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With Saturn, Uranus and later Mars in fire signs, Leo’s courage, creativity and enthusiasm will shine brightly throughout the Sun’s homecoming cycle. Meanwhile, Mercury and Venus will move on into Virgo. From there they will strengthen the mutable t-square and prepare for the next Mercury retrograde and Saturn square to Neptune. Mars and Jupiter move beyond their retrograde shadows, bringing their special combination of cosmic momentum to the Leo celebration.


Elizabeth has been reading for both my mom and I for the past few years and has always steered us both down the right path. She is clear, accurate and honest, and is able to really connect with me, leaving me with a sense of clarity, ease and understanding. She is constantly confirming my feelings which is why I go back time and time again. Her wisdom and energy are an added bonus. She has become an important part of my life and is simply the best at what she does. Everyone should experience a reading with her. Alessandra


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