Hay House Book Club


Elizabeth regularly reviewed books as a co-presenter on the “Hay House Book Club” on Hay House Radio from May 2011 through November 2013.


Hay House Book Club Selections

November 2013: “Second Firsts” by Christina Rasmussen

October 2013: “Stop Drifting, Start Rowing” By Roz Savage

September 2013: “Money; A Love Story” By Kate Northrup

August 2013: “E-Squared” By Pam Grout

July 2013: “Becoming Indigo” By Tara Taylor and Lorna Schultz Nicholson

June 2013: “Your Hidden Symmetry” By Jean Haner

May 2013: “The Last Laugh” By Arjuna Ardagh

April 2013: “Loveability” By Robert Holden

March 2013: “All Is Well” By Louise Hay and Dr. Mona Lisa Schultz

February 2013: “In The Shadow Of A Badge” By Lillie Leonardi

January 2013: “The Second Rule Of Ten” By Gay Hendricks and Tinker Lindsay

November 2012: “The Dalai Lama’s Cat” By David Michie

October 2012: “Pushing Upward” By Andrea Adler

September 2012: “The Godfather’s Daughter” By Rita Gigante

August 2012: “Through Indigo’s Eyes” By Tara Taylor and Lorna Schultz Nicholson

July 2012: “The Man Who Wanted To Be Happy” By Laurent Gounelle

June 2012: “United Breaks Guitars” By Dave Carroll

May 2012: “The Real Rules Of Life, Balancing Life’s Terms With Your Own” By Ken Druck

April 2012: “The Fatigue Solution” By Eva Cwynar, M.D.

March 2012: “Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself” By Dr. Joe Dispenza

February 2012: “The First Rule Of Ten” By Gay Hendricks and Tinker Lindsay

January 2012: “Love, God And The Art Of French Cooking” By James Twyman

November 2011: “Winter Moon Rises” By Scott Blum

October 2011: “You Can Create An Exceptional Life” By Louise Hay & Cheryl Richardson

Setember 2011: “Shift Happens” By Robert Holden

August 2011: “The Angel Therapy Handbook” By Doreen Virtue

July 2011: “Ravenuous” By Dayna Macy

June 2011: “Peace From Broken Pieces” By Iyanla Vanzant

May 2011: “Married To Bhutan” By Linda Leaming

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