When you need help understanding your relationship, want insight into creating a more abundant and joyful life or you just need help making a decision, have a reading with Elizabeth. Her clarity, accuracy and heartfelt compassion are here to give you the insights, direction and support that you seek. Since 1998 Elizabeth has been a dedicated professional advisor whose intuitive gifts offer clients clear, caring and practical guidance. LEARN MORE

When the Sun journeys through cheerful Sagittarius, it will connect with sober Saturn, and Saturn will be squared by oceanic Neptune. That's an astrological recipe for realistic dreaming. In this video companion to her monthly newsletter, Elizabeth Pendleton from Elizabeth’s Oracle shares some insight about the cycle ahead.


I’ve been working with Elizabeth for several years now. She’s remarkably accurate as a psychic and an astrologer. Beyond this, it has made a huge difference in my business and in my relationships to have her on my team because her savvy guidance has fueled my choices. Her readings are laced with love and care. I have referred close associates to her and they all agree that it is an uplifting experience to have the benefit of her wisdom. - SavvySun


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