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When the Sun moves into electric Aquarius, expect to feel a new surge of planetary support. During the new solar cycle, Mars & Venus slip out of sleepy Pisces and move into fiery Aries, Mercury amps up the voltage when it moves in innovative Aquarius and we experience 2017’s first eclipse, in lively Leo. All of these changes are part of an overall shift away from the mutable signs into the active cardinal ones. In this video companion to her monthly astrology newsletter, Elizabeth Pendleton from Elizabeth’s Oracle describes the cosmic happenings ahead. Get the details here.


Elizabeth’s reading for me was dead on.  I was told I would be rewarded in my carrier for all my hard work and I have been promoted to supervisor.  I was also told I would meet several suitors and I would have my pick.  I have met the most amazing man from Wales.  Who would have known?  Thank you so much Elizabeth.  I will be coming to only you for my future readings!! Chris
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