Mercury will then spend another week in intellectual Aquarius, before re-entering Pisces on March 16th. It will pass its retrograde shadow of 12 Pis 53 on March 29th, and leave Pisces for good on April 11th. If all of that sounds a little overwhelming, Mars is spearheading the sobriety brigade.

Feisty, assertive Mars is the planet of motivation and drive. Capricorn is astrology’s cardinal earth sign. As such, the Saturn-ruled sign is ambitious, determined and intent on attaining tangible results. When Mars enters Capricorn on Sunday, it will find itself in the capable company of Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto and the South Node. Their combined force should give us enough firepower to accomplish our objectives, even when retrograde Mercury in Pisces starts tossing out its infamous obstacles. Mars will remain in the serious and enterprising sign until March 30th, essentially escorting us through Mercury’s clearance of its retrograde shadow endpoint of March 29th. Got clarity?

Mercury Rx
Feb 2nd Mercury enters Rx zone 28 Aqu 13
Feb 3rd Mercury enters Pis
Feb 16th Mercury goes Rx at 12 Pis 53
Mar 4th Rx Mercury re-enters Aqu
Mar 9th Mercury stations direct at 28 Aqu 13
Mar 16th Mercury re-enters Pis
Mar 29th Mercury exits Rx zone at 12 Pis 53
Apr 11th Mercury enters Aries

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