Sun Into Aries 2013 – Breath Of Fire

After tripping through dreamy, contemplative Pisces for the past month, the planets are shifting gears.  At 4:02 A.M. PST on March 20th we will be roused from the cosmic slumber when the Sun joins feisty Mars and unpredictable Uranus in adventurous Aries.  The very next day alluring Venus echoes the celestial wakeup call when she also enters the domain of astrology’s Cardinal fire sign.  With Mercury newly emerged from its retrograde and heading into Aries, Jupiter fanning passionate Aries flames from airy Gemini and some intense Cardinal confrontations on tap, the dawning cycle promises to be a lively and enlivening one.  Driven, fearless and unflappable, Aries instigates the astrological new year and gives us the guts to take bold, decisive action.  2013’s Sun cycle is packing an extra punch courtesy of a Mars homecoming, and how and where we apply its force will make all the difference.  What is certain is the planetary mandate to get moving.

    What is standing between us and the lives of our dreams?  Mercury, still traveling through psychic Pisces until April 13th, will offer a few more insights.  But it’s assertive Mars who will push us past our limiting beliefs and champion our noble endeavors.  Like the Arthurian Sword of Light, Mars dispels illusions and shines light into darkness.  Its energy is direct and intent on conquest, and its presence will give us the power to slay dragons, real and imagined, for good and to live courageously.  The planet of action takes 687 to make it all the way around the zodiac, and its standing-room-only engagement with exhilarating Aries lasts only through April 20th.  It will meet up with unruly Uranus on March 22nd, charismatic Venus on April 6th and the revitalizing Sun on the April 17th.  These are the days to face and fully feel our greatest fears, and “just do it” anyway.  
    Adding an expansive aspect to the initiatives we undertake during this time will be optimistic Jupiter.  The plentiful planet is transiting broadcasting Gemini.  From there it will make harmonious hookups with Mars on March 26th, Venus on the 31st and the Sun on April 1st.  Jupiter will also lend an enthusiastic lift to the new Aries moon on April 10th.  These alignments encourage us to freshen up our image, step out beyond our comfort zone and extend our message to new audiences.  They favor website upgrades, profile makeovers, product launches and new social media opportunities, and their energies apply to professional and personal pursuits.  And while no other sign would like to strike it rich quickly as much as impetuous Aries, some serious Cardinal congestion suggests a more tempered approach to progress.



March 28, 2013

    Namely, honest, unyielding Pluto has settled into sober, austere Capricorn.  From this pragmatic place, the Lord of the Underworld will square Mars on March 26th, the full Libra moon on the 27th and Venus and the Sun on the 31st, before turning retrograde on April 12th.  All of that stands in the shadow of its next battle with Uranus on May 20th.  Pluto’s presence isn’t meant to dampen spirits as much as it is to instill substance.  If we have a solid, realistic plan and are willing to consistently work toward its fulfillment, 2013’s harvest (Pluto goes direct on September 20th) promises a bounty.  Cautious Capricorn enjoys earning its rewards, and audacious Aries loves to explore and improvise.  If we learn to draw upon their strengths, we can find a healthy balance, and have a lot of fun, along the way.  To set us in motion, the Sun has arrived in confident, sassy and irrepressible Aries.  From this point of pure, provocative inspiration, It’s time to head out on the trail we want to blaze the most..

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