Astrology Infusions

Sound samples of all Astrology Infusions are now available!

Taurus Infusion - is an energy transmission designed to ground energy, enhance full sensory being and support abundance, endurance and tranquility. The package includes an MP3 file of channeled guidance set to original music, instructions and information about the infusion and electronic artwork to work with. The Taurus Infusion is recommended for anyone feeling ungrounded and those wanting a sense of calm and stability. Based on astrology’s fixed earth sign, this Infusion stills and centers one’s being while imparting a quiet sense of wellness and joy.


I called Elizabeth to help boost my creative juices, and my goodness, she was ready with deep insights and wise counsel!  Combining her gifts of intuition and her skills in astrology, she provided me with ideas for a new morning ritual as well as how I could take advantage of the upcoming energies. The best part of the reading was the compassion and caring Elizabeth radiates. I highly recommend a reading with her!Michelle
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