The path to this provocative recording includes an immersive music-business career, but its genesis is very much of the here and now.  “Like lots of people, I got sucked into the recent election cycle, particularly with the WikiLeaks revelations,” Pendleton explains, referring specifically to details on the 2012 attack on the U.S.’s Libyan embassy.  One night, after watching journalist H.A. Goodman’s YouTube broadcast, “The song came to me,” says Pendleton.  “The contrast between the concern in the Hillary camp for the ‘optics’ of how the tragedy would play, and the horrific truth about the people killed was stunning.”

She grabbed her pen and yellow legal pad and began jotting down lyric ideas.  By morning the melody to them was clear and she put it down on a basic track.  Aiming for what she describes as “a brooding Metallica meets Nirvana type sound with a haunting vocal quality like Evanescence,” she subsequently devised the chilling bridge (“You will feel me, you will see/ You will hear me when I scream”) and built out the track in GarageBand.  The result is a captivating performance that pulls no punches about a disturbing chapter in contemporary American politics.  Pendleton hopes that the recording, homespun as it is, “will give voice to the feelings of people who are upset about what their governments do in their name and affirm their ability to stand up, speak out and elect representative leadership.”


“Lean In” was nominated for four Austin Songwriter Group awards in their Spring 2016 Contest and it won two of them.   Enjoy!



In late July 2016, I got my first singing crystal bowl, and of course went right to writing music with it.  This recording is for the 6th & 7th chakras.



Here’s a traditional Irish song.



In April of 2014 I completed a Professional Certificate from Berkleeonline, the virtual component of Berklee College of Music.  I am presently writing new material and releasing it in demo form. Thank you for listening!


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