Summer Hours 2014

Astrology Infusions

Sound samples of all Astrology Infusions are now available!

Leo Infusion - Leo is the dramatic, sunny sign in astrology that is associated with creativity, enthusiasm and play. The Leo Infusion is an active meditation designed to encourage and strengthen your artistic abilities. Through affirmation, vocalization and drumming, this infusion, for musicians and everyone, stimulates the creative fire within and supports confident expression. Any problem you have has a solution. Allow the warmth and generosity of Leo help you rediscover your joy and lead you to inspired answers. The Infusion package includes an MP3 file featuring original music set to a guided mini-meditation, instructional notes and a worksheet and glyph for you to work with.


Elizabeth’s communication is more of a transmission of energy that lasts and is available to re-experience. She helps you to expand your thinking to a whole new level with the grace and ease of an ancient spiritual master, yet her connections with you are focused to this world and this fast paced life we are all living. I am excited to have her on my team of spiritual business advisors.

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