The Sun moves into the cardinal fire sign of Aries on March 20th. There it will meet up with the moon, South Node, Uranus and Mars. Members of this enlivening Aries stellium will mix it up with Jupiter and Saturn, in fellow fire signs, throughout a cycle which features two total eclipses. Offering some grounding and tranquility will be a procession of personal planets traveling through earthy Taurus. In this video companion to her monthly newsletter, Lightworker Elizabeth Pendleton describes the forthcoming Sun cycle.


I’ve been working with Elizabeth for several years now. She’s remarkably accurate as a psychic and an astrologer. Beyond this, it has made a huge difference in my business and in my relationships to have her on my team because her savvy guidance has fueled my choices. Her readings are laced with love and care. I have referred close associates to her and they all agree that it is an uplifting experience to have the benefit of her wisdom. - SavvySun


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